Interior of the corridor in the apartment: functional solutions, tips, photos

Entrance hall - it is the first room that visitors see when they come to the hosts. It is therefore important to take care of beautiful design, selecting a stylish interior corridor of the apartment. Photos of different options hallways in abundance on the Internet, but not always easy to choose something that is really suitable for the home.

The stylish interior of the corridor in the apartment

First of all, you need to take into account the layout of the apartment. The entrance hall can be a large, be a narrow corridor, have multiple doors, etc. are also important personal preferences hosts:. Someone like minimalism, and someone ethnic style. In addition, you must not forget about the other rooms: anteroom design should ideally be combined with them.

The design of a narrow corridor in the apartment

Beautiful interior of a long corridor in the apartment, photos

Designers use a variety of ways to create a beautiful and original interior hallway.

Originatelny design of the corridor in the apartment

Thanks to them, the hall looks unusual and stylish. Among the various design ideas, you can select some of the most popular ways to create a beautiful interior:

  • floor tiles with original inserts;
  • suspended ceiling custom color (illumination can additionally set);
  • niches installed illumination;
  • unusual insert of different material;
  • mirror inserts;
  • stylish paintings;
  • Picture in original frame;
  • unusual lamps.

Stylish pattern in a long corridor

Finishing materials for the interior of the corridor in the flat panel house, photo

For some reason, often to save on materials intended for the corridor. This is a wrong decision, because the hall - a room where you take off and put on a robe and shoes. It is here that remains of the dirt that is brought from the street. The walls are constantly in contact with the clothes, and the floor with shoes. As a result, the surface some time later darken and are subject to abrasion.

Plasterboard in the hallway

Repairs made to start with the ceiling. Hallway, you can use standard painting or a more modern version - Installation of suspended or plasterboard ceiling. Stretch ceiling is more practical, because its installation is possible at any time of repair, but he has a drawback - quite a high price. For an inexpensive decoration include panels made of plastic, as well as the usual whitewash.

Suspended ceiling in the hallway of the apartment

For finishing of walls in the hallway there are many ways, each of which has its advantages and disadvantages. Quite often, the owners choose wallpapering. In this case, you need to opt for washable wallpaper, they are perfect for an entrance hall. You can also choose vinyl wallpaper, it looks beautiful and can give a room a unique style.

PVC panels for the walls in the hallway

In addition to wall paper and many other kinds of wall decoration. The most popular methods: installation of PVC panels, decorative plaster, classic painting the walls, decoration with artificial stone. Choosing a favorite method, we should not forget about the various nuances. For example, for painting walls must be carefully smooth the surface, and an expensive finishing of stone can only be done for doorways, corners and mirrors.

Decorating the walls in the hallway with artificial stone

Often, designers offer bold original ways of wall decoration. For this purpose, use an unusual material for the hall -. Tiles, granite, laminate, cork, liquid wallpaper, etc. This interior narrow hallway in the apartment in the photo looks very impressive.

Liquid wallpaper in the hallway

Floor in the hallway necessarily need to take a solid detergent material. It should be water resistant and not easily soiled. From low-cost option to choose a homogenous linoleum. Also hallway are great tile or granite. But the parquet and laminate - is not quite good variant for the room.

The structure of the laminated board

But if the choice has stopped on it, you should choose moisture resistant material. Or at least the area in front of the front door lay floor tiles and laminate - the rest of the corridor. Carpeting is not quite suitable for the hall, especially from a natural material, and with a long nap.

Floor tiles in the hallway

Lighting and furniture for the interior of a narrow and long corridor

The interior of a narrow and long corridor in the apartment, photos of which are presented on the Internet, you can skillfully beat with the help of light.

Wall lights in the hallway

The lighting in the hallway is one of the important points. After all, usually in the hallway there are no windows, and no sunlight penetrates. Therefore, in this room you need to create light with lighting that gives the impression the room is not dark and gloomy.

As a backlight LED strip can be used, various lamps, wall sconces. Designers actively use some tricks to use lighting to change the space of the room:

  1. The use of scattered light. He is able to visually enlarge the space.
  2. Using wall lamps, which are directed upwards. It is the perfect solution for apartments with low ceilings.
  3. Lighting directed in one direction only, or end of the corridor. Ideal for narrow corridors.
  4. The harmonious combination of lamps with other home furnishings. In any case, the design should be made in the same style.

The scattered light in the corridor

Furniture is also an important element for the room.

Most often installed in the hall closet and a coat hanger or a high closet, which has recently become very popular. It's kind of a classic interior corridor of the apartment.

Wardrobe in the hallway

Photos of these wardrobes have always made a good impression because of the trendy and original design.

Furniture hall

Hallway furniture wonderfully fit narrow, but roomy. It should definitely be a lot of room for coats and shoes. This is one of the most important moments. It is also desirable various shelves, they are good for small items.

The design of a narrow corridor

Some apartments have a plan, that there is little room in the hallway for furniture because of the many doors. In this case, the easiest way to buy a narrow cabinet column. True it has one drawback - it is placed very few things. If there is a financial opportunity, much more profitable to order custom-made furniture. For non-standard hallways ideal corner wardrobes. They are quite spacious, with floor-to-ceiling windows, with comfortable sliding doors.

The stylish interior of the corridor in an apartment in the Khrushchev

Interior of the corridor in an apartment in the Khrushchev, whose photos can be found on specialized sites, is small-sized. In Khrushchev little space, and there is no sunlight.

Interior hallway in hruschevke

It is therefore very important to take care of the right light, then the room will not seem dark and gloomy. In this case is perfect spotlights, just a few small light bulbs make the hall bright and cozy.

Spot lighting in the corridor hruschevke

It is also necessary to take care of the combination of colors for the interior of a small corridor of the apartment. Photos of cozy hallways small area usually look like this: a lot of bright colors, perfectly combined with each other. designers often use interesting technique - a bright accent color. For this purpose the perfect picture on a wall or furniture.

corridor design Khrushchev in bright colors

Enlarge a small space helps dark tile on the floor. In addition, it is quite practical, because the floor in the hallway often dirty. Tiles of dark color is universal, it is suitable for different interior styles. You just need to choose the right shade. In conjunction with this form light walls floor capable of visually enlarge a small hall.

The design of the hall in the apartment or house photos. Modern design ideas corridors and vestibules 2018

Hallway - this is the most functional space, so it is usually not issued according to the canons of style and elegance, as the other rooms. This is especially true of old houses and apartments with a small area. The ideas of modern design make it possible to present an ordinary hallway art object, which will be the highlight of your interior.

The interior of the hall is made in the last turn, so the owners of the apartment by that time no longer remains a fantasy for interesting ideas. However, the repair of the corridor should be the most stylish, it's the first thing people see included. By design, the hall gives the impression of taste of the owners. If a small hallway - the best solution would be an arch. This simple construction has many advantages:

  • It looks elegant and stylish;
  • integrates other premises;
  • It saves space;
  • visually makes the hall more.

All the apartments, with a few exceptions, have narrow hallways. The correct design is easy to correct this deficiency. The interior of a narrow band is required to be in light colors, preferably with glossy surfaces. Make good lighting and decorate the walls of decorative stonework. This point is especially important for cat owners who love the sound of claws to tear off the wallpaper. Another idea for the hall, like a tunnel:

  • add the registration number of your photos within, original mirrors and pictures;
  • through the use of sliding doors create the illusion of a large area;
  • Choose built-in furniture, corner shelves, cabinets, clumps;
  • use in combination decor wall masonry, plaster, wallpaper liquid.

The most problematic type of angled hallways considered. The room is not only small, but also a little functional. This drawback is easily turned into a virtue, if you make a corner niche for clothes. hall design in small-sized apartment should increase the space, and it can be done with the help of rounded corners, glossy stretch ceiling and meticulous attention to interior details. Sex is better to cover a one-color tiles - it is resistant to moisture and perfectly clean. Ideas for a small hallway:

  • place the lights at the bottom of the cabinet to the salt goose visually looked up;
  • Do not pick up too bright and ornate furniture - it will "eat" space;
  • abstain from open cabinets, clothes sticking to visually take up much space;
  • buy-in closet, which mirrored doors - it will increase the space.

Basic principles of repair in the hallway small apartment - it does not overload the interior, but not to create the impression of emptiness. To light the hall can be used radius arch shaped niches, shelves, florid stucco, columns, floor coverings with mosaic pictures. If the room quadrature enough, you can create a beautiful dark tones of the walls and ceiling, especially consider the lighting and zoning. Creating the original design of the hall in the apartment, pay attention to the massive stained glass windows and large mirrors. If there are windows, decorate them with curtains pastel palette.

The entrance area in small apartments differs small quadrature. Designers offer to make a special repair Khrushchev corridor, which will be coordinated with the interior of the adjacent rooms. The most simple idea - the dismantling of interior doors, plenty of ceiling chandeliers and a maximum light-colored walls. To cope with a narrow room will help large mirror located opposite the entrance door.

Contents oblong room not an easy task, because the cubic capacity is present, and the benefit is difficult to extract from it. It is important to make the most of a narrow segment, make it functional, but do not clutter. To make a long hallway design aesthetically appealing and practical, it is necessary to divide the room into zones. Decorated interior, it is necessary to apply different finishing materials. For example, the input portion to lay ceramic tiles. It is perfectly clean, so does the practical area. Next, you need to lay laminate flooring that will add comfort corridor.

corridor design in a private house

To equip the hall designer home is much easier, because planning is usually not the standard. During the construction of a private building owners initially make the room to enter the square, it was easier to implement any design project. Before proceeding to the finish, you must decide how much will be loaded room. Will it be stored in a clothes with shoes, whether seating needs.

corridor design in a private home requires practicality, since it owners enter directly from the street, carrying with it dirt, dust and moisture. The walls of the hall is best to lay PVC or MDF panels plastic completely or in combination with water-resistant wallpaper. With regard to sex, this load does not feel any more space, so the flooring is best to choose the most durable decorative material (slabs of granite or stone).

The two-storey houses ladder often conceals square meters living room, so the most convenient way to accommodate her - hallway. The design of the corridor to the stairs - is not only practical, but also beautiful: winding stairs and staircases will decorate the room. To narrow vestibule ideal solution would be a ladder in the style of hi-tech or minimalism, which is made of glass or high-strength plastic. For a large hall better to choose the classic elements with wide openings. These stairs are made of wood.

Lobbies standard apartments have to differentiate between several kinds, each of which has special finishing solutions. The main points on which we must emphasize - walls, ceilings, floors, lighting. How to decorate the hall in the apartment, if it is:

  1. Square. A small room on the area, about 6-4 meters. It is important to fitting correctly furniture. It is better to pay attention to the closets so that they are not bulky.
  2. Long and narrow. Lighting plays an important role. Such as the hallway is better to divide into zones using the arches, or different materials in the walls and floor.

Features hallways in flats known, so for the walls will require materials with the following qualities:

  1. Durability. The room is regularly subjected to cyclic effects: closing / opening the door, rubbing the walls of bags and outerwear, so paper wallpaper in the hallway - not the best solution.
  2. Practicality. Lobby must quickly washed from the dirt without losing aesthetic appearance, so we need to simplify the cleaning of the walls.
  3. Reliability. Based on these qualities, the best finishing materials for the walls of the hallway - a glass wall, decorative plaster, wall panels, microcement, cork wallpaper.

All types of finishing the ceiling, there is one feature - the need to align the surface. The easiest, democratic and cost a little old-fashioned design of the ceiling in the hallway - whitewash. If the budget is limited, then this a good option. Another way to budget - the ceiling color. Here the designer design options more, because the paint can be of different colors and various patterns. Easy to finish, the process of decorative plaster. More modern methods:

  • Suspended structure made of plasterboard;
  • texture or wallpaper monochrome under painting;
  • natural wood;
  • ceilings with different textures and a variety of shades.

If the lobby is used to store the top clothing and shoes, you should arrange it ready-made walls or modular furniture. For arranging space for women's cosmetics, it is desirable to take care of the big mirror and roomy chest. Choosing furniture for the hall of all sizes better light shades, because the room has a window and is rarely ever a problem with the lighting. If the hallway is narrow, then the best choice will be the usual wall hangers with hooks, located on different levels.

Proper placement in the hallway mirror is capable to create a miracle. They are easy to visually change the lighting, the style and size of the room. Types of mirrors in the corridor:

  1. Wall. It can be framed in wood, metal or plastic with a shelf below or just canvas with sandblasted pattern.
  2. Floor. Always has a rack and frame changes position.
  3. Horizontal. Visually expands the wall on which is located.
  4. Vertical. It helps to fully evaluate a person's appearance.
  5. Different shapes. Triangular, round or irregular shape for the mirror designer frills.

Interior corridor in the apartment - Photo

Experienced designers can help you quickly find the optimal materials for decoration and techniques for the design of the corridor. But you can see the beautiful lobby of the photo, and choose the real interior or take note of the idea of ​​any sample provided below. Forget about all the traditions. Immerse yourself in the wonderful world of modern design!

Interior of the corridor in the apartment: the idea of ​​creating comfort

Corridor - a card of any apartment, and of course, her hosts. Without a doubt, it should be beautifully decorated and fit into the interior of the apartment. If the hallway small, it is not necessary to fill up her things - even in a small corridor can be arranged compact furniture.

Interior corridor in the apartment must match the style of the accommodation. If the hallway is bright and large, then, for such a room is not the idea of ​​creating comfort

It is easy. And what if the corridor is dark and narrow? Designers are advised to help solve this problem. With the help of professional secrets, fantasies and experiences can be turned into the hall into a real masterpiece. If it was decided to create an interior hallway in the apartment with his hands, the first thing to note - this coverage. Since this room has no windows, artificial light should be intense. Wall sconces, original chandeliers and ceiling lights will be ideal in this situation.

In general design the hall depends on its features: the function that it performs, shape, size and quality of illumination. Therefore, choosing the furniture, decoration, decoration, must take into account all these parameters. Interior corridor of the apartment (photos contained in the article), presented in this material, clearly show how to arrange the hall in different sizes.

If the apartment is too long corridor, the warm atmosphere will help to create the correct color. Light colors - cream, peach or beige - will give comfort room. For such a corridor the best fit ceiling with recessed light fixtures and tiles on the floor, covered with wave patterns. Interior of a long corridor in the apartment need to consider so that the room was not cluttered with furniture. Better to put wardrobe with sliding mirrored doors, and next to hang shelves. Hue furniture should match the floor tiles. A good design will complement fresh flowers on a stand in each corner of the corridor.

Well, if the hall a lot of space, because the option of a large design space very much. Domestic houses planned in a way that few people can boast of even a medium-sized hall, especially if the one-room apartment. But the little hallway - this is not a sentence. With the help of some of his secrets, you can visually enlarge several times. The main thing is to remember that a small entrance hall must be the start or the continuation of the overall interior design. After all, even it is possible to accommodate the necessary items. The idea of ​​creating the design of this space can be very different. In this article, you can see the interior corridor of the apartment, photos will demonstrate the different options.

How to visually enlarge the space?

If you try to hide all the shortcomings of a small room, it is possible to make it comfortable and functional. The main thing - remember to save space. It is not recommended to choose finishing materials, which are able to reduce and so small hallway area. For example, the frame under the wooden or plastic panels take about 3 centimeters along each wall. In addition, it is necessary to abandon the relief plaster and artificial stone. Wallpapers and ordinary paint will be ideal in this situation. Choosing the coloring, it should be remembered that it can help to expand the corridor, or, conversely, to narrow. Therefore, you must carefully approach the purchase of materials for the floor, walls and ceiling.

To the interior of a small corridor in the apartment brightened up, you need to opt for the white glossy shades for ceiling and bright colors for the walls. It is not recommended to buy the wallpaper with a large figure which visually reduce the space. It is better to choose wallpaper with small unobtrusive patterns or monochromatic pastel tones. Another secret will greatly expand the small corridor - a total coverage hallway and adjoining rooms with her.

Since the corridor may be a few people at a time, it is necessary to arrange the furniture so that it does not interfere with anyone. In this situation, the main thing - minimalism: a small-sized furniture, no shelves, vases, open racks, etc...

The interior of a narrow corridor in an apartment requires careful thought. It is necessary to arrange the hall so that it is visually increased and expanded. For this purpose, vertically and horizontally directed ornament. A similar pattern will enhance the effect in the finishing of walls and ceiling. There are many design ideas that can visually change the interior of a narrow corridor. Important role in increasing the hallway playing correctly chosen lighting.

When choosing lighting for the corridor, it is necessary to take into account that they have to cover the space well. To ceiling became higher, it is necessary to achieve uniform illumination of walls and floor. With low light can also increase the size of a standard hall - is illuminated as if it blurs the boundaries.

Interior corridor in the flat small area requires functional furniture. Built-in cabinets should be selected with a depth of 50 cm, and the paintings and photos look better hanging at eye level - the distance between them should correspond to the width of the smallest of them. Complement the interior can be small chairs.

When placing a narrow band mirror is necessary to provide the installation of a full-length, which is able to expand the space visually. A good idea in the design of the apartment will be a corridor in a blooming garden, forest clearing or French patio. Properly developed design will transform the narrow hallway and make it wider.

As a rule, hall 2-room apartment is extended and a small width, but larger in area than the corridor 1-room apartment. And in this area is very difficult to put the necessary furniture. To prevent this problem was solved, it is necessary to free the passage of unnecessary things and organize the entrance to the heating so that the door opened into the room. Wardrobe should choose long and narrow with mirrored doors. Better to give preference not to the square pufu and a bench. It is important that it opened, and it was possible to keep the shoes. Interior corridor in the one-bedroom apartment must be in the same style, then the whole room will have integrity.

Most often, this apartment has a large hall, and in order that from it could get into every room, the builders are doing it long. The owners of a 3-room apartment is not asking how to arrange furniture in a hallway because its size allows to implement any ideas. Yet there are a few tips on how to decorate the interior design of the hall in the apartment this area. First, we should pay attention to the light, because the hall gets a little daylight. To illuminate fully the room, it is better to mount ceiling lights around the perimeter. Light colors of walls, ceiling and floor hallway give lightness. The floor is better to put the tiles, because it is easier to clean after a dirty shoe.

In fact, the hall can be arranged to suit all tastes. Fans of classic style choose to preserve it for a long time, because the eternal classics. Design Interior Corridor in classic style implies bright pastel colors in the decoration of the ceiling and walls. As a floor covering is better to choose a durable granite natural shades, turning into a laminate flooring or the front part of the interior. If the idea of ​​"razbit9raquo; Wall symmetrical half-columns, brackets, hand-painted by the fresco, this is the right decision for this style.

In order not to disturb the harmony of space, built-in wardrobe is better to hide from the eyes. Additional interior corridor of the apartment elegant stool at the entrance. For lighting, it is desirable to use a ceiling stained-glass window with a matte backlit.

For classic style and are ideal for wood panels on the bottom of the wall, while the upper part to decorate the picture. Even as an option - the vertical narrow wooden laths from ceiling to floor, between which the painting in exquisite frames.

There is such a thing as "intelligent classics." This style is inherent writers, intellectuals and those who are engaged in science. In this case, allowed the location of book racks and shelves along the walls of the corridor. The apartments bohemian people of creative professions produce at present in the hall art gallery, which has a lot of artwork, lit backlight.

To make a hallway in a modern style, the walls are paper or plastic trim panels. The color scheme of mostly neutral - it is gray, beige or sand shades. As a floor covering acts tiles to match the main floor. To save space selected built-in furniture. The light source is a light panel, mounted along the entire length of the ceiling.

Interior hallway (corridor) in an apartment in the style of hi-tech means of large black and white posters and photos. Also in the design of the walls are often used vinyl stickers that are on the market today are many. Among the many subjects you can find a suitable option for their design. A great idea would be to combine labels with decorative elements (mirrors, shelves).

Eclectic embodiment corridor design is selected because mixing of two styles. In this case, the front part of the used exotic motifs and a minimalist. And she hall surprises with its directness, lack of refined furniture and eye-catching details: African statues, ritual masks and antique jugs, plates in niches. Built-in LED light focuses on these subjects.

As you can see, there are many ideas for design of the corridor. Owners of apartments of different layouts, area and shape will find a suitable option for registration hall. After appearance of this room are judged on the owners of the apartment.