HDMI-cable version: description and compatibility

Thanks to modern technology, we have many useful and convenient products for different needs, from cooking to cleaning the room comfortable. It does not remain aloof and television equipment, which was equipped with the HDMI standard, which has already become commonplace today. And it is only in recent years is gaining popularity. That is such a cable and which versions of HDMI, there are today, and will be discussed in this article.

Older analog TVs have long been in the past, although some are still present and are functioning. Now in stores very often adorn modern and beautiful digital panels of various sizes and formats. Actually, HDMI standard created for just such televisions that give better image in contrast to an analog signal.

This connector is common not only among home theater and gaming consoles, it is also more common in Blu-Ray-players, laptops, and even computers. It stands for the interface as the High-Definition Multimedia Interface, which can be translated as - High Definition Multimedia Interface.

But in addition to video any HDMI-cable versions are capable of transmitting audio data, and also high quality, which is an invaluable advantage over analog cable. And now it is difficult to find any multimedia device without HDMI. And in the modern televisions such connectors at least 2.

HDMI substantial advantage

The same cables are different from other peers and why it is so popular? The answer is simple - the video of this cable can be transmitted in high definition 1080p (Full High Definition). And at the present time it is the highest quality format, and therefore common.

Perhaps some of us still remember the interface S-Video and composite cable, as recently with their help, we can enjoy your favorite movies, shows and concerts. And the picture quality was fine with us. The emergence of the new standard, and different versions of HDMI meant a major step forward in comparison with listed peers.

Without a doubt, the new technology provides a better picture, though most people do not see the difference between digital and analog image. Except that if the video was originally not very good quality or even very bad, some more pleasant to watch it through the already old interfaces.

As for the audio signal transmission, it is of high quality too. Due HDMI interface can transmit up to 8 channels of 24-bit audio frequency of 192 kHz. This allows you to fully enjoy formats such as Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio. Identical sound can be achieved only when the entire 8 analog cables! It is unlikely that any music fan wish to mess with wires that are all the time mixed up and interfere.

Due to the wide range of these cable products in many people there is a reasonable question about how to get the HDMI-cable version. To answer this question, it is necessary to consider what types have been created. The emergence of a new standard of high definition we owe the organization of HDMI Licensing LLC. In turn, it is formed through the efforts of several companies:

HDMI interface was created to replace the already outdated SCART connector, which has many remember. And the task he coped very well.

If in fact, the HDMI is a collection of wires 19, assembled in a braid having multiple insulation layers inside. The minimum bandwidth of 4.9 Gb / s (version 1.0). digital transmission signal is not accompanied by its compression, and this is due to its high quality.

The very first version of the HDMI-cable was first introduced in 2002, and soon the products are firmly rooted in their niche. However, its development is not stopped, and almost every year there is a new version, and at the time of 2013 there were already 10:

In addition, each version has its own distinction: as a rule, everything was going to increase the capacity and the addition of many useful features.

The average consumer is easy to get lost in such a manifold, so after the release of version HDMI 1.4 HDMI Licensing LLC with the support of many manufacturers decided to depart from the digital classification. Now everything is much simpler:

  • 2 conventional standard (Category 1);
  • 2 high speed interface (category 2);
  • a dedicated protocol for vehicles.

Thus, all the variety of versions has been reduced to 5 standards. It is worth examining them in more detail, and then the differences will manifest itself in all its glory. This is just below.

From the moment that there was HDMI 1.0 cable, much time has passed, and now the usual standard already can be compared to version 1.3. These cables are suitable for almost all everyday household devices, whether it is a DVD-player, satellite TV receivers, plasma or LCD panels.

The image is transmitted in 1080i or 720p format, sometimes can support 1080p, but there are no guarantees. This option is suitable in cases when there is no need to transmit high-quality images and sound. It is characterized by the bandwidth of 4.9 Gbit / s, the clock frequency - 74.25 MHz with a color depth of no more than 24 bits.

Through this cable can transmit simple signals between simple devices. The high transmission there can be no question, and therefore no detail is also not here. Therefore, to those for whom it is important to get a high quality picture on the screen, do not choose such a cable.

Everything here is the same as what was listed above (1080i or 720p resolution and so forth). Since the only difference being that there is an additional Ethernet channel rate up to 100 Mbit / s. Of course, this is not the full HDMI 1.4, but for home use it enough.

The interface will be fully functional only when both connected devices support this function - that is, provided with connector Ethernet HDMI.

In addition, the cable provides high-speed Internet connection at the same time have the ability to distribute data obtained from the World Wide Web, among all connected devices. In addition, there is another additional feature, which is not a standard cable - technology Audio Return Channel.

It is a new development that are specifically designed for use in vehicles. The cable can be operated in the most severe conditions:

  • high humidity level;
  • strong vibrations;
  • temperature changes.

It can help you carry out on-board computer connection that is present in almost every modern car for different multimedia devices having micro-HDMI connector. And yet, despite all these severe conditions, the signal will continue to be the highest quality. Standard installation is the most common among car audio specialists, as well as lovers of good car audio.

Cable connector equipped with a special E-type lock which allows the best way to fix the convector housing. Thereby avoiding disconnection of devices in the course of their use.

These are the cables that allow you to enjoy the pleasant sight of what is happening on the screen in all its glory! List of connected devices is much wider, if we draw a comparison with a conventional interface:

  • Blu-ray-players, including a 3D function.
  • HDD-players.
  • Satellite television.
  • Plasma or LCD TVs.
  • Game consoles.

That is, it is almost HDMI 2.0 cable, because it is possible transfer of the image resolution of 1080 or more. That is supported formats such as 3D, Deep Color and 4K (40&69times;2160, 24Hz). Maximum bandwidth is 10,2 Gbit / s with 48-bit color depth and a clock frequency of 340 MHz.

In other words, the connection possible between absolutely any device. In addition, the interface is compatible with all varieties of HDMI, only if the use of the connector is the A-type.

However, in comparison with a conventional HDMI standard features do not end there. And it's not just sectional dimensions and materials twisted pair, but also the quality of their dielectrics, as well as methods of screening.

This ultimately affects the formation of the cost, which is higher than that of standard cables. However, to enjoy high-quality content is possible only with the help of a little more expensive counterparts. Therefore it is better to overpay a little but watch full three-dimensional movies, rather than be content with little, and then a long time to think about how to connect the HDMI-cable to the TV.

High Speed ​​HDMI and Ethernet

Here, the same parameters, but added an additional channel Internet 100 Mbit / s. If all connected devices support Ethernet HDMI, the functionality is disclosed in full. This option is a better alternative that is available today. This universal HDMI standard, which has all the required functionality. These cords are relevant to the future in mind.

In addition to these varieties, HDMI-cable connectors can have a great size:

  • Type A - a standard connector, which is widespread among many consumer devices (television sets, music players, projectors and similar).
  • Type B - for such a wider HDMI video channel, the resolution substantially higher than 1080p format.
  • C and D type - fall into this category micro-HDMI and mini-HDMI, respectively. With these cords can be done to connect tablets, smartphones and digital cameras.
  • Type E - the variety has already been discussed above, and refers to the automotive standard, equipped with a special lock.

All types except B, the number of pins is 19, he is more of them - 29. To be certain not to lose against what is necessary connector for each device, you should look at the documentation that is always included.

Of course, if it is not sold with the hands in the secondary market. It should as far as possible not to use adapters. The smaller the number of "posrednikov9raquo ;, the better.

Connecting to the old TV

At the beginning of the article it was mentioned that some people are still preserved the old TVs that work yet. And there is often a situation arises where you need to connect it to any device. How this can be done, I do not whether to use any HDMI adapter "tulip"? This question haunts many "antikvaram9raquo ;.

At first glance, it seems that it is impossible to reach and easier to buy a new TV. However, not everyone can find such funds, even though flat panel and fell slightly in price.

This is actually a doable task, which is solved by the purchase HDMI to RCA converter. With it you can connect to the old TV is not just a computer, but the video recorder, a laptop, a modern game console Extender and any other device with HDMI.

Often, users on the Internet are offered the so-called HDMI to RCA adapter, but these devices are not suitable for the simple reason that the supplied digital signal needs to be converted to analog form that is understandable old TV. A passive adapter that can not make, so it is necessary to give preference to the converters.

Many of these devices (HDMI "tulip") formats support 480P, 720P, 1080P, 1080I with zoom function. Output signal is supplied 480i (720x480, 60 Hz), and 576i (720x576, 50 Hz), which corresponds to the NTSC standard and the PAL respectively. there is a switch to select the desired color. For converter power supplied USB-cable.

In some cases, you may need to connect the phone to a TV that is doable. However, there is a perception that it is enough to buy an adapter micro-USB-HDMI. But in reality it is not so simple. The possibility to connect your phone to a TV there, but that both devices must be MHL support. That is, the TV must be present HDMI / MHL port that is not true for all models.

If everything is true, then the case for small - to buy the right cable. But there is one caveat: Some gadgets, such as, Samsung, has 11 contacts, while the other models are only 5. It is also necessary to take into account, but otherwise it's the same cable, one end of which the micro -USB, and with another - HDMI. No it requires no setup, just go to the desired mode using the menu source.

But there is also such a situation: the phone has support for MHL, and on TV it does not exist. This is where I can not do without special adapter USB - HDMI, even though it is rather an adapter that allows you to convert the signal into a stream of MHL, clear television with the usual HDMI. Since this device is active, it necessarily need power, which will suit any full-time charging. It looks like a box with the right connectors.

There is one important point regarding the HDMI cable length: the larger it is, the thicker should be the cord. For example, to 5 meters is 7 mm, which is denoted as a 28AWG. So calibrated wire according to the American system. Table lengths other values ​​of different versions of HDMI shown in the table below.

HDMI cable length, m

HDMI cable Thickness, mm

Calibration wires, AWG

Greater thickness of the cable involves the use of heavy gauge wire, as well as improved insulation. All this allows you to transmit a signal without loss. As for compatibility, HDMI version of the new generation work fine with the old standards.

All the benefits of digital video transmission via HDMI cable is obvious. Perhaps in the near future, this interface will combine more functions. In addition, work on the new video resolution does not stop, and already there is talk of 8K format. What will happen next? Wait and see.

HDMI cable: interface for current household equipment

The development of digital technology is impossible without high-quality signal transmission technology signal transmission attempts in a digital format began in 1928 by the American engineer Harry Nyquist telephonist. With the development of new possibilities of signal conversion technology with advanced every year. When there were TV panels, it became clear that the analog signal transmission method has exhausted itself. As a result of the new developments it was invented and introduced the DVI interface. At the time, he was comfortable and fully implement the tasks set by the video transfer them, but it does have some disadvantages. One of them was the fact that he can not pass a good sound.

Modern HDMI cable to the computer to the TV: the quality of information transfer

Currently, anyone who has got a modern TV or monitor, is faced with the problem of data transfer from one device to another with complete synchronization of audio and video streams. This gives us the opportunity to HDMI cable.

HDMI cable connector has several options to digital technology

HDMI cable for the computer to a TV - currently the only possibility of high quality data.

The digital signal is better than analog because of its stability and security. But for such a high-frequency signal transmission, we need the relevant rules, methods and tools, with the same for all the equipment. HDMI is a type of digital connection that is able to transmit high-quality audio and clear video over a single cable, and not nine as the analogue transmission.

All the latest generation of TVs are equipped with ports HDMI. Multimedia Interface - a modern standard for connecting a computer to the TV. It is the most popular type of connection, and it is rightfully occupies a leading position by providing high quality transmission of digital video data.

HDMI cable: maximum length

It was believed that the use of HDMI cable length of 10 meters is undesirable, as may happen picture and sound distortion, sometimes attenuation. This was true until I invented a special device, which is able to amplify the signal.

If the distance between the mating technique exceeds 10 meters, use a special cable to the amplifier

HDMI cable, the maximum length is 100 meters, can provide excellent quality of signal transmission. Nowadays, thanks to modern technology, HDMI cable length is not strictly limited.

Diameter HDMI cable depends on its length. The longer the wire, the greater must be the diameter. To refer to the diameter of the cable made using American Wire Gauge.

When buying a cable look at it the acronym AWG, and the number that stands in front of her. This designation section wires. The smaller the number, the greater the thickness of the cable. How long will need a cable - it is your choice and decision. The main thing it should be selected so as to ensure transmission quality and, of course, comfort and convenience for business and leisure.

How to Choose an HDMI cable: expert advice

The existing range of versions of the HDMI cable, which offer customers large and diverse. In the world of the proposals is rapidly goes forward, there are new and new versions of the HDMI cable. The multimedia interface has successfully passed all experimental tests, including 3D support.

All kinds of adapters help seamlessly link the various equipment

How to choose the HDMI cable you prompt professionals. To test took HDMI cables cost from 5 to 120 dollars. It was found that any HDMI cable gives you a clear picture.

In the field of interconnects for home appliances era of excellence expensive HDMI cables. Disputes about it briskly conducted between users. You can argue all you want, but as practice shows a conventional HDMI cable at an affordable price is transmitting digital data of the same quality as expensive. The transmitted signal will be no different.

  • Standard - a standard cable;
  • Standard with Ethernet - a standard Ethernet cable channel;
  • Speed ​​with Ethernet - high speed cable with Ethernet link;
  • Automotive - Automobile standard cable;
  • High speed - high-speed cable.

When buying a TV, computer or other device, HDMI cable can be packaged, but this is not always the case. In this case, the user has to choose the cable. In fact, the digital signal is not picky about the HDMI cable. His choice to start with the characteristics of each type of HDMI cable and choose the one that is right for your device.

Corresponding HDMI cable for your computer: the connection rules

Now is the time to get acquainted with the rules of the HDMI cable to connect to our computer. Currently, almost every user uses ashdiemay in their daily lives.

Cable carries not only the high quality video but also multi-channel sound

The basic rule to connect the HDMI cable to your computer - it's a match. One should always choose the cable based on the classification of the connected device to it.

HDMI cable to the computer and the TV has the same connectors on both ends. For small devices, such as a tablet, netbook, camera, camera, who put a small connector, the HDMI cable is needed mini.

Recommendations when purchasing cable:

  • Pick up the cord length;
  • Select the thickness of the cable;
  • Check the dimensions and compliance with connectors;
  • Pay attention to the cost;
  • As far as possible to assess the quality of the image at the point of purchase;
  • Take into account the manufacturer's rating and the seller of the goods.

To make your purchase will provide you with high-quality transmission of audio and video images and serve you for a long time, go to the cable choice question prepared. Do not be amiss to take advantage of these recommendations.

Where to get an HDMI cable: make up a complete set of modern equipment

In Internet - shops HDMI cable is a wide range and at good prices. Prohibitive price, unfortunately, is not always a guarantee of good quality. Branded cable - is the most common marketing ploy.

Adapters allow you to connect an HDMI cable from your smartphone

Where to get HDMI kabelikak protect yourself from any kind of trouble? Try to purchase a HDMI cable from reliable dealers operating on direct deliveries from the manufacturer.

HDMI cable, you can choose one of the online stores. To do this, log on to the page you're interested in the product, browse, get acquainted with the features of the facility ashdiemay and reviews, as a commodity, and a sales representative.

  • In retail trade;
  • On the market;
  • Buy from online stores;
  • Order branded showrooms.

It should be noted that now on the market for the sale of an HDMI cable, there are a lot of substandard products, ie fakes. Goods must be certified and proven in use.

Types HDMI cable that connects all the components of the speaker

HDMI cable has a leading position in the field of digital technologies. It is rightfully his, as of today, this is the highest quality standard for high-speed reception and transmission of video and audio from one device to another.

HDMI cable has 3 basic sizes

Types HDMI cable - this interface framework to connect monitors and TVs. It is ideal for use in almost any modern technology.

It is also necessary to know what HDMI cables are divided into two categories. The first category supports resolutions up to 1080 features the second category is much higher and allow it to maintain HD resolution.

HDMI cable types, features and advantages of each model:

  1. Standard automotive - car for use in the vehicle is equipped with an onboard HD video systems. Passed test to operate under special conditions, - the vibration of engine operation, different temperature conditions.
  2. Standard - Standard cable designed to allow transmission with a resolution of up to 1080, not speed, but for transmission over cable lengths up to two meters is quite suitable.
  3. Standard with Ethernet - this cable as the standard works with a resolution of up to 1080p plus enables the sending and receiving of information from the Internet.
  4. High speed - high speed, designed to ensure the transmission of 1080p or higher and also supports advanced imaging technologies 4K, 3D and Deer Color.
  5. High speed with Ethernet- high speed with Ethernet supports the same basic efficiency as speed plus an additional information channel, which connects the device to the network and is called HDMI Ethernet Channel.

To understand exactly what types of HDMI cable suitable for the synchronization of your electronic equipment, you need to familiarize yourself with all available views. Accordingly, to choose the best option that suits you in all respects.

We see how an HDMI cable, and its component parts

To date, the most common and frequently used device for high-quality signal transmission is an HDMI cable.

The cable has a multifilamentary structure with optional shielding

How does the HDMI cable, the invention, which are expected to all users of modern electronic equipment? In appearance, the HDMI cable conventional cable with two connectors on the ends, which resemble USB which beveled corners.

they are now, thanks to a high-tech invention have at their disposal a miracle cable with high technical capabilities.

In terms of cable consists of:

  • An outer shell;
  • Shielding braid;
  • Screen made of aluminum foil;
  • Polypropylene sheath;
  • Shielded twisted pair;
  • UTP;
  • Conductors for power and control signals.

Using the HDMI interface makes the process of connecting your devices very easy. For easy connection of the bottom cable HDMI adapter is used, if necessary.

In today's digital world, any user wants to use a TV or monitor with the highest good quality of the transmitted video and multi-channel audio. HDMI - the interface for the modern multimedia equipment, without which it is difficult to imagine our life. Realizing all this, of electronic equipment manufacturers began to add the interface to the device produced by them.

Choose HDMI to the TV, PC or consoles

Today it is very difficult to find a modern device for media playback that does not have HDMI connectors. Recently, this type of connector has become traditional for the signal (HD), so the question of how to choose the hdmi cable is often stands in front of many people. HDMI outputs are allocated many devices: BluRay players, TVs, DVDpleery, the xbox 360, but they do not always come with the device. Therefore, the owner of these devices have to buy them yourself.

Despite the huge demand for all devices with the HDMI output, its popularity owes the cable xbox 360 game consoles and, of course, television. Modern game console xbox 360 is designed giant in the world of computer technology - Microsoft company. Console xbox 360 - the third generation consoles, which allows you to play online, download the popular media content (game demos, music, trailers). As the main rival Sony PlayStation3, Nintendo Wii, xbox 360 console quickly took the lead in this market segment, which was the impetus for cable manufacturers with the corresponding output.

Regarding television, the comments are unnecessary here. TV is still the most popular type of product among audio and video equipment. It costs virtually every home, so the demand for the described product is very difficult to overestimate. Every owner of a TV or set-top box xbox 360 sooner or later confronted with the question of what hdmi cable and select what criteria in this guide.

When selecting the HDMI cable the main criterion is the price. Here opinions differ uneven. The vast majority of people claim that it is necessary to buy the most basic cables. This opinion is based on the fact that the standard for digital transmission of information is strictly regulated. In other words, HDMI TV, the xbox 360 and drugihustroystv or can transmit data, or can not do. Therefore, the brand and its quality is not important.

Once gamers and fans of xbox 360 held a special study to identify cost depending on the HDMI cable and the image quality. It was purchased from a variety of models, from the most affordable and finishing analogues worth hundreds of dollars. The result of the experiment - the image quality has nothing to do with the cost. At the same time when testing does not take into account sound quality, but it is unlikely it would be different.

Of course, how to choose a hdmi cable - everyone's business, however, according to experts, to choose frank "cheap" is not worth it. Here we are talking about the durability of the product. Good cable TV are thicker, higher-quality winding, so the cost is slightly higher.

To understand how the cable will be the most optimal, consumers need to understand the types of the products. It is necessary to understand the characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of each model. Only then can draw certain conclusions.

Modern HDMI cables are the following types:

  • standard - ensures transmission of 720p signal;
  • with standard Ethernet. This embodiment has the same bandwidth at the same time it is equipped with additional twisted pair for connection to the network. When you use this cable to the TV, which is endowed with a function of connecting to the World Wide Web, the latter can be connected to the router via Wi-Fi. If there is no TV in Wi-Fi module, it can be through the twisted pair to connect to the router;
  • speed - gives the opportunity to transmit the image in the resolution of 4K (3840 × 2160) and characterized by high bandwidth;
  • with high speed Ethernet - has high capacity and is further equipped with twisted pair for connection of devices to the network;
  • car - designed to operate in difficult circumstances (at high temperatures, strong vibrations). Often used in cars, for which he received an appropriate name.

To answer the question of how to choose a hdmi cable, know the basic types of these products and to navigate the value is not enough. To correct the final decision, you need to listen to some of the recommendations.

So, you can often hear that the connector has gold plated contacts, much more clearly displays the audio and video data. In practice, the role of the gilding is to protect the contacts from corrosion occurrence, increasing the resistance and reducing the signal level. Thus reliable corrosion resistance can provide other ways, for example, chrome, nickel.

In general, the digital signal does not set high requirements for HDMIkabelyu TV, xbox 360 and other devices, but "artifacts" may occur as a result of severe disturbances technology: properly selected section of the conductor, no signal amplifier when transmitting a serious distance.

There is a traditional rule, the longer the selected cable, the larger diameter it should have. Cable diameter is designated according to American Wire Gauge AWG (higher value corresponds to a smaller diameter). There are a number of the recommended ratio of this parameter and HDMI cable length. It looks as follows:

An important criterion for choosing an HDMI cable is shielded. It provides good protection from internal and external interference. The optimal variant is considered the principle of the twisted pairs, wherein each signal pair (plus and minus transactions) is interwoven with the "ground" the entire length of the wire. Such shielding dramatically reduces interference. To exclude external noise is applied shielding braid and foil.