Bumpers in the crib for a newborn

When the family comes baby, parents buy a lot of things that before and not heard. Bumpers in the crib - it's one of these gizmos. What are they needed for? What bumpers come in? Is it possible to make bumpers in the crib for a newborn with his own hands? How to pick up the material and determine the dimensions?

Why bumpers in the crib for a newborn

Bed for the baby most often made of wood, a durable plastic or metal. This solid material on which a child can easily hit and injured. Since young children are very mobile, and coordination and spatial orientation are not yet fully developed, the risk of injury during the impact is pretty high on the bed bars. To avoid this trouble and need bumpers (bumpers).

Bumpers are unique soft pads that attach to the crib headboard and side cover, protecting the child from being hit. In addition to the main purpose of this useful accessory also performs a number of functions:

  • They protect the baby from bright sunlight and drafts, which can get into the bed through the bars.
  • Create a cozy atmosphere in the crib so that the child felt comfortable. It is proved that kids calmer behave in a confined space and fear of large open spaces. It is connected with the memory of intrauterine life.
  • Entertain children. Vivid drawings develop baby's sight and occupy his leisure.
  • Development. bumpers are often equipped with various beeper, "shurshalkami" elements with different textures. This makes it possible to turn the accessory in the full developmental toy.

Types of skirting for cots

Today, manufacturers and craftsmen hand-made offer many types of bumpers in cribs:

  • The classic version of the 4 pieces (two pieces for sidewalls, one at the head and one in the leg).
  • A continuous rim that goes around the perimeter of the bed and has only one joint. Such variants can be found in Ikea stores.
  • Bumpers in the form of pillows, which are attached to the bed with the help of drawstrings. Bags can be formed as separate elements or sewn together.

Each option the flanges can be made in various forms using different sewing techniques, patterns, methods of fastening, shapes and sizes.

Up to what age need bumpers in the crib

Use this useful accessory can be from birth to the moment when the baby starts to try to get out of bed. If the mother noticed that crumb began to climb, trying to get out of the crib, the bumpers must be immediately removed! It is necessary that the child did not use them as a tool to get out.

The child can also sleep restlessly and strike the bars, but better a little sinyachok than falling from a decent height at perelezanii over the side of the bed

Determine the age of the baby in the crib when the bumpers are no longer needed should be the parents, depending on the child's development and ability.

Buy beautiful bumpers in the cot in the store today is not a problem. Options are there for every taste and budget. Many parents prefer to buy complete sets of ledges and a four-poster bed linen made in the same style and color scheme. If you are not satisfied with standard bumpers, you can make them to order from the masters of hand-made. Manual work always looks refined and original. But cost is a pleasure to be expensive. Much more interesting and safer for the family budget to try to make the bumpers themselves. In addition, it is quite easy, if you have the necessary tools (sewing machine), a little skill and patience.

First we need to choose the fabric.

Since the accessory will be in contact with the skin the baby, the fabric should be as high-quality, dense and natural:

The fabric should have a nice quiet shade and large picture, the child can treat it. When buying fabric you need to think not only about the core, but also about backing. It is necessary to make bumpers with removable top cover, which can be in any time to remove and wash, wash without exposing the entire product.

Tip: Before you start sewing, fabrics need to be washed. Natural fibers are always shrinks in the wash. And to get the amount of material necessary in view of the shrinkage.

In addition to fabric, you need to take care of the soft foam bead. The filler may serve sintepon, sintepuh thin foam.

It is best to choose a roll synthetic filler, which can be washed without compromising its quality

And for needlework will need:

  • Sewing machine. Needlewoman perseverance can make bumpers hand, it is possible with hand sewing skills.
  • Scissors.
  • Needle.
  • Centimeter or long range.
  • Tailoring pins.
  • Chalk, soap, pen or marker to be cut.
  • Paper for building patterns. If the experience in sewing is good, then you can cut directly on the fabric.
  • Thread color of the fabric.
  • Fasteners "zipper" (40 cm long), or buttons of. They are needed for the removable covers that can be washed. If bumpers are sewn without covers, the fastener is not needed.
  • Ribbons, ribbons for laces. Ties can be crosslinked from the underlying tissue.
  • Depending on the model and fantasy, may need more variety of decorative elements (different buttons, lace, felt appliqué, etc.).

How to determine the size and shaped bumpers

In most cases, cots standard sizes: Width - 60 cm, height - 55 cm, length - 120 cm To make bumpers for a standard bed, need about 3.6 meters of fabric.. If skirting with covers are sewn, the lining fabric needed as much. In the case where there is any doubt in their abilities, it is better to buy the segment more to be able to correct the errors. As well as the extra fabric can be useful for decoration, such as decorative frills.

Tip: In the manufacture of hand-made skirting better immediately make sure to buy a suitable fabric and bed linen for cots. This beautiful set will look harmonious and orderly. Set will not be ashamed to give birth to the baby.

Dimensions of standard classical skirting of 4 parts:

  • 2 parts of 30 cm high and 60 cm wide.
  • 2 parts of 30 cm and a height of 120 cm.

For beginners, masters best to stay on this version, since it is the easiest to implement and sewing, it does not take much time.

If the bed has a non-standard size and shape, you have to start making measurements. For example, a round bed will need two sets of ledges, as it is transformed into an oval with time.

For this form of bed is best to choose a pillow bumpers

Bumpers, pillows look beautiful and you are ready to sew the number of pads that need to oval crib, and take off, and add them as baby growth and transformation of the bed, it is much easier to sew than two separate sets of classical skirting.

Pillows better sew removable covers, and the size and shape can be freely selected on the basis of the size of the crib and the desire needlewoman. For example, the bumpers are very popular in the form of pillow-houses.

These pads can be decorated not only a bed, but also other furniture in the baby's room, for example, a sofa or a chair; it will make the interior of a child more harmonious

A similar situation with cradles for babies. Not always the cradle is sold complete with linens. And to find a suitable set of all skirting task almost impossible.

A good way you arrange cradle - is to try and sew linens and bumpers itself or purchase order. Dimensions of accessories, of course, be non-standard, but the problem is easily solved by careful measurements and the construction of a simple pattern

Ate mom decided to do the board in the form of pillows, the pattern is not necessary. Enough cut squares of desired size. For a standard rectangular beds need 12 pillows 30x30 cm.

Houses can be sewn on this pattern. The size is selected arbitrarily according to the size and shape of the bed

For standard classical skirting of the 4 elements of these patterns fit:

Bumpers with a semicircular headboard

Pattern of simple rectangular skirting

Pattern skirting and bed linen for the cot

Note: Before sewing is better to carefully measure the size of the crib and adjust if necessary.

The process of sewing classical skirting

You need to prepare the fabric and filler. Patterns must be made in advance. On the fabric gently transferred pattern. Do not forget to leave for 1-1.5 cm allowances for seams. If bumpers are sewn with covers, it is necessary to cut out two sets of tissue - for covers and backing.

The filler in the form of foam or padding polyester web is cut similarly, but it is necessary to reduce the size of patterns 1.5-2 cm, depending on the thickness of the foam, the filler got into the pouch. If bumpers are sewn in the form of pillows, the filler is stuffed just not cut out anything you need.

Backing fabric is folded inside out and stitch cover the perimeter. It is necessary to leave the hole to put inside the vehicle. After this cover is inverted and inserted into the foam. The hole must be carefully sew. It is better to do it manually hiding seams. A similar procedure should be followed for each rim (total 4 pcs.).

Ties can be sewed in two ways - simple and Velcro. In a simple drawstrings may make the finished braid or ribbon. And also they can be bound from the tissue.

It looks like velcro. This option is not too difficult to implement, but it is much more convenient conventional drawstrings

The size and number of drawstrings are chosen arbitrarily. Usually it takes at least 20 fasteners. 4 short bumpers at the head and around the legs, 6 on board for the long side walls of the bed. For better fixation of bumpers can do more drawstrings.

Beautiful strings obtained from satin ribbons. The length of the fastener is chosen independently, but it is better to do a ribbon longer. So it is easier to tie a bow, and he looks more beautiful

Note: If bumpers are sewn pillows, then you need to do at least two fasteners on each.

Stitch upper decorative covers

The top covers that can be removed and washed, sewn on the perimeter, inside out. You need to plan in advance the location of drawstrings and tack them to sew in the main seams. Velcro also need to sew in advance, while the cover part has not sewn together. The inner edges to be processed on the overlock or neaten manually. You need to leave a hole (about 40 cm) for the fasteners. The fastener can be made in the form of lightning or common pugovok. Then unscrew the covers need to make the clasp. Done!

Contents bumpers are different ways: to decorate the ribbons, bows, large bright buttons, appliques, rhinestones, ruffles, etc. If skirting the perimeter decorated with ruffles or lace, it is necessary to advance their tack and sew in the main joints in the fourth step, so that the product looks neater. Depending on the design of the lace and frills can be sewn on top and front of the cover.

Ideas for sewing ledges in a cot:

Bumpers, pillows for a boy in a marine style

Beautiful bumpers for girls, decorated with soft cushions, roses

Classic bumpers with large bright pattern on the fabric

Bumpers Brightcloth tissue child pattern decorated contrasting ruffles

The rim of 3 parts, decorated oval ruffles for cots

A crib bumpers, in the technique of "puffs"

Sewing bumpers in the crib does not take long for the newborn, and the result will exceed expectations, because the thing to get exclusive and high quality.

ATTENTION! All information on the website is popular, the study does not claim to 100% authenticity. You do not need to self-medicate!

Bumpers in the crib for a newborn

Sometimes a baby from birth are very mobile. This is certainly good, but we can not leave these children alone for a long time even in the cradle, because the chances of injury the child because of the construction of the crib. Manufacturers of children's accessories are going to meet new parents and are very useful products for the cradles of babies. These include special protective collar.

This accessory is very important for the little man, it provides proper comfort and safety for the child. Soft pads are mounted around the perimeter of the cribs, providing softness to the touch and protect your active toddler from unnecessary injuries, falls and injuries.

With this attribute for a cot Mummy cease to worry about the safety of the baby, because to create a security zone in which it will be very comfortable not only sleep, but also to play. With such products parents become more relaxed.

So, there are several positive aspects of the use of this accessory for children's headset.

Impact protection of the edge of the bed

Active guys can get bruises when moving in the cradle, because they rarely settle down and do not know how to control themselves. With these cushioned head and the baby pen will be in complete safety.

Anti-jam between the bars of the children's bedroom set

The kid can shove leg or a pen through the bars, thus frightened and try to stick them on their own. The pads are also located on the perimeter of the sleeping area and do not allow your child to push the body parts in a baby cot holes.

Even if the baby is asleep, the parents will be able to safely ventilate the children's room, without fear of chill child. After such an accessory able to protect the baby from drafts. This is especially important in hot weather, fresh air is a must.

In the daytime the sun while it is very active and bright sun rays can harm your baby. Thick material capable ledges protect the child from compulsive eyes bright light, which makes the baby uncomfortable stay in the cradle.

Fence flanges sleeping area will be protected from dust particles. They will fall exclusively on the outer side of the pads to which the child does not get it.

Some pads models have pockets, which is very convenient to store small children things: bottles, diapers, pacifiers, or napkins. By doing so you free up additional space in a closet or cupboard, which can be used for something else. Things baby will be at your fingertips and close to the child.

Summarizing all the above, we can draw the following conclusion: thanks to this simple device cot will be safe and comfortable place to play and sleep your baby.

Note some negative aspects such devices:

  • This children's paraphernalia is a collector of dust, which is harmful for the baby. There's no escape, but to solve this problem, you can regularly wash these household items.
  • The circulation of air in the sleeping toddler zone deteriorates. Especially this problem is actual in hot weather. It should be cautious about the use of such items in the children's heat. If necessary, they should be fully or partially remove or make constant ventilation in the room.
  • Deteriorating visibility on how the child behaves in a crib. Mom will always have to get up and check the baby. However, this problem can be solved by releasing from skirting one side of the cradle.

Despite the disadvantages that can be overcome, this attribute is very important in the daily life of the newborn.

A variety of children's soft attributes characterized by the following criteria:

  • Form.
  • Design variations.
  • Fastening method.
  • Bundle.
  • The inner filler.

Good square protective bumpers: they can be selected and combined depending on the type of bed. Its shape may be either: round, oval or rectangular.

Options such protective accessories divided according to the protected side of the beds is both the 2 and the 4 sides.

Very popular model with a zipper: they are completely safe and quite practical.

Filler also plays an important role. More lavish options more suited to grown up kids, because they can be used for something else - for example, children's highchair.

Flat pads are ideal for very young tots, they will have more space to play in the crib. If you fill the space on the sides of lush protective bumpers, baby will be cramped in a crib, and he begins to act up.

Design options as varied pillows. They can be both developing and self-colored, without pictures.

Developmental embodiments the flanges are bumpers with sewn or painted on them letters, numbers, geometric shapes. This approach undoubtedly contributes to correct and harmonious development of the baby.

Beautiful and original model

Bumpers, pads for sale can be found in various designs. Original design solutions such bumpers will not leave anyone indifferent parents. For example, you can find the original versions of the models in the form of sovushek, lodges, seals, fairy tale characters. Such interesting options bumpers easy to make your own hands. An important role in this case played a filler - it should not be much, otherwise any fairy tale character can turn into a "overfed" Bun.

Any accessory that is purchased for any thing, must approach it not only visually, but also in size. It is important that the protective bumpers were of appropriate size, fit into a toddler bed. Standard size bed: 120h60h55sm.

Bumpers meet two height versions: high and low. Low protective accessories are perfect for newborn babies, because they cover only half the space of the bed wall and allow you to monitor what is happening in the room.

After the child is 4-6 months, such bumpers should be replaced by higher instances, as already toddler grows up, he will be able to use them as stairs, accidentally step over small obstacles and fall. High model in this respect are considered to be a practical option.

Naturalness cover pads - the main aspect of the correct choice of protection for the newborn baby. In addition, the accessory must be different softness and resistance to the weekly wash.

Top protection may be made of the following hypoallergenic fabric materials: calico, chintz, bike or flannel.

The best option is a calico, because this fabric is not only natural, but also pleasant to the touch. In addition, it is quite tough and endures frequent washing, which plays an important role in the everyday life of young mothers.

Nice one for a cot is lacy execution of protective pads Coarse covers. This variation includes not only the practicality of protection material, but also the sophistication of children's paraphernalia. This model is ideal for decorating the children's part of the cradle.

Particular attention should be paid to children's protective collar filler.

In most cases, it is possible to meet three varieties:

Foam bumpers acquire better - they may emit harmful substances. The remaining two options should be fine. They are non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and are "breathable" materials. This is a very important factor for the health of the baby.

However, these two materials are also differences that are detected during operation: sintepon during use and when washing heavily sits down and gets off.

To avoid this, it is necessary when using the mount bumper with polyester fiber filler in several places on the bed.

In hollofaybera this problem is absent. He keeps excellent shape: they shall not break and does not shrink.

Producers of children's attributes are many variations of these are very important in daily use products. Among them, of course, new parents will be attracted to bright saturated colors. But do not hurry with the choice of such an option, because the behavior of the baby depends on the color palette of the surrounding things.

Bright color can cause adverse expressed excitement that the impact on the psyche and the emotional mood of the baby.

Undoubtedly, the best option in this case would serve pastels. They not only soothe the baby, but also provide a sweet dream.

You can stay on the traditional approach: for boys buy bumpers with blue coloring, and for girls - with pink. However, this does not necessarily has to be a harmony of color painting skirting and interior room.

Excellent option could be the next color palette protective collar: turquoise, white, mint color, pale yellow, peach or beige colors.

As for prints, then it should not be large: it can detract from the toddler sleep and even intimidating. Figure should be simple to perform. For the kid will be interesting patterns in the form of boat, rocket, starry sky or a car.

If you are going to dwell on any model skirting for a cot, should listen to the views of professionals on what to look for when buying this accessory.

Here is a list of points that will help you to choose the appropriate option:

Pay attention to the material and a filler of which are made bumpers. Tissue component products must be environmentally safe and natural. The best embodiment of the fabric in this case can act or cotton sheeting.

As for the filler, it is better to give preference to the batting. This option must be quilted ledges - this is useful when washing.

Not a bad option to hollofaybera, but it is much more expensive, but more practical.

Bright color protection are not well suited for baby, it will have a negative impact on the child mode. He will be very excited and sleep poorly.

Be sure to pay attention to this aspect. If they are, then the department must be on the outside of the rim. It is necessary that the baby did not have access to them, because otherwise the child may be injured.

Of the several embodiments of fasteners and most preferred is a reliable locking.

Between low and high protection option is better buy a second look - it is more reliable and last a lot longer.

Among the many variants is optimal and safe zipper.

The combination with the design of a child's room

Choose protective bumpers so that they blend with the overall interior bedroom child.

Fixing of safety devices is made around the perimeter of the cot. Fixing should be durable and reliable.

There are several varieties of fixture:

For active toddlers and older children, the best choice would be protective accessories on the padlock. Even if the child is severely pulls the pillow, he will not be able to undo it and get injured. Other attachment in this regard much inferior castles, because they can come off.

Since protective bumpers are in constant contact with the toddler, they require special delicate care. They can be washed, not less than once a week.

Washing must be carried out using special hypoallergenic substances. To this end, suitable for children washing powder, but its components must be free of perfumes and dyes. The machine washable, you can, but only with the included delicate cycle. But do not forget that for syntepon this option will not work - the filler may become wrinkled. With him the pads better wash by hand, it would avoid unnecessary problems.

After washing ledges desirable to dry in the open air. The denser the internal component of the flanges, the longer they will be dry.

Do not forget the ironing - hot steam kills any remaining bacteria and adds a neat and aesthetic appearance of the pads.

For moms who cherish their time, it is recommended to purchase bumpers zipped. It's all much simpler: pads loosened and erased only covers.

Young moms mostly positive about these protective attributes.

Among the list of user reviews are the following statements:

  • Bumpers really perfectly protect baby from various injuries and bruises.
  • View a cot is transformed, it gives a good mood for the whole day.
  • Opportunity to make their own hands. It's quite simple and not time consuming.

Focusing on the above, we can conclude that the bumpers - this is a very useful thing in children's everyday life and everyday life of the kid. They provide adequate security for the baby during sweet dreams and children's amusements. These products are very popular among young parents.

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