Bath made of bricks with their hands. Step by step instructions (+ finished project)

Step One: foundation work

After selecting the location for the brick bath in the country is executed and starts counting operation of laying the foundation. For the building of brick is best suited strip foundation. He's not as complicated and expensive as many other types of foundations and well withstands the weight of a brick building.

Everything for strip foundation dig a trench and made formwork of planks. The depth of the trench depends on the freezing ground. It is better, if it reaches the non-frozen soil. At the bottom of the trench is laid sand bed, which allows you to distribute the load more evenly. Mesh reinforced structure of masonry.

Concrete solution can be purchased ready-made or knead yourself. After concreting the foundation is required to stand a few days to gain strength. This should not prevent it from drying out. Moisture plays an important role in the formation of relationships.

As concrete is able to absorb moisture, the aerial parts to be processed waterproofing compounds.

The construction of a bath from a brick with his hands continued immediately after sufficient hardening of the concrete. Brick wall can take any, but it is optimal a red one and a half brick.

building brick bath. A photo

The amount of material for building brick bath is determined by means of simple calculations. The height of the walls is divided by the height of the bricks, getting the number of rows. Length of the wall divided by the length of the brick to obtain their number in one row. Then the number of bricks in a row is multiplied by the number of rows. It turns out the approximate number of the material that is required for the erection of the wall in a brick.

When masonry walls should definitely remember the door and window openings, as well as vents. On future windows and doors are placed jumpers.

how to make a bath of bricks with their hands. A photo

Step Three: Roof arrangement

With the construction of baths made of bricks with their hands, the roof structure is adjusted depending on the construction characteristics. If the width is small, gable roof is not very convenient option. It is much more convenient in the arrangement in this case, abat-vent. At the same time it is the most simple in the arrangement of the roof.

To install the ceiling beams in the brick wall leaves a hole. To wood in contact with brickwork not rot joists in these places is wrapped with roofing material. On the set of the beam plank board.

To beams were resistant to moisture, they wrap asbestos cloth. Asbestos cloth fastened staple gun. Above the beams for insulation is placed a mixture of equal amounts of clay with sawdust. The dried layer was sprinkled sand.

brick room in the country with their own hands. Step-by-step instruction

It is very important in the construction of brick baths display correctly chimney, that it was not a fire hazard. To the wooden part of the ceiling is not in contact with the hot flue, make a big hole, which is closed metal sheet. In the center of the sheet and make a hole for the pipe. The space around the pipe is filled layer expanded clay and top cover another steel sheet. Inside the bath place where the stove is located. Also sheathe the metal-to-ceiling.

Next, the construction of the roof is completed. Set rafter system, which is laid roofing material. It can be selected any material. Features of arrangement of the roof depends on this choice.

Step Four: domestic arrangement

Further, in the construction of a bath of bricks with their hands need to equip the floor. The most aesthetically attractive and practical option is granite. Such a tile is resistant to temperature, but the coating has not deteriorated during the winter season, it must be put on frost solution.

bath brick step by step instructions. A photo

In the appropriate place and set the oven mounted chimney. After installation, the trial insert to ensure proper performance of work.

Considering the process of how to make a bath of bricks with their hands, do not forget about the dressing room. There will come less heat, so the floor needs to be done for a comfortable leaving the steam room.

The surface of the soil covered with sand. The tabs of the foundation placed wooden logs. On top of the joists plank boards, leaving uncovered space in the kiln furnace. This place is lined with granite, which will provide greater fire safety premises.

Instructions for the construction of a brick bath. A photo

If we consider the following instructions for the construction of a brick baths it is necessary to pay attention to the finish of the steam room. The ceiling is best to sheathe lining of lime. This material does not emit a resin and resistant to moisture. To suit the changing room ceiling pine wall paneling.

The walls in the steam room are also sheathe timber. Where possible contact with the skin, do not use exposed metal fasteners.

Shelves are also made of hardwood. Softwood under high temperature allocates a resin that can burn and stain. All items are trying to mount on wooden pins.

All communications in the bath must be laid in advance, before the finishing process. The oven is required to lay the stones.

The front door can be arbitrary, and the door to the steam room is required to make wood. The inner door is mounted on a special water- and evap rostoykie loop.

After all these processes brick room in the country is ready for use.

Designs and embodiments appearance brick baths

Consider a project brick baths, which can be called universal. This building with a total internal area of ​​22.6 sq.m. Additional space gives summer terrace, which increases the area of ​​the bath to 30.9 sq.m. Inside are a lounge, washing, steam room and a bathroom.

The finished project brick baths. A photo

Externally brick bath may vary. Consider a few options.

• Brick Bath without exterior finish with a gable roof. The frames on the windows are white, as well as the underside of the roof. The color of the building is emphasized with brown frames on the windows, doors, railings and gutter system. Handrails for stairs wrought selected, making it visually easier.

• It is interesting to look with bath brick spacious summer terrace. The main part of the plastered brick and has a white color. Fences and poles, wooden terraces, light wood color, as well as frames on the windows. The roof brick-red tile.

• In terms of an embodiment bath with a spacious terrace, part of which is the polygon and resembles a gazebo. The basic layout includes a steam bath, and a relaxation room pomyvochnaya. Additionally, in this bath has a bathroom.

• The picture shows Bath brick a simple rectangular shape, spacious enough. Brick was chosen for the construction of a light yellow color. With him goes well with brown roof and metal door. Frame on the white windows. One of the windows of the corner.

small bath brick red brick. At the corners are laid out to decorate the individual bricks bright color. The roof is brown, as well as the front door.

All of the variants of bath brick is very different. A variety of projects allows you to choose the options to your liking.

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Projects bath brick

Not long ago, a brick was the only available building material for the majority of our countrymen.

Today, market spoils us great diversity, but by choosing from which to build bathhouse, many prefer it to him. After all, the brick has established itself as a reliable and time-tested material.

In addition, he has a number of positive qualities that make it attractive for the construction of baths.

  • availability and cheapness. Perhaps the most important qualities that can tip the choice in favor of brick;
  • ease of operation. Many are able to put the clutch or at least have a holistic view of how this is done. Unlike with timbers or other lumber, brick work with the power of even a theoretician;
  • the possibility of additional insulation. By itself, the brick can hardly be called a good insulator. But the brick wall, unlike the timber is easy to insulate any heat insulating material;
  • the ability to create any design. Working with bricks imposes no limitations on the overall design of solutions or baths configuration;
  • no shrinkage. It makes it possible to begin the interior trim is almost after the construction of walls;
  • incombustibility, nonsusceptibility rot, as well as resistance to moisture and harmful microorganisms do brick quite popular among builders.

The only disadvantage of a brick building in the sauna can only be called the need for interior finishing wood. But it is worth noting that even in the steamy interior trim brick making its flavor and provides security.

Projects baths brick shown in the photo below.

It is worth noting that many of the owners bath under rework the old farm buildings made of brick. Alternatively, the bricks used as a material for outdoor decoration. After operating for more than 150 years.

After reviewing the project baths brick can be said that the use of bricks in the construction of the bath is very good solution, allows for the construction of fast and relatively inexpensive.

Bath brick photo projects

Bath brick on the plot, the baths Projects of brick, the advantages and disadvantages of such baths

The owners of country houses have long had the opportunity to fully enjoy all the benefits of civilization: in homes supplied with water, they are heated by means of modern boilers, they are equipped with hot water system and sewerage. Nevertheless, paying tribute to the tradition, but rather not wanting to give up the opportunity to receive with nothing comparable to the pleasure of visiting the pair, they stubbornly continue to build baths. Even if the room is not being built simultaneously with the house, eventually selected the right project and begin construction.

Materials for building baths, saunas advantages and disadvantages of bricks

Traditional material for the construction of the bath house is wood, it can be a log or timber frame. But the desire to equip a bath pokomfortnee, if not to build a leisure complex, caused the use of materials more practical and modern. Today, you can often find a bath made of bricks or foam materials allow build a house, not only in the steam room, but also:

  • shower
  • dressing room
  • small swimming pool
  • attach the outdoor terrace.

The choice of brick as a building material to settle on:

  • its durability
  • a high degree of fire safety
  • the possibility of operation without special care facade.

Of the negative aspects we should remember:

  • the need for the construction of thicker walls and insulation, followed by plating
  • the need for finishing work
  • on the need for construction of a belt or a pile raft foundation.

Nevertheless, the construction of brick walls significantly expands the design capabilities and allows you to vary the baths Projects of bricks, especially in terms of finish: walls can be oblitsevat ceramic floors to use keromogranitnuyu tile.

With regard to the thermal conductivity of bricks, it is well above the timber which has 0.56 W / (m * C) against 0.09 W / (m * C), therefore, to provide teplosberezheniya require large thickness of the walls and assembly of additional insulation system . In addition, the time required for warming up the brick wall is much greater. For example, the walls of baths, built of logs, warm as a couple of days, cooled down during the winter brick house will give accumulated in the walls of the cold and wet for a few weeks.

What is better to choose a wall structure

The building is used a few design options walls. Construction bath of bricks require sound selecting one of the options.

  1. The worst possible option - the solid masonry. It requires the construction of very thick walls, which will lead to significant costs for construction materials. In addition, the heating of the premises will require a lot of time. This option is acceptable only if the operation of the bath house is expected only in the summer.
  2. Bol acceptable performance would kolodtsevoy masonry walls, allows to install the insulation layer in the wall.
  3. No less rational way - the construction of a thin brick wall with its high-quality thermal insulation from the outside.
  4. Optimal, according to experts option - a small thickness of the masonry and installation of thermal insulation inside the bath house.

However, the design wall thickness less than 250 mm, i.e. one brick is not recommended. And the reason is not insulating properties of bricks, and the need to create a robust supporting structures that will perform the installation of ceilings and roofs.

As for the cost of the facilities, the room of bricks with their hands, made in accordance with a fourth embodiment will be cheaper, because setting a heater inside and its decorative finish be aligned, while the second and third embodiments require separate installation of a heater layer that does not eliminate the need to trim and decorating internal wall surfaces. Moreover, the technology of construction brick walls with an inner insulation will have a value less than the construction of the framework.

Only losing momentum would need in building a solid foundation. If there was a question how to use brick for the bath, then the answer is clear - only red, have a long service life and heat resistance.

There are lots of different options for planning the bath house and its decoration, to find the appropriate functionality and cost will not be much difficulty.

You can stop the choice on the minimalistic version, you can build a real complex that includes a bath, sauna, shower, swimming pool, a room for relaxation and beauty treatments.

The only, but very important condition - the project must be carried out by specialists, sauna - it's a room with a high risk of fire.

The procedure for construction works

Depth of laying the foundation should match the depth to which the soil freezes in winter. For the construction of the foundation brick is used, at least up to the lower level of waterproofing, then you can use the hollow. When planning the dimensions of the structure should be remembered that the wall size should be a multiple of 150 mm, if the bricks used 24h12h65 size or 100 mm - for 24h12h88 bricks.

During the construction of baths are also often constructing strip foundation.

masonry walls start from the corners, laying on a few neighboring corners - connect the cord on his guidelines for further masonry walls. Laying on a cord-prichalku will make the wall straight, horizontal rows, with the same thickness of the seams.

Solution for bricklaying should be prepared following the rules, and when the masonry ensure that it is in the desired degree of filling joints, whichever is laying-pustoshovka, laid bonder or stretcher series. It is also required to comply with the correct dressing.

Only high-quality one-piece brick can be used for laying of the first row. Laying should start with the outer layer of bricks. Broken bricks can be used for the stretcher series with the inner side of the wall. It is not recommended to put out of combat piers, walls, bearing positions and angles. Before laying the bricks should be wet with water, especially at high temperatures.

Thickness of internal supporting walls should be at least 25 cm, partitions can be spread in a quarter or half-brick. If the length of the walls lined in quarter brick will be more than one and a half meters, the need to perform masonry reinforcement every three rows.

doors and windows location make out in the usual way, using wood or 120th Area, installation of wooden structures is better to produce during masonry.

For plastering used a solution consisting of 2 parts sand and cement 1. To give special strength practice applying plaster on a metal grid, which is stretched to score in the joints masonry nails. The seams on the front surface of the plaster which is filled with a solution to a depth of 10-15 mm, if the wall is not subjected to finishing, the joints are filled flush with the wall surface. If the excess solution applied - it should be just the same to remove using a trowel. To make the seams at the aesthetic appearance of the surface produce rasshivku first vertical and then horizontal seams.

installation of steam and thermal insulation of walls

As the brick is a material prone to moisture absorption, the brick wall to allow contact with the ground is impossible. Therefore, the arrangement of the waterproofing system is required torque. Recommended surface treatment of walls wrapping mastic asphalt or roofing material.

For mounting a heater attached to the walls of the beacons forming a gap of the order of 2-4 cm or wooden slats, for mounting in the seams are laid tube. Next, in the rack plates packed arbolita insulation made from mineral wool, lightweight concrete or other materials of insulation.

As a finishing material for interior walls baths typically used wall paneling. Sheathing can be also prepared by a wall, it will have to drive it to the wooden plugs that will later be used for mounting rails or metal profile. Remaining between the brickwork and clapboard space filled tiled heaters, glassine paper, mineral wool, hemp. If the surfacing material used for walls filled with horizontal boards, a bath of the insulation bricks can perform expanded clay.

What to choose for the roof of the bath house

Bath roof should be primarily functional - its task is the maximum vapor and thermal insulation of the room. By construction, the roof can be gabled or pent, depending on architectural solutions bath house. Especially complicate the design does not make sense - an excessive number of towers, bends complex elements in a small and high construction would look out of place. Furthermore, the process performance significantly complicated.

On consecutive baths may have a built-up roof construction or attic. If you select whether to use the bath should be taken into account in the winter. Roof with attic is much warmer, it helps to reduce heat loss through the ceiling. In addition, the attic can be used for storing bath accessories, brooms, etc. If the roof is high enough - can be fitted underneath the room to relax.

For baths, which will be used in the summer is fine built-up construction. On a flat roof can accommodate the water tank or to equip susharnyu fruit. More simple to carry out and cheap cost Shed roofs.

After deciding on the shape and design of the roof should consider a variant of its insulation. There are several ways of warming: laying of insulation under the rafters, between them or above them. More often resorted to installing insulation between the rafters. To this first layer was deposited paroizoliruyuschego material underneath rafters sutured or plywood board, providing for the presence of voids. That they are filled with any of the heat insulator, for example - basalt wool. When laying insulation should be controlled density - or may appear so-called cold bridges. Material better lay in two layers, placing the sheets in a staggered manner.

Decorative finishing baths facade

If the bath house was built from cheap, but practical materials that are not very attractive, it is often a decision is made that it is necessary to impose a brick bath. Beautifully performed on the facade brickwork structure will give an attractive and aesthetic appearance.

As the brick is sufficiently heavy material and significantly increases the load on the foundation, the more efficient use of bricks as a facing material - it has a small weight but the technological characteristics of the material it supports. Facing bricks or tiles are also often subjected to dilapidated buildings that have lost their appeal.