Oven-barbecue outdoors: summer kitchen in the gazebo

Beautifully decorated garden furniture in the garden or in the yard of the house has always been a place of rest and the perfect complement total space of any monastery. The owners tried to decorate it with flowers, climbing plants, a variety of decorative elements. But its main purpose is to ensure the rest. That is why the device barbecue or oven-barbecue gazebo near or inside it, will be the main advantage of recreation areas - not only useful, but enjoyable by its complement.

Oven BBQ: their types and varieties

Designs barbecue a lot, but on the principle of performance can be divided into three main groups:

  • The simplest - fireplace, lined around the perimeter of stones or bricks, a product made by the type of barbecue are welded or unitary metal container with slits for air draft and a removable grille. For the convenience of cooking, the design provides for the legs. The grille is not installed on top of the ledges, and some in-depth, approximately 6-10 cm. This is done so that the air from the red-hot coals are not blown out by the wind, and was at the level of cooking meat, ensuring uniform roasting. Therein lies the difference between barbecue on barbecue.

Oven for barbecue gazebo - outdoor fireplace

  • A simple structure of stone or brick, which is a U-shaped laying height of 1.0 - 1.2 m. The construction is erected on a flat, horizontal surface of a concrete slab or a concrete screed. The clutch is mounted fireproof surface of the metal sheet not less than 0.3 cm thick, which will smolder burn wood and coal. Above it are arranged mountings for the grating.

Simple barbecue and gazebo for the garden

  • Full oven with a fireplace, chimney, storage space for wood, the table for product placement. This furnace is built on the foundation can be located in the pavilion, and sometimes represents an entire outdoor kitchen.

Oven for barbecue gazebo

First option - portable and it can always be put next to the gazebo to control the cooking process and enjoy the aroma of food. The second option quite realistic is attached side arbor, but subject to easy upgrades: metal hood over him with the pipe must be installed so that the smoke does not enter the recreation area. The furnace of the third paragraph often built in the pavilion, and sometimes gazebo erected around it.

Scheme for barbeque oven arbors

Furnace for arbor can be arbitrarily divided into three parts:

  • base, by which the working surface lying at a desired height;
  • hearth representing a working chamber of a refractory material on the bottom of which is usually installed metal pallet;
  • set (exhaust) passing into a chimney.

Unlike domestic oven, whose functions are not limited to cooking, barbecue does not require a complex system of chimney so the chimney is a conventional short tube.

Requirements street furnaces

Outdoor oven built on the foundation. Gender from a fireplace must necessarily have a retardant coating as sheet metal, ceramic, granite or concrete tiles on the case of the heat loss from the furnace.

Laying bricks or stones produced the special composition for masonry fireplaces and stoves, or a clay-cement. The inner part of the hearth further obkladyvaetsya fireclay brick onto a mixture of clay and sand with the addition of cement.

Requirements for furnaces

Metal elements: decorative grille, sump, valves are installed only after drying masonry.

During operation of the furnace can not be used for kindling firewood gasoline, kerosene, alcohol - it is dangerous because accumulation of vapors of these liquids are explosive and can not only damage the structure, but also cause burns to man.

Any special conditions or requirements for the construction and operation are not made, the main thing to exert effort, while the construction will be a long, delighting the owners and their guests.

The choice of location for the gazebo with a barbecue stove

In determining the construction site, it is important to consider several factors, which can simplify the construction process, and subsequently the process of exploitation of the furnace:

  1. The proximity of the water source. This point is important for three reasons: the water is needed in the construction, in cooking, as well as for fire safety.
  2. Lack growing near trees and shrubs. For them there will be useful this neighborhood.
  3. Parking vehicles or the storage location of flammable liquids must be at a sufficient distance.
  4. Distance to residential or commercial buildings must be sufficient, to avoid exposure to the smoke and soot.
  5. Having the opportunity to spend a recreation area electrical energy.

BBQ accommodation in the area

If the location of a barbecue is planned near mezhoy neighboring land, better to know the opinion of the neighbors on the matter subsequently to avoid possible unpleasant situations.

Planning the construction of a barbecue oven, creating a project

Begun to build not become a long-term construction and does not irritate your unfinished view site owners, you must first create a project: Plan works with the counting of the estimated time, financial and physical costs. The project should provide for:

      • the design of future structures
        • dimensions
        • form
        • internal organization
      • construction materials needed for the construction of
        • sand, gravel, clay
        • cement
        • brick, including fireclay
        • iron (lattice pallet)
      • tools and equipment to be used
        • power tools
        • mason's tool
        • mason box
        • auxiliary tools (shovel, tamping, buckets, etc.)
      • additional expenses
        • material delivery
        • replacement of faulty tool.

Drawing furnace for barbecue arbors

A great help in the construction will be drawings or sketches of the planned furnace. They will help to determine the dimensions of the structure, and for them to make more accurate count of the material. Also according to the drawings can be planned stages of construction.

Of course, it is impossible to foresee everything, but we must strive to reach as many questions as possible. That will not be provided by the project, then have to decide on the move.

Oven for barbecue gazebo poryadovkoy

Basic requirements for the arrangement of the basement

The area of ​​the foundation should be larger than the foundation. For its devices can be used reinforced concrete slab, recessed into the ground and laid on a sandy base. You can make the foundation of his own.

The perimeter of the corners marked pegs between which stretched twine. Angles should be strictly 90 °. marking accuracy is checked by measuring the diagonals. Now you can begin to prepare the ground.

For this recess is made in the ground, the base of which is aligned on the level and is filled with crushed stone or gravel layer. The basis of carefully tamped tamper and liberally moistened with water. Along the perimeter of the installed formwork boards. Arranged between reinforcing lattice.

Fundam barbeque ovens

The concrete will need quite a lot, so it is better to resort to the use of concrete mixers. If this is not possible, batches have to do in the trough. Concrete cement used M 300, from 3x1 sand and gravel calculation. After pouring the foundation, the surface is treated rammer and aligned the rules and level.

The height of the foundation above ground should not be less than 0.1 to 0.2 meters.

Until completely dry basement need to wait a few days. If the weather is very hot, it is recommended in the morning moisturize the top layer of concrete from a watering can. If the rains are anticipated, it is best to cover the foundation film.

Building BBQ oven

After completion of the work with the foundation construction furnace process starts. Between the foundation and the first row of laying roofing felt is laid layer, playing the role of waterproofing, preventing the absorption of moisture from concrete bricks.

The base of the furnace, which will then be stored firewood can spread from any brick. It will not be exposed to high temperatures and fire resistance of these walls is not required. But the quality of the masonry to suffer from it should not be. Because it is the foundation give strength throughout the structure. Vertical walls and masonry matching the level of the horizon, constantly checked level.

Stepwise construction diagram barbeque ovens

To cover the base and transition to the focal part of the furnace, using red clay brick, which is placed on the built in masonry metal strips. It is possible to arrange the surface of the iron sheet stacked on pretreated protrusions. The distance from the foundation to the overlap should be 0.9 m (may vary between 10 cm).

The inner part of the hearth obkladyvaetsya fireclay bricks. Usually its height is 0.6 m - this is quite enough, to make the necessary manipulations for cooking. The back wall of the hearth may be blind, but you can solve this issue otherwise.

If the oven is installed in the center of the gazebo, it is possible to make a removable rear wall, that is, to make it in the form of a metallic decorative design valves that are installed using specially constructed shelters. Thus, in the normal position, the wall can be closed, and in the presence of guests, it can be removed and then the access to the fire opens on two sides and several people may be involved in the preparation of dishes. Contemplate the same process can be from any part of the arbor.

Hood hearth can have two versions:

      • lined with brick, by gradually laying the information to the center or to the rear wall (depending on construction) with a transition to the chimney;
      • steel cone structure with embedded metal pipe.

Options hood BBQ

Height-barbeque oven from the basement to the top of the arch (drawing) is 2,0 - 2,2 m. The pipe must rise above the roof arbors at least 50 cm in accordance with SP rules (rules of construction) of the 2009 year.

BBQ from bricks with their hands, video

The construction of the furnace for the gazebo - a laborious process, but it is available to self-realization. The main thing - to have the desire to have on your site such a great element of comfort and convenience, the oven-barbecue, which in addition to its functionality, can be a wonderful element of the interior monastery. It is possible to prepare delicious meals, but you can just sit by the fire, enjoying the fresh air.

If the oven to attach the countertop made of stone, on the other hand - washing, get a stylish kitchen complex - summer kitchen outdoors.

Husband gathered at the cottage brick BBQ, elegant thing turned. We wanted, of course the stove, but has not mastered) ordered its still a little expensive, but very difficult to collect himself. In general, now often doing barbecues. Fixed BBQ and comfortable and looks solid. Now we have to build more near the gazebo, so it was on Feng Shui. I wish you all well pokayfovat this summer!

You used to villages in wealthy homes were "summer kitchen". It is very atmospheric, cozy place, and, as my family hospital just out of this village, to do something like that on my site, my husband finally wanted. I wanted so much that under the stove invented a separate building in the area with a wooden table, benches and massive all sorts of home decor. Built a long and carefully, of course, a lot of shortcomings discovered in the end, but it was worth it! I advise everyone who has this idea, put it into practice - this is a new page in the history of your site!

Barbecue in the gazebo

The cost of installing the typical stone oven barbecue gazebo for a turnkey basis is as follows:

- Strengthening lag system and a floor under the gazebo barbecue: 1000 rubles.

- The cost of a typical barbecue: barbecue, see the catalog for arbors.

- The cost of installing a barbecue in the gazebo: 13000 rubles

- Shipping cost barbecue: 30 RUB / km from Zelenograd

The cost of the gazebo with a barbecue under the key:

1. The cost of the gazebo (see. On the site) + 1000 rubles. strengthening lag + shipping gazebo

2. The cost of the barbecue (see. BBQ catalog) + 13000 + rig barbecue delivery (30 rubles / km from Zelenograd)

In more detail how the construction of the arbor with BBQ - see below.

Nowadays, all the bowl and the bowl people have become interested in a gazebo with a barbecue, or vice versa - for the barbecue gazebo.

In fact the situation is much easier - you can choose almost any gazebo and barbecue to install.

Let's talk more about how to do so then it is not sorry.

First step: to determine the base under the arbor barbecue.

There can be two options:

- Gazebo with a barbecue on the wooden floor.

- Gazebo without a floor and a barbecue on the concrete pad and / or paving slabs.

In the first case, you only need to reinforce the floor more Lagoi and foundation blocks at the site of installation of the barbecue in the gazebo.

With a place in the gazebo barbecue installation - it will be possible to decide on the location for installation of the system lagged floor gazebos.

The cost of strengthening the floor barbecue is 1000 rubles.

In the second case, you will need to pre-prepare the site and make a concrete pad. The approximate cost of concrete pad for the gazebo 5x3 is 25 thousand rubles.

Photo gazebo with a barbecue on the concrete pad

Photo gazebo with a barbecue on the wooden floor.

Individual barbecue of stone and brick weighing more than 1 ton - can only be installed on a concrete pad (see photos hereinafter)

Photo individual barbecue made of bricks in the Japanese gazebo.

The cost of such a barbecue 120-180 thousand rubles. depending on the modification.

What is important to consider in the manufacture of concrete pad for the gazebo?

1. Make a platform on 3-5 cm larger than the expected gazebo.

2. to provide that on the site not accumulate water. This is usually done in a slight slope of 1 cm from the center of the site.

3. If you're going to lay tile on a concrete pad, it is better to do after installing gazebos, or tile can crack when installing load-bearing pillars. The sequence in this case is this:

- gazebo (the walls on concrete board specially placed to lift the gazebo to the level of future tile);

- then - on the concrete pad is laid tiles;

- and after that - a barbecue set.

Second step: install the gazebo on the tarmac or reinforced joists.

The third stage: the installation of a barbecue in the ready-made gazebos.

1. Build a standard barbecue gazebo in the right place.

2. sawing roof opening arbor barbecue pipe.

3. Installation of additional pipe for a barbecue and output it through the roof.

4. Install the special skirt around the pipe at the place of its docking with roof gazebo.

5. Waterproofing barbecue pipe and roof arbor sealant in the seam of the skirt.

6. Install the cap on the tube to protect the barbecue stove from the rain.

The cost of installing a barbecue in the gazebo key is 15 000 rubles and includes:

- ext. barbecue chimney: 130-150 cm.

- cutting out holes in the roof for pipes.

- waterproofing skirt and its installation.

- gluing sealant joints.

You can choose one of our standard or individual barbecue gazebo for:

Typical barbecue for gazebo:

The cost of installing the typical stone oven barbecue gazebo for a turnkey basis is as follows:

- Strengthening lag system and a floor under the gazebo barbecue: 1000 rubles.

- The cost of a typical barbecue: barbecue, see the catalog for arbors.

- The cost of installing a barbecue in the gazebo: 13000 rubles

- Shipping cost barbecue: 30 RUB / km from Zelenograd

repair Alphabet

Building your own home from the foundation to the roof

Gazebo with a barbecue with his own hands. The best guide for the construction of

As an example, we offer step by step instructions of building the gazebo with barbecue different ways. This will help in the organization of their own construction and sets the correct direction of the whole event.

Wooden gazebo with a barbecue with his own hands

And first we will look at an example where a gazebo is made of lumber and barbecue - made of bricks. Once an important tip: Look for 6-meter timber and plank. So it will be much less waste.

The first paragraph of the construction of the gazebo made of wood with a barbecue with your hands - is the choice of location for development and configuration. We consider a few important points:

  • entrance the house and the entrance to the gazebo should look at each other (which is easier to hold tableware).
  • We consider rules fire safety. The gazebo will grill with open fire, do not build it right next to the house.

Having defined the place by building sand envisage circuit foundation. Our drawings gazebo with barbecue suggest that the gazebo is octagonal, and the base under it will be in the form of a circle. "Otchertit9raquo; a circle, you can use the pipe fixed in the ground, and tied a rope to it.

In our case fertile soil layer had a thickness of about 20 cm. Was excellent clay soil behind him. The construction is relatively small, therefore, as the base chosen concrete footings. The ground beneath them is better to choose and replace it with a sand-gravel mixture. So, you can align the height.

material for the sill It serves bar section of 100x100 mm. Not to be mistaken with the corners cut, use a template out of cardboard. For a device cross beams 50x100 better to use the board. To make it possible reliability trim seal metal inside and outside corners. Perfectly suited galvanized 105h105h90h2 mm by 135 and 90 degrees. Do not forget about waterproofing layer of roofing material between the columns, bases, and strapping.

Gazebo with a barbecue with his hands step by step photo

Floor the gazebo is made of 50x100 square-edged boards. Immediately Scrollsaw in size desired amount of material. The face of the board better planed a plane, and the inside - handle antiseptic (preferably in several layers). Fasten the floor using screws and be sure to once again check the bottom plate with a spirit level.

cantrail it is more convenient to build the bottom. So it will be more convenient to snapping of locks and the lengths of the rafters. The material used for the rafters and upper trim using the same edged boards 50x100.

In our case, a gazebo made of wood with a barbecue with his hands has octagonal roof. Therefore rafters castle will also be octagonal. We carry it from the timber 100x100. Note the placement of support beams underneath. To install octahedron had increased by using boards of thickness 1.5 cm.

Gazebo with a barbecue with his own hands. A photo

We turn to the production of rafters. Perform triangular propyl bottom attachment point. We will use it as the lower castle.

As the upper bundle Truss also collect at the bottom. It will be easier to fix minor bugs.

Our drawings arbor with barbecue provide installation ten supporting pillars. We make them out of timber 100x100. The better to carry out their installation, saw off the ends at an angle of exactly 90 degrees. Fastened to the base pillars arbor via corners 105h105h90h2 mm galvanized steel. Check the structure via level. In this case, the installation otkosin not needed.

Gazebo with a barbecue with his own hands. photo instructions

Now perform truss system installation and cantrail. For fixing, we need:

  • Corners 70h70h55h2 mm 135 degrees;
  • Corners 50h50h40h2 mm 90 degrees;
  • Plate connecting 80h40h2 mm.

Roof inch board is made of a width of 100 mm and 150 mm. Stela its close; starting from the bottom and going around to the top point of the structure. For convenience, use markup cardboard template. With it easier to mark the cutting line. Each board is fastened with two screws on each side. So the roof does not deform over time.

Do not forget about BBQ brick with their hands, which will be located in the gazebo. Digging barbecue pit under the foundation depth of 40 cm.

formwork It can be made of planks from the pallet.

blanketed formwork roofing felt. The most convenient way to do this is with the help of construction stapler.

We laid in a pit under the foundation reinforcement (10 mm rods A3 class) and a mesh (d = 4, 100x100 mm). Fundam fill mixture of cement and sand in the ratio of 1 to 3. Ideal mark M cement 250. In this case, it took 5 bags.

You can then sew along the perimeter of the gazebo logs simulator 45h146 mm. This will not only make the building more attractive, but also add a frame stiffness.

sills We carry out board 50x100 mm. To fix them, use the corners 50h50h40h2 mm. This part of the construction is not mandatory, but it will make an arbor more comfortable for guests.

grounds benches We manufacture of 50-50 bar. Fasten them at an angle to the wall with the help of over 50h50h40h2 mm. This is the most durable and ergonomic design option.

Material for the top of the bench serves decking 28h121 mm. To increase the strength, all the benches on the ends are connected plates 80h40h2 mm.

For visual separation arbor into two functional areas mangalnye side of decorate wooden lattice. For its manufacturing is well suited 15x20 mm beams.

Wooden gazebo with a barbecue with his own hands. A photo

In this work on the pavilion is about to end and you can proceed to the construction of barbecue made of bricks with his own hands.

The simpler the design, the easier it is to carry out its installation without any errors. Therefore it is better to use simple drawings of brick barbecue without the frills. For the construction of need:

  • Corpulent red brick (360 pieces);
  • Fireclay brick color sand (90 items);
  • Furnace mixture (175 kg);
  • Refractory mixture (50 kg);
  • Hot Area 40h40h4 mm (7 m);
  • Galvanized chimney hood.

For proper and accurate laying need to fulfill a number of conditions. Firstly, the solution should not be too thick. After installing the bricks should be easily adjusted by hand. Secondly, a perfect seal has a thickness of 3 mm. To this must strive to design has been the most durable. Required to comply with the same thickness over the entire seam structure. Third, you can not rush. Masonry is conducted strictly on the level. In this step by step instructions of building a brazier brick in the wooden gazebo can be completed. The entire sequence of masonry is clearly seen in the photographs.

Barbecue brick in the gazebo. A photo

It remains only to cover the roof shingles (Used in Example red tile Shinglas) using nails and stapler construction and process arbor antiseptic and varnish. Antiseptics applied in two layers. As the lacquer well suited glossy Yachting.

Brick gazebo with barbecue and barbecue

Those who are in the shower more than a mason, a carpenter than we offer step by step instructions of building the gazebo with a barbecue made of bricks. Skip space research stages and layout under construction. All described above. Immediately proceed to the case.

Construction of a brick gazebo with barbecue. Step by step instructions

Brick structure would weigh a lot, so this time foundation you need to make a solid and reinforced. Once it is ready, execute masonry.

rafter system can be manufactured in the same way as for the wooden pergola.

The first row is better to lay out to dry.

build drovnitsu. It will also be the basis for the barbecue and smoker.

We continue to spread the barbecue made of bricks with their hands. The next step is the firebox and worktop. Optionally, you can arrange a niche dish.

Gazebo with a barbecue with his own hands. Staged photo

For proved we need to establish plate. Below, an embodiment with removable rings.

The base of the barbecue is ready. It's time to lay out the worktop firebrick.

In laying necessarily use refractory mixture.

The next stage of construction of the gazebo with a barbecue made of bricks with his own hands - an organization chimney and forming a channel for the smoker.

In our gazebo will Russian oven. Shape for her under.

Each row necessarily reinforced wire.

The walls are put at the same time. Orderly operation via check level.

In this case, the back wall of the furnace had to push.

The work will require a lot of time, but progress will warm the soul.

We continue the construction of the brick barbecue with his own hands. install door smokehouse. Finish arch over barbecue, cooking stove and an oven.

Grouting can always instruct the assistant.

Stove can be installed Stainless steel mesh. In the future, it will be good to dry the berries and mushrooms, or utensils.

How to sew the roof we mentioned above.

Gazebo with barbecue and a barbecue with his own hands. A photo

In this step by step instructions of building a brick barbecue is coming to an end. Complex arbor barbecue ready for delivery.

Water to wash summing rear pergola. In winter, it can be cut off.

pipe We are doing three-channel. So the thrust will be stable.

Do not forget to cover the entire masonry impregnated with water-repellent effect.

To dry construction will take about a week. In this construction of the gazebo with a barbecue made of bricks with his own hands is completed.

Homemade brick barbecue. Step by step instructions

Barbecue with his hands. Blueprints

Building brick structure starting with a sound device foundation. Size select in accordance with the size of the future brazier.

At a selected location dig a pit. According to arrange the edges of the formwork (it can be done, for example, of the planks from the pallet). Fill the concrete and armiruem base. For a complete solidification need 1-2 weeks.

Base ready and you can start building the barbecue.

Drafting drawings and plans - a useful thing. They will help to make an accurate estimate. Here is a sample list of required materials:

  • Refractory brick;
  • Wire for reinforcement of masonry;
  • Sand and cement;
  • Corners of galvanized metal;
  • Mesh or reinforcing bars;
  • Lime.

BBQ from bricks with their hands. A photo

To carry out preliminary calculations, lay bricks as they have to lie in the structure. Now it is clear, where there will be laying seams, and how many half and quarter bricks need.

The material absorbs moisture very well. Therefore, under a brick is better to put waterproofing material. A pair of layers of roofing material is fine.

It's time to begin construction of the barbecue.

Cooking solution. To this mix of cement, sand and the slaked lime in a proportion of 1: 3: 0.25. On the resulting mixture will eventually spread in advance prepared a brick.

Laying require accuracy, attention and patience. Follow the seams leveled bricks on the level.

The technology works requires laying in rows staggered. We focus on the first row, starting with the laying angle, gradually filling the lateral space.

Barbecue will be exposed to high temperatures. Therefore, the second number is better put through-clay chamotte mixture.

To make the base of a roasting pan, you need to install the rods fittings between the opposite walls. They installed the furnace base. For example, it can be a metal pan.

The combustion process requires a constant flow of oxygen. For this purpose, the furnace masonry is necessary to leave a few gaps without mortar.

It remains to install the lattice rods or projections (depending on the masonry mangala) and select the countertop.

Brick barbecue - ideal for suburban area. This is a simple, convenient and reliable design, which looks quite presentable.

We offer a detailed guide that will help a person inexperienced in construction to build a building in the shortest possible time.

The first stage - drawing a detailed plan. We give only a rough diagram of the structure. You must take into account the peculiarities of their own oven, her appearance, decorative elements and more.

Poryadovkoy brick barbecue. A photo

Do not forget about the niche for firewood and charcoal. We expect a place to grill at a height of 65-70 cm from the ground. The stove should be positioned below 10cm.

Laying bricks for barbecue. A photo

After working with a pencil and a ruler can move on to the practical part. As in the previous statement begins with the foundation.

Under barbecue fit the same foundation, as well as a BBQ. This monolithic reinforced base. We dig a pit for him a depth of about half a meter. The bottom cover layer of a mixture of gravel and crushed stone, water and ramming.

We provide reinforcement, form the frame. All that's left to do is to formwork. Now we can proceed to a base bay concrete.

The foundation will need up to two weeks to completely dry. A little patience, and you can proceed to the construction of a brick barbecue.

Fireclay bricks - ideal for laying oven. He did not hit too hard on the pocket, but strong enough and tough to high temperatures. Advance harvests cement, construction sand and red clay. They needed to create a solution. Ahead of time pour the clay with water and hold so for several days.

Preparing a solution can pass to the clutch. Working slowly, according to plan, lay out row by row. Continuously monitor the clutch via level.

first lay out pedestal Barbeque oven. It should not be too high (70 cm).

We put the second row, shifting the start of Stage in a half-brick.

After reaching the furnace, note that its depth must be not less than three bricks, but the length is not less than six. We use fireclay bricks. On the ceilings set reinforcement bars.

The next phase - construction chimney. If the scheme is made correctly, then no problem. At a laying of the series do not forget to make a "chimney tooth" on the back of the stove. It significantly improves traction in a pipe.

It only remains to add decorative elements and clean the masonry from the spray solution and other debris. Garnish with a barbecue you can use the paint applied to the brick. This will provide a visual design of the seams. In general, the design has been finished and can be used for other purposes.

BBQ out of the barrel with his hands

If the site is not much room to arrange a gazebo with a barbecue, you can always make a barbecue out of the barrel with his hands. For this we need:

  • Metal barrel (preferably food);
  • Coating materials (soil, paint);
  • Brackets and mounts the loop;
  • The pipe for the chimney.

Barbecue will be installed on a special design. To produce it, we need a small-diameter pipe (50 mm) and the board. In the process, you need the following tools:

  • Drill with a set of drill bits;
  • Angle grinder;
  • Measuring tape;
  • Set of wrenches;
  • fastening elements (clips, screws).

the preparation process is complete and you are ready for production. Cut in the side of our barrels rectangular holes, as shown in the photo.

Now we need 6 pipe small diameter. If they concreted, then cut off by a grinder. 4 pipe legs we will do the construction, which will be used Arbekov.

BBQ out of the barrel. A photo

The remaining two tubes use to connect each pair of legs. To consolidate the structure using bolts.

They will record the position of our barrels. Adjustable pipe length depending on the barrel size. As a result, the design should turn in two parts, each of which will consist of a pair of legs and a connecting pipe.

To connect the two parts, it is necessary to take 5 boards of 150-200 mm. Four of them are using for fixing the legs (one on each side of two boards). Fasten one board at a height of 5-10 cm from the ground. The second should be a little above the middle of the legs.

Using drill holes drilled in the boards of the same diameter as pipe-legs. Installing structure upside down and set on board the legs. In our case, to lock down the boards used bolt clamps. Overturn the structure and boards fall into place, not allowing the legs to part design.

We are using the last board to connect the upper tier boards. It is the finishing touch in creating a grounds barbecue. Now BBQ out of the barrel with his hands can be installed in its place.

The next stage of work - arrangement of the barrels. For cooking we need lattice. To fix it inside the structure, install a pair of brackets on each side by bolts.

Remember that a piece of the barrel, which we cut in the beginning. It made the cover for the barbecue. Install the hinges and fasten it back on the barrel. Brackets lattice will not give cover tumble into when closed.

As for the design of the handle cover, you can use anything you like, for example, cutting spades.

After installing the cap, wash the barrel.

At the end of the drum drill a hole for ventilation and a master valve for them.

Then you can fix chimney paint and barbecue.

In this step by step instructions of building a metal barbecue is coming to an end.

Variations of wooden arbors with barbecue can be a lot. This option has an octagonal base and open the wall on one side. The gazebo is enough light, and benches and a table can be installed as needed.

It is not necessary to make a fully entire arbor of bricks. A feature of this arbors are forged elements of which the walls are made. The design looks like an easy and naturally lit from all sides.

Even if space on the site is not much, it is always possible to construct a shelter and decorate the walls with conventional boards. Such an embodiment with a brick barbecue arbor fit on a very small area.

If time and resources permit, on the site, you can build a real work of building art. Wooden pergola with a brick barbecue, oven and countertop, decorate tiles, it looks rich. While it will require the device does not have much time.

For a large family will need a lot of space. It is better to do without the bulky construction of the walls and build a shed and a brick barbecue with worktop underneath on the reinforced durable foundation Dining room furniture can be easily removed for the winter in a house or a utility room.