Fashionable white furniture for a bedroom: 5 Topical Solution

Bedroom with white furniture always looks very stylish and trendy color white is associated with purity, comfort and serenity. The bedroom, decorated in bright colors - it is not only the perfect place to relax, but also a stylish room that meets all the needs of the capricious fashion. Of course, to the bedroom it was really fashionable, it is necessary to choose the stylish furniture and accessories. All that is necessary for beauty white bedroom, read below.

Select white bedroom set

White bedroom set - it is part of the interior presented a wide range of furniture on the market today. You can find kits made entirely in bright colors or a combination in which the use of other color than white.

Modern headsets typically includes the following:

  1. Bed. White bed can be packaged with a headset, and can be purchased separately.
  2. Banquette. This detail accentuates the beauty of the bedroom. Made in one color and the style of the bed, stool not only makes the bedroom more luxurious, but also helps to monitor the safety of the mattress.
  3. Cupboard. Wardrobe composed headset is often the usual wardrobe, made in an appropriate color. However, designers have developed advanced storage system more convenient and compact than the classic wardrobes or closets. We are talking about storage systems located above the headboard and bedside tables in the field. Also becoming popular wardrobe, built-in niches and manufactured for individual projects.
  4. Chest of drawers. Some sets contain chests. This part of the interior looks great in the direction of Provence.
  5. Dressing table. Dressing tables beautifully emphasize the refined feminine style bedrooms. Mirrors look great framed by white frames.
  6. Tables and chairs for office. If the account comes directly placed in the bedroom, and then for that design is an opportunity! Many suites include accessories for the job.
  7. Bedside tables. This part of the headset is often the same in design to the bed.

To date, the bedroom set usually consists of a bed, stools, wardrobe, dressing table and bedside tables

A large number of furniture, chosen in the same style - that's fine. However, do not forget that you can not overload the bedroom.

Which bedroom design with white furniture is relevant

White furniture looks good in any room, whether it's dining room, living room or even children. But the bedroom - a space where white shades look more attractive and harmonious.

In some styles may be made with white bedroom furniture:

Bedroom with white furniture can be made in several styles, choose the one that is closer to you liking

White bedroom set suitable to almost any direction, which will be able to identify with accessories and interior decoration.

Bedroom furniture: white glossy surface

With the advent of PVC gloss left on the peak of popularity. Nail the new generation of wood and other cover, give the surface shine, incredibly popular because of its luxury appearance.

What are the advantages and disadvantages stand in glossy white bedrooms:

  1. Absolute advantage glossy furniture - is its stunning looks.
  2. Reflective properties of gloss also play an important role in the design of the bedroom. Especially in cases where the small-sized bedroom, gloss will create an additional volume of the room.
  3. Gloss is easy to care. This is a minus glossy furniture.
  4. It also disadvantages include the fragility of glossy surfaces. Gloss can be easily damaged, scratched or something else.

White glossy furniture looks very luxurious, but it is required for a complex care

Try not to overdo it with the gloss of the interior. Some elements can be left matte.

How are made white glossy cabinets for bedrooms

That cupboard is best perceived gloss on its surface. There are several reasons for this. Firstly, the case - it is a smooth surface. Secondly, mirrored wall cabinet fits well with the gloss. Secondly, a case often takes a significant part of the room, but because the reflective properties of the gloss will be great to expand the room. Third, the cabinet is not exposed to extreme strain, unlike the bed legs or pedestals, for example. Therefore, the gloss on the cabinet can remain in pristine condition for a long time.

High-gloss white wardrobe for the bedroom, you can buy ready-made or make it with their own hands

How to get the glossy cabinet:

  • buy ready-made;
  • make to order;
  • make a glossy surface with your hands.

The hands can be glued glossy PVC film on the surface of the cabinet, after preparing it for operation.

Bedroom has plenty of options wardrobe execution. Opportunities vary by location, volume, style and features of acquisition. Of course, any option can be exercised up to date white.

Cabinets coupe have a number of advantages that make many people do the choice is in favor of such things storage system:

  1. Save space with sliding doors - this is one of the most important advantages.
  2. The possibility of self-organization of the inner cabinet compartment storage system if you make an order for the production of this piece of furniture.
  3. Glossy or mirrored cabinet door coupe will save space for a single mirror and visually expand the room.
  4. Wardrobe can be customized, sweep the niche in the wall or cabinet to make diagonal or triangular cupboard attic.

An important advantage of the wardrobe for the bedroom - it saves space

Custom size: closet in the bedroom, white width 120cm

For a small bedroom closet it is especially difficult to choose because space savings and the need to place a lot of things often go contrary to each other. There is a solution! The narrow width of all cabinets 120 cm save position. It is this width is optimal for a small bedroom.

What is the advantage of a narrow cabinet:

  • significant space savings;
  • orderly appearance;
  • possible to arrange the two flaps, one of which may be a mirror.

Wardrobe 120 cm wide can be produced to order with all the additional wishes of the owner.

Modular Bedrooms: white bedroom

Modular bedroom - it is the perfection of convenience and efficiency in the world of bedrooms. Modular bedrooms include superudobnuyu storage system and a number of accessories to choose from. Modular bedroom consists of a set of elements that can be located anywhere: on the bed and around the room, around the bed or even on the ceiling. If you want to use in the bedroom, to the maximum, the modular bedroom - it's your choice.

Modular bedroom consists of several elements that you can arrange the room so as you see fit

The most common items in the bedroom are modular:

White modular bedroom - it is beautiful and luxurious. However, it is possible to dilute the monotony of contrasting wallpaper, floor or ceiling.

White bedroom furniture (video)

White bedroom - it's a wonderful place. However, do not forget that absolutely white walls evoke associations with the hospital. You need to show imagination in choosing light coating of bedroom surfaces. Even an inexpensive set of materials will easily bring to life the dream of a snow-white bedroom.

Sliding wardrobe in the bedroom - photos, ideas, tips for choosing cabinet

Contemporary sliding wardrobe in the bedroom should serve as not only storage space, but also carry the aesthetic function. It should be comfortable and roomy, but at the same time organically fit into the interior of a bedroom, versatile, but at the same time occupy as little space as possible.

Before you buy sliding wardrobe in the bedroom is necessary to determine his views. Design sliding door wardrobes in the bedroom now has a very large variety. Consider some of them:

Let us consider in more detail the choice of cabinet compartment in the bedroom.

Selection depends on the configuration of the space available in the bedroom and on your tastes and preferences. If the bedroom is not large, it is best to choose a corner cabinet or Radius. They occupy is one of the corners of the room, while leaving more space along the walls. The difference of the angular or radial cabinets only the outside of the cabinet configuration. In radius-cabinet outer side more rounded, while at the usual corner they just straight.

In appearance equip the choice comes down to the design of the outside of the cabinet and its visual perception. Cupboard in the bedroom can be made entirely of one material. But most people still prefer cabinets coupe in the bedroom with built-in mirrors to one of the sliding doors or just a few. Everything here is again to your taste and color. But if you have a bedroom on the small size, the mirror, built-in sliding wardrobe does not interfere. They visually make the room more. Frosted plexiglass or make your wardrobe more interesting and mysterious to the design point of view. Such glasses can select patterned or monochromatic.

The choice of cabinet colors depending on the color of the situation in the bedroom. However, it is better not any green, yellow, red, etc. Preferring the classic colors of the furniture and their shades: white, beige, milky, black, brown, etc.

And finally, what do you choose, recessed sliding wardrobe in the bedroom or not? Here it plays an important role the financial issue. The one-piece sliding wardrobe will cost an order of magnitude more expensive than embedded. Therefore, calculate your finances and answer this question for yourself.

Choose white cabinets in the bedroom

It is impossible to imagine an apartment without a cabinet - if it is located in the bedroom, it is the most convenient option. And how many useful things you can fit in the closet! The first mention of the cabinets appeared in the III century BC in Egypt, this product is a box with a lid. Since then, the appearance of the cabinets has been transformed, but the goal remains the same - the storage of things. Today, many people prefer to choose white cabinets in the bedroom.

White symbolizes purity, but also has the unique ability to expand the space visually. The bedrooms with a small area of ​​white cabinets is an excellent interior solutions. Of course, this piece of furniture will be a real decoration of the bedroom. It is understood by many consumers - which is why they often choose these products. So, there are several kinds of cabinets by location.

A variety of shapes and patterns is very large, which allows you to choose a suitable cabinet that will meet all aesthetic and functional characteristics.

This cabinet has a box-like structure and stands out in the interior of the room. The main advantages of this type:

  • Easy to install. Collect wardrobe can own, without the use of special tools.
  • Appearance does not depend on the environmental conditions. If there are irregularities in the bedroom (eg, floor, ceiling or wall) - this factor does not affect the cabinet itself.
  • Demountability when moving or permutation, the absence of restrictions on the installation of the new location.

Disadvantage - a decrease in the usable area in the room.

They are almost completely blend in with the interior of a bedroom, creating the integrity and completeness. Pros such racks:

  • aesthetic appearance. The absence of gaps between the walls and ceiling. As a consequencee - ease of cleaning.
  • Ability location in the bedroom with complex geometry false ceilings.
  • Ease of changing facades under the right interior. Enough to change the door to the desired option. Fixing of such a procedure is not affected.
  • The impossibility of dismantling for installation in another room. These cases are made to the individual features of the room.
  • Price. It is quite high, and it does not suit many consumers.

Divided cabinets and doors design. Today you can buy classical cabinets with hinged doors. Such a model will never go out of style, modern boldly and confidently keeps up with fashion trends. They are distinguished by the number of doors in the product. opening system is rather simple, mechanisms operate on the principle of light pressure.

Features, advantages of such furniture:

  • silent when opening and closing doors;
  • exceptional ease of maintenance;
  • have additional knobs that are ornaments.

However, it is worth considering that the swing doors take up some space, being in the clear.

Almost every house or apartment will meet the cabinet. Due to its characteristics, he confidently holds the leading position and keeps them well. wardrobe positive aspects are:

  • Saving space. You can install a cabinet in a small bedroom.
  • The doors do not require additional manipulation during operation. They do not need to tighten up.

However, there are some nuances:

  • You should promptly get rid of the dust, to the state of the wheels is not adversely affected.
  • Distinctive sound when opening and closing doors, which can prevent people living in the apartment.

Cupboards with doors, shutters ( "accordion")

A modern solution that provides space savings. Not a very popular option, but it is very attractive.

Such models are gaining popularity, but this product is commonly used as a fashion accessory (but it is very functional). The cabinet can be with a curtain instead of the usual door - or they may be entirely absent.

The advantages of "textile door" can be safely attributed:

  • Quiet. Curtains disclosed without distracting and disturbing sounds.
  • Low price. It is enough to show a little ingenuity - and this unusual "door" can be done independently.
  • savings of space. Curtain rod will move in a horizontal direction.
  • Variability. You will be able to pick up on the mood of the interior, simply by changing the linens.
  • Airiness. Curtains give comfort and ease of the surrounding area.

Open cabinets also make the bedroom the highlight:

  • increase the space in the room;
  • create dynamics in the interior.

Do not forget about the kind of care for such unusual pieces of furniture. Will always have to get rid of dust, it takes time.

You can select some typical models of cabinets - depending on the shape and size of bedrooms:

  • Direct (classical) variant. For those people who like to follow tradition and compliance for the bedroom.
  • Angular. It maximizes stay in the room without taking up much space.
  • Radius. Perfect for complex configurations.
  • Concave.
  • Convex.
  • Undulating.

Luxury, refinement and good capacity - an ideal combination for modern housewives.

Dimensions of the cabinet, should be proportional to the room. In the bedroom a little too big cabinet will look not quite appropriate, but in a small no place huge closet. You can fit it in height from floor to ceiling, that would certainly be an advantage for storage of different things. A good option - leave some free space gap between the ceiling and the upper point of dressing.

Once you decide on the shape and dimensions of the cabinet, it will be possible to think about the material from which it is made. To make it easier to choose, it is necessary to disassemble the main raw materials:

  • Chipboard (particle boards) - the material is different moisture resistance, resistance to mechanical stress and temperature changes. The advantage is also a wide choice of colors and low price. The negative points is the presence of formaldehyde resins, bonding agents for wood.
  • chipboard - characterized by the presence of special chipboard liner film, which makes the material more water resistant and durable.
  • MDF - stove, which is made of very fine sawdust. They are held together by wax or lignin, and therefore - environmentally friendly materials. Such plates can be absolutely any pattern or clipping. It is worth noting that the price for MDF slightly higher.
  • Fibreboard (Fiberboard) - produced by steaming wood dust particles, is then formed by wet pressing. Has a low price and durability, however, use such a plate can not always and not everywhere.
  • Tree - a natural material, ready to serve a long time. A special feature is the high price.

Of course, the cabinet must adequately formalize that it blends perfectly with the interior of the bedroom. The most popular options:

  • mirror;
  • gloss;
  • matte coating;
  • recessed lighting;
  • carved facades;
  • decorative items, which include the cap decor, relief printing, or legs.

In the interior of a bedroom wardrobe white looks luxurious and the "rich". All shades of white combine perfectly with absolutely any color.

This furniture will not be intrusive and oppressive. Moreover - the interior of a bedroom will look harmonious, has to rest.

Next, see an overview of interesting model white bedroom closet.

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