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Every building has its own taboos, which are in violation of the building may not be practical, but with the passage of time and does collapse. One of these rules is necessary to perform, it is reliable foundation arrangement.

By the choice of the foundation should be approached with the knowledge of the case. After a certain kind may very well take the load of the building, under certain conditions, soil and landscape features, while another in the same condition may not be reliable. For example, the foundation on bored piles in recent gains mass use in the construction of small-sized and tall buildings.

Features bored foundation

Drilled foundation has pros and cons that occur depending on the conditions of soil and geological parameters for building portion. This type of construction greatly simplifies foundation on slopes or loose, not resistant ground, marshland. It becomes real in the vicinity of the construction of another building or repair of the old foundation, without interference or violation of operating buildings. This is possible thanks to the unique mounting technology foundation. Piles during operation are driven not by force, but proburonnuyu placed in the well, thereby damaging the integrity of the soil layers. After reaching the soil, which does not freeze, the pile is driven to a predetermined depth. Thereafter, the drilled hole is filled space cement mortar. In building on very soft ground is bored with grillage foundation, this design provides a uniform load distribution on the piles, which have a solid support.

How to make the foundation of bored with their own hands. Step-by-step instruction

The first thing is to determine the size of the foundation, at the same time take into account the load of the building and the width of the walls. In some cases it is necessary to do the foundation with a small margin, which will go beyond the perimeter walls. Proper arrangement of foundation technology involves the following works:

stage 1. Calculation of the foundation area and carrying out preparatory work. At this stage, according to a special formula should calculate the required number of piles and their step;

step 2. Carrying out marking of a construction site. It is necessary to identify the location of the piles.

Thus it is necessary to choose the best option for this particular type of construction.

Piles can be staggered or simulate views of a solid wall, and sometimes also need to strengthen certain areas of the building, furnished bush of several pillars;

step 3. The marking is done and comes the time of drilling holes for piles. This can be done manually, but you can with the use of special equipment. Mechanized method considerably accelerates the foundation installation process. In the process should follow the deep wells, they must be the same;

Step 4. continuation of the work depends on the type of soil, if the soil is loose and weak, it is necessary to make the formwork in the well. For these purposes the conventional ideal sheet of roofing material to be rolled into a tube and secure around the pile. If the layer of soil is strong enough and does not crumble, it is possible to pour concrete directly into the well. In this case, the ground surface is set small formwork, which subsequently form the pile headroom and simplify the process of mounting grillage;

Important moments in the construction of the foundation on bored piles

Selection of pile. Piles for foundation bored, you can make your own hands, but to save time, it is better to use a ready-made. When you select should give preference to strong piles with a corrosion-resistant coating. This will give the greatest guarantees durability. This foundation is made of quality materials freely stand for about a hundred years. Construction of pillows. During the construction, which will be conducted in the form of foundation bored is impossible to provide the necessary structural strength without a pillow. It is made of sand, gravel or concrete mix, the main thing - her presence. Compacted material well, and the well is filled, in accordance with technological requirements. Installation of piles. When you determine the number, you should think about the length of the pile, as a rule, the minimum length is 1.5 m. Also, the pile must be included in the soil to a depth to which does not reach freezing in the winter, the best is the excess of the mark of 15-20 cm. Parameters of soil depth, which is frozen, you can learn to see a specialist who can also carry out a preliminary analysis of the soil and its carrying capacity, which will be to the article when choosing a pile of material.

Upon completion of the installation of piles, one of their side must rise to the surface at 40-50 cm. These segments need to be concreted and treat the roofing material.

Insulation piles from the water. Before pouring cement wells cavity must be isolated, it is necessary in order to prevent moisture from the cement did not go into the ground. Waterproofing may be formed of a dense film or other scrap materials, which do not allow water. But it is worth to realize that insulation film is only suitable for soils that do not have free-flowing properties.

Concrete pouring wells. For this purpose, well suited quick-setting concrete mix. When you fill it, you can use layers, alternating with stone, gravel or broken brick. The main condition that must be observed - dense masonry and concrete distribution under a certain pressure. In order to further compact the concrete filler can use the special drill, create a small vibration. Concrete under vibration lies more densely and the probability of formation of empty pockets maximally minimized.

After complete hardening of concrete raft foundation needs to be done on the basis of the foundation. This will provide additional strength to the building and perfectly cope with the function of a uniform distribution of the load on the pile.

Perform work on the self-assembly of the foundation on bored piles is not difficult to guarantee the quality of the works necessary to strictly adhere to the use of technology and installation of building materials.

How to build a house with his hands

Bored foundation - the technology, the calculation device

Modern construction realities forced to choose the most economical form of the foundation, which in this case is durable and does not lose its load-bearing capacity over the years. One such example is the foundation on bored piles or simply bored from the foundation raft. This increasingly popular foundation, we have devoted an article today.

Construction technology of the foundation on bored piles with monolithic grillage

Bored foundation - is a type of pile foundation, wherein the pile does not clog and does not twist and is cast directly into the ground in the place where they should be installed. It does not require expensive equipment for piling and do not need to overpay for precast concrete piles. In addition, wells drilled for such piles can be their own hands, using manual or benzobur.

Apart from financial component, this type of foundation is good that the construction technique allows to use it in areas with the very weak and unstable soils, as well as on a slope, that this does not lead to a significant rise in the cost structure, as, for example, the construction of the tape base, or especially as UWB.

During the construction of the foundation bored with grillage on the slopes it is important to make a detailed calculation of the design, as well as to consider all the details relating to the protection of concrete piles from precipitation and external influences.

By cons of the foundation, as well as all of pile foundations, is the impossibility of construction of a cellar. But the owners of land with a high water table, usually do not think about the presence of a basement in the house, even with the strip foundation, as this can lead to additional problems.

Calculation of foundation bored with grillage

To determine the number of piles, their diameter and the pitch between them, it is necessary to proceed from the house and the size of the material for its construction. Typically, the light beam from houses or buildings of framework is sufficiently piles 200-300 mm in diameter, embedded below ground freezing depths.

Drilled foundation under house or building brick of aerated concrete require a massive pile 500 mm and over them grillage construction. One such pile is capable of carrying a load of about 5 tons. For such structures are used with tape foundation bored monolithic grillage.

As seen from the above schemes, the calculation of step bored piles usually chosen in the range of 1.5 to 2 meters. The minimum distance between the axes of the piles when the tab should be at least three times the diameter of these piles.

Grillage for the base may be recessed into the ground or be erected above the ground.

It is important to remember that if the monolithic grillage for bored piles into the ground, he does not get the tape base and begins to take over the load from the house. All loads take the pile. This is important at the stage of foundation design. This rule is also true in the construction of the supporting-pier foundation.

How to make a raft foundation bored with his own hands

Start building a foundation bored with marking and drilling of wells (pits) for piles. Location piles and their diameter, as mentioned above, depends on the design of the house and transferred to the foundation loads. It is important to place the piles under all load-bearing walls of the house. The diameter of the hole made somewhat larger final diameter of the pile, as in the borehole is inserted a so-called casing, which will protect the borehole wall from collapsing and which subsequently will fill with concrete.

Well depth is calculated for each area separately. It is necessary that the lower base of the pile was definitely below the level of soil freezing. Otherwise, because of the small area of ​​the support piles will be subject to frost heave. When drilling boreholes for bored piles, the bottom wells do 2-3 times wider than the diameter of the borehole, thus creating a stable sole for piles. This extension is covered with sand, gravel and carefully tamped to form a pillow.

Next, you need to make a formwork for pile. Usually, for this purpose, or asbestos cement pipes, or plastic pipes are inserted into the drilled hole or roofing material, folded into a tube. Formwork made slightly higher than the ground level, thereby raising the plinth of the building. Due to the relative high cost of large diameter plastic pipe in the construction of bored piles, they tend to use asbestos-cement pipe, which are sufficiently strong and have good geometry. Formwork is not recommended because of roofing material. It is thin and brittle material which can not withstand the pressure of the well walls crumbled and deform, leading to disruption of the final geometry of the pile and, as consequence, a deterioration of its carrying capacity.

The next step is reinforcement of bored piles. Reinforcement gives extra strength piles and allows them to withstand lateral loads from the ground. For reinforcement of such piles most commonly used steel bars with a diameter of 10-12 mm, connected to a reinforcing cage. Usually it is a frame of 3-4 bars. Further fittings fit in well on special spacers to the metal is not in contact with the ground after pouring, it will eliminate the effects of moisture and corrosion. For further pouring of monolithic grillage and lasting connection with his bored piles, made issues of reinforcement on top of piles.

At this stage produce pouring concrete into the prepared hole, and then its rammer improvised means or special construction vibrator. Due to the relatively small consumption of concrete, filling can be done independently, using the mixer. But it is much easier to order ready-mixed concrete, which will bring to your building site and the pump will fill in the hole. It will cost more, but the time and effort you will save a lot more.

After pouring piles and dry, proceed to fill the tape grillage. To do this, constructed formwork for strip foundation, fit the reinforcement frame, which is associated with the valve, the ends of which we released earlier from the bored piles. After that, pour the concrete formwork.

For the construction of light frame houses or houses of timber on the foundation bored do not necessarily monolithic grillage, enough to make the harness of timber or metal channel, pre-aligning the length of the pile on one level.

Warming of foundation bored with grillage

When the insulation of the foundation bored piles can be considered two options. The first option - when the grillage is filled flush. With this arrangement, insulation circuit as used for the strip foundation.

In the second case, when the monolithic grillage filled above the ground or piping made of timber or channel, is mounted lathing of a piece of wood or metal profile, laying a layer of insulation and sheathe cap decorative panels or siding. Also common option when the socket bored foundation spread with decorative brick.

As can be seen from the article, the construction of such a foundation is not difficult for a novice builder - this technology is able to master each. With the correct calculation and compliance bored foundation technology of the device and you can build a massive house, saving a tidy sum.

At the end of the offer to see an interesting video about the error in the construction of the foundation on bored piles:

Construction of houses

Everything for homes in areas with slopes or areas with difficult ground using foundation bored. With it erected the building in settlements with dense buildings. On the intricacies and peculiarities of construction of bored pile foundation will consider further.

Bored Foundation: Features and Benefits

, The use of the traditional strip foundation is not possible if in the process of building a house near the problems of having a building of utilities or other structures. In this case, it is recommended to build no less powerful - bored foundations on stilts. Since in such situations just need to be precise and do not exceed the allowable vibration threshold, which is able to affect the foundations of adjacent buildings. To avoid destruction of adjacent objects, their deformation, which occurs after vibro very often used in foundation piles.

Setting the foundation on bored piles helps build buildings that are located in areas with specific engineering and geological conditions or structures exposed to high loads. The main advantage of such foundations is their low noise.

The construction on the foundation bored piles involves preliminary pillar drilling wells into which is immersed a variety metallokarkasnye structure. Thereafter, the well is filled with concrete or cement-sand grout. For the drilling process requires the length of casing by up to three meters. If a bypass pipe is not available, then the use of the passage of the screw is recommended. The casing is equipped with a cutting tip which is arranged on the lower flanges of the first section. The process of drilling using siege pipe occurs due to continuous production of rotational movement. Using the first or second embodiment of drilling depends on the foundation location, terrain and soil properties on which it is erected.

Among the advantages that distinguish the foundation on bored piles from other types of foundation should be noted:

1. Ensuring complete security and integrity of the buildings, near buildings.

2. The decline in vibraudarov.

3. Low shumoproizvoditelnost.

4. Such a foundation is not needed in the delivery of certain of its components.

5. Does not require advance purchase piles.

6. When preparing the foundation on bored piles is no need for the disposal of surplus soil.

7. In addition, a foundation has high load-bearing characteristics, high productivity and ease of installation.

8. This type of foundation is suitable for the construction of buildings on the grounds of any type and complexity.

Technology and construction of foundations on bored piles

Bored foundation - a design that is mounted directly on the construction site. The main component of this foundation serves the pile, as it lies on it the entire burden of the building. To calculate the installation of piles is sufficient to calculate the depth of soil freezing and install it below this level for a few tens of centimeters.

As used waterproofing coating of roofing material, it covers the two support layers. Compound upper ends of the support portions occurs via rastvertki. Foundation on bored piles in relation to the type of rastvertki is of two kinds:

To avoid swelling at the site is necessary between the ground and hanging rastvertkami leave a gap of 10 to 15 cm. Rastvertk that sinks into the ground at a certain distance called recessed. The lower portion of the rastvertka deeper into the ground more than 20 cm. Foundation bored piles in the presence rastvertka able to withstand a load of 1500 kg.

The process of erection of foundation support portions assumes a preliminary work on the site layout. This procedure is carried out using fishing line or rope, level and additional tools.

After executing the markup, start digging the trench, its maximum depth is 40 cm. When the trench is ready, make a mark on the future location of the place piles. Augers help equip wells in places marked earlier.

To ensure high-quality waterproofing support and avoid its premature deterioration, it is recommended before installing put into the well, two layers of roofing material. Note that the size of the shirt of the roofing material must match exactly with the size of the well.

foundation design technology for bored piles installed in the ground with high humidity involves fabrication of piles by means of casing. This design allows you to produce high-quality fill the casing with concrete mortar. When concreting process is complete, there is a dip in the well-reinforced frame.

frame type depends on the expected load is deducted during settlement of the foundation construction. The variant of the installation frame around the perimeter of the pile or to certain regions. Another embodiment of the installation frame is mounted on its upper portion a support, in this case, it serves as a component, a support and linking grillage. When installing the carcass, it should be noted that its contact with the ground is unacceptable, so the lower portion is set above the reference level. If the frame is in contact with the ground, he will succumb to corrosion and damage in a short time. If the soil density is quite high, and the well walls are stable, the casing is not installed.

In the process of pouring concrete pile holes, carefully Tighten the concrete mix with a vibrator to eliminate air bubbles and improve the qualitative characteristics of the structure. Grillage is connected to the supporting part by means of reinforcement bars, which have previously withdrawn outwardly over a distance of 2 to 5 cm. The variant monolithic grillage structures, in addition, when used grillage construction materials as concrete beams. In this case, the rod is made in concreting the upper portions of the support. It turns out the design, which resembles the letter "T9rdquo ;. Additionally horizontal portion of the structure is equal to the width of the support portion and the vertical - is compared with the size of the beam, which will be laid. After completion of the laying beam process concreted joints, and the horizontal portions of the rods are welded to the loop quality of installed components.

The variant of using uses Construction of bored piles. The installation process of piles has its differences, namely, during the period of pouring the concrete foundation of the solution, it is filled with stones. Thus, increasing the strength characteristics of concrete, and its consumption is reduced. In the construction of foundation bored using such piles require pre dig pole-pits, the depth of which amounts to half a meter. Since such support are less resistant to the impact forces of horizontal or vertical character.

Foundation bored piles with a raft: how to create a grillage

In the construction of foundations for bored piles in creating grillage acts as a binding process. When thinking about its design features, they are equal to the equipment belt type foundation. Since the form of concrete grillage tape which acts as a connector tops supporting parts. When it comes to the type of slab foundation, with the help of the grillage unite all support components.

To create a raft foundation will need to have:

  • ferroconcrete solution;
  • steel reinforcement;
  • wooden structures.

One of the most popular types of raft foundation is its construction using reinforced concrete. Such a construction is robust and monolithic. To build a foundation requires the prior installation of the form, with the required process is its reinforcement. In the absence of reinforcement, too much load on the building, will result in the bends. Therefore it is required to lay out rebar two zones, with one zone has the form of a grid, which is sealed from the reinforcing rods with stacker step of 200-400 mm.

Connecting two zones occurs by means of special equipment in the form of a vertical rod rods. Fittings, in any case, should not touch the formwork. To avoid this, use the lining boards, which set a lower belt. To prevent shifting of the two zones, carefully attach them together.

To avoid damage to the foundation during the heave, we need the presence of a small opening in the 200-300 mm in size, which will be located between the soil and the foundation. This gap is left in the period after the installation and laying the foundation raft foundation.

Burozabivnoy foundation with his own hands: the basic processes of building

The main difference from other burozabivnogo foundation of its type is that the piles do not require installation in the ground and it does not damage its integrity. They are made in it, since after drilling, it is inserted in the formwork made of wood or a metal tube in which the solution is poured forming the pile foundation.

A particularly important use of such a foundation in soil attenuated. Since conventional piles should fall on the hard soil layers, which are beyond the lowest point of freezing it is not always possible to establish such a pile, because the depth is very large. Unlike burozabivnogo foundation for constructions which require the well and the solution, which allows to build a solid base.

Quite popular is the use of pile foundation burozabivnogo with warming. It is recommended to use expanded polystyrene, since it is its rigidity allows you to interact with the soil. His fixation is performed directly on the waterproofing layer. In addition, the use of polystyrene foam to avoid swelling of the soil.

Even the construction of strip foundation with the help of bored piles, are not able to break the close location of the communication system, as it is set not deep, and its service life up to one hundred years.

The procedure of construction works on the hardware foundation on bored piles is performed at any time of the year. The main condition of its quality - the correct observance of all technologies.

Performing calculations bored foundation depends on the thickness of the walls of the future building. For load balancing is required to make the foundation of 25-45 cm more than the structure of the wall.

The next stage - marking. it assumes uniform arrangement of piles on site, the procedure for installing piles or host selects builders operating work. It is recommended to install piles in the joints of the walls and the perimeter of the structure.

To drill deep wells using special equipment in the form of anchor truck. With their help, the foundation construction process increases in several times, and one well is for one to two hours.

When insufficiently firm ground, which is prone to debris, should be equipped with the formwork. If the soil has good characteristics by density - concrete is poured directly into the well. Also, as the formwork than wood, used tube of rolled roofing material.

piles selection process is quite important, since it is on their quality depends on the duration of operation of the foundation. Basic requirements for piles - strength and durability.

The variant of construction of piles, a broadened base and 500 mm. This pile is capable of withstanding huge load exceeding five tonnes. Material manufacturing piles depends on the characteristics of the ground. When installing piles in the soil moist clay and require strengthening in a casing.

Mandatory component in the construction of the bored foundation is the construction of the pillow. When using different materials in the form of gravel, concrete or stone. The following compaction process cushion and fill it basic materials.

To provide additional structural strength reinforcement structure is used. They are placed into the mold for the pile integrity.

The following piling installation process, the length of which is determined by means of augers. But, keep in mind that the minimum depth of the pile after the lowest point of the frost line is 100 cm. To learn about the depth of soil freezing in a particular area should resort to expert advice or explore geological map.

Piles protrude beyond the surface of the earth is 30-50 cm. These sites are filled with concrete solution via roofing trim and combined strapping.

To prevent the soil cement milk are kindly requested to consider holding a waterproofing. Therefore, all the walls of the well previously evicted waterproof roofing material or film. With the first embodiment, it is advisable to resort to weld the film to form a cover which is put on a pile.

This method is used only on solid ground. Otherwise, the formwork must be of wood, cardboard, metal or asbestos board.

And last, the final process - pouring the concrete foundation of the solution. It is most convenient to carry out this work with the help of a mixer. The solution is used as fast setting cement that gradually prepare.

In addition you can use concrete stones, gravel, limestone or sandstone. The main requirement for filler - strength and evenness of stones. To create mechanical vibration and compaction is recommended to use a special drill. Since even the smallest accumulation of air should not be present in the pile.

Bored foundation Video:

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