70 ideas for a small bathroom design

  • Small bathroom - a common problem in apartment buildings. But even these 3-4 sq. it is really turned into an oasis of comfort and relaxation by using design techniques. Selecting the correct trim, plumbing and furniture, you will see that it was not a narrow area was the cause of distress, but only illiterate placement of things. Our recommendations will help fix bugs and make your bathroom a comfortable and snug!

    Re-planning of a small bathroom. C start?

    The first thing you need to decide at this stage - to make combined or separate toilet.

    Removing the partition between the toilet and the bathroom can be a little to expand the area and save on finishing materials. But, firstly, this would require special permission of authorities; secondly, in Perestenko may be important communication (or water pipes, ventilation ducts, electrical wiring); and thirdly - for large family shared bathroom is very inconvenient from a practical point of view.

    With regard to the separate bathroom, in this embodiment, the only drawback is the fact that both rooms often receive very tiny and the toilet just no room for a single washbasin. In such a case it is possible to use a compact shell by placing it, for example, in the corner, just above the toilet tank.

    Also a little extra "squares" to add your small bathroom can be at the expense of reducing the hallway or corridor.

    Finishes and materials for the bathroom

    Taking a bath or shower, one can observe how the steam and condensate is formed in the air. This means that absolutely all the materials for finishing small bathroom should be waterproof and resistant to temperature changes.

    At first glance it may seem that the concrete foundation in the bathroom enough oblitsevat tiles and its repair will be finished. But this is not the case - under the top decorative layer would do well to spend some more work. Thus, the system "warm floors" will provide a comfortable temperature, and a dense layer of waterproofing save visit angry neighbors in case of a flood.

    The ideal structure would look like: concrete slab covered with bitumen primer thereto adhered polymer waterproofing membrane (its edges are lifted onto the walls of a height of not less than 15 cm, and the welds must be done overlapped and tightly fuse together), poured fine quartz sand, stacked heating elements, and then the concrete tile adhesive mounted ceramic tiles. It is desirable that it was big and bright, but at the same time - a little rough, because the wet glossy glaze easy to slip and injure.

    For the walls in a small bathroom can be used ceramic tile, plastic panels, painting, artificial stone or washable wallpaper.

    First of all it is important to plaster the surface and apply a high-quality primer. You can also align the surface Akvapanel.

    Because it is desirable to apply paint nontoxic water-emulsion (acrylic silicone) and water-dispersed compositions. From traditional oil is better to refuse - as they long to dry, emit a smell of acetone and quickly crack under the influence of temperature.

    The optimal choice for the decoration of the ceiling in the small bathroom - tensioning film with a mirror effect. It is absolutely resistant to water vapor (sometimes only need to wipe with a sponge) and will serve at least ten years without losing the original aesthetic appearance. In addition, this ceiling will help to minimize the unpleasant consequences of flooding.

    If you need a repair budget, you can stay at the painting, but it will have to be renewed each year.

    Another good way to finish the ceiling in the bathroom - a covering plastic panels (siding). For stainless steel frame only metal profile should be used for them.

    Bath or shower - what to choose?

    In a small bathroom, where it is difficult to allocate space for a spacious bath, without a doubt should give preference to the shower. Especially, there are models equipped with deep pans with hot tub, so that fans of romantic bathing with candles and rose petals in the offense will not remain.

    Furthermore considerable space saving cabinet reduces water consumption. With rising utility bills - it is a great advantage.

    Presence of ventilation over the shower will remove moisture quickly and to minimize condensation from entering the finishing outside.

    And if you still want to soak in the water in all growth, the owners of small bathrooms is better to pay attention to corners and curved bath.

    The arrangement of furniture, appliances and accessories

    Careful placement of plumbing and furniture will make even the tiniest bathroom convenient and practical.

    To save space, sink, it is desirable to choose not semicircular, and a small rectangular or square, but with high sides. This shell can be built into a cabinet.

    Tank of the toilet as far as possible should be hidden in the wall, leaving only the outside of the button to drain. If this is not possible, you can buy a corner, or a tall, narrow container.

    A compact washing machine with side loading can be embedded in any free niche: under the sink, water heater, in the corner between the bath and the wall or over the toilet. It is necessary to ensure close rosette isolated and discreetly hide the tube.

    In order not to spoil the expensive plumbing, drain the dirty water is better to take directly into the sewer hole.

    Storage space in a small bathroom should make maximum use of vertical space - aim high cupboards, hanging shelves, towel rails.

    For shampoos, gels, foams and other hygiene products in the side of the bath can be fitted with shelves, doors on brackets open at an angle of 45-60 degrees, or make a narrow horizontal shelves with sliding screens.

    Another great idea - a sliding rack. It can be folded clean towels, and they will be well protected from moisture.

    In a small bathroom, you can do one or more light sources, but this does not in any case should not be hanging chandelier.

    It is also worth to give up conventional incandescent bulbs - they become very hot during operation and in contact with splashes of water may burst. Under these criteria LED bulbs work best.

    To create a romantic atmosphere in a small bathroom, you can use neon tape spotlighting shelves and niches, as well as luminescent elements on the floor.

    To the interior looked harmoniously, before repair in the bathroom need to choose the style that most of the owners of the soul. It will promote relaxation and improve mood every time during water treatment.

    A small bathroom in a modern style

    Clear symmetrical shapes, lack of extra parts, monochromatic colors, chrome or glossy coating will create the impression of brevity and completeness.

    A small bathroom in a classic style

    Shades of ivory, gleaming china and gleaming with gold floral ornament - a royal suite for the true aristocrats. The abundance of light and brilliance will cope with the task of increasing the space.

    A small bathroom in the style of Provence

    This decoration of French romance intertwined with the freedom and simplicity of the village. Used pastel shades - lavender, green, blue, pale pink. From the figures allowed - small soft colors. Furniture should have a slightly vintage look, for example, wear on the bright paint.

    To loft is characterized by bare walls, imitation stone or brickwork (preferably gray-white), high whitewashed ceiling, no decorations. Ideal for independent artists, bohemians, and those who despise routine and appreciates freedom.

    A small bathroom in the style of minimalism

    Space-saving and compact form - the ideal solution for small bathrooms. Everything you need while hidden in lockers, creating an atmosphere of lightness and spaciousness.

    A small bathroom in the Scandinavian style

    The snow-white color with small patches of gray and black reminiscent of mountainous northern rivers or ice-covered peaks. This situation is very refreshing, and energizes. Finishing in unobtrusive colors and without any striking detail to visually enlarge the room area.

    Color solution for small bathroom

    To ensure the integrity of the interior, for finishing small bathroom need to use no more than three colors of similar intensity. Dark, contrast, bulky items and drawings should be left for what some spacious rooms and an outdoor pool.

    This is the traditional color of sanitary equipment - a clean, clear, reflecting the most light. In such an environment is easy to relax and, besides, it is combined with any other shades without problems.

    Shimmering iridescence remind pure creek running from the top between the stones. Surrounded by mirrors and chrome-plated metal, light gray color helps relieve stress after a hard day's work in the morning and return vitality.

    Shade of sky and water - the most calming. It makes breathing more deeply and if fills the space with fresh air. It is an ideal setting for white baths and sinks. To break a magical duet "spots" of other colors - a real crime, in a pinch, you can add a little silver accents.

    When the river is reflected in the foliage, the water appears greenish. In the same panel, you can find shades of the sea waves, shimmering blue-turquoise with golden glare from the depths. This design in a small bathroom will give a rest to your eyes and relax the body.

    Design a small bathroom in the Khrushchev

    In Soviet apartments often can see the one- toilet and close the bathroom, whose area does not exceed 4 square meters But even in such circumstances, you can be smart.

    For example, a sink can be placed in the corner of the bathroom - so it will not disturb anyone. A capacious niche erecting over the toilet cistern, it is easy to get to place the water heater.

    Small bathrooms - photo

    Visually see real examples of small bathrooms design will help our gallery. After seeing the photo, you will find unusual ideas to save space in the bathrooms, the area of ​​which coincides with yours.

    Bathroom design: the best photo examples

    Bathroom - a place for relaxation, the room in which you can take water treatments and spa to hold a weekly rate. Nor in the same room so closely intertwined functionality and design, which is to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere to relax at the same time take into account all the necessary storage space.

    For modern bathroom is characterized by small area, presence of sanitary equipment and compact storage. Design, as they say, is a matter purely personal and private, and it is given a separate and special attention, depending on individual preferences, to create an intimate and comfortable environment for a particular person.

    Modern Bathroom Design

    Modern bathroom design features dynamic, concise, using modern materials such as glass, chrome-plated metal and plastic. It has become a tradition to use for facing tiles, which provides absolute stability to moisture of the walls.

    «Pavel L Photo and Video / Shutterstock.com»

    Manufacturers have proposed dozens of collections to help property owners to issue Bathing room in the same style.

    In the modern bathroom design a special place is given to the external plumbing mind fittings and water taps. The shells may have various shapes, can be provided with a waterfall taps, with decoration and functional purposes.

    Furniture can be chosen from the range or to approach this issue with imagination, arrange convenient storage for coins, bath towels, household appliances and other home accessories.

    Design bathroom with shower

    Shower stall in the bathroom can complement traditional bathroom or replace it. Which is better - a bath or shower depends on personal preference. But as a rule, showers are installed in small spaces, as the compact arrangement of plumbing can save a lot of space.

    An alternative to a shower when the average size of sanitary rooms can become a bath with power shower.

    Simulate shower booth by using special glass screens. If you like to take the bathroom, the cabin can replace a hot rack.

    Bathroom combined with toilet

    This layout is very compact and allows you to put all the necessary sanitary devices, freeing up more space.

    Many owners of apartments with a separate bathroom and toilet combined them into a single space, making bathroom more spacious and comfortable. This solution makes it possible to install in the bathroom couch and extra furniture, which are necessary for storage and recreation.

    What color is most suitable

    Bathroom, decorated in white, a very bright and visually great. The use of LED lighting and ceiling luminaires helps to significantly enhance this impression.

    Allowed bright floral decoration, ceramic decoration with the combination of colors in the same tone. A good example would be the elite collection of Rosa Portugal tile from Ibero Ceramicas, jacquard Ajanta from KERAMA MARAZZI Melange and Jade from Pottery.

    Note that on a practical design examples is rare to find a bathroom design in one color, are most commonly used combination of 2 or 3 colors.

    Purple bathroom is very demanding with respect to the colors. If it would be a full color, a mirror in the room will need to hang up and make good lighting. Such techniques will expand the space. Visual expansion of the room can be achieved by a white ceiling and light floor.

    Also, for the walls, you can choose a collection of ceramic tiles and borrow a finished design in a series of shades of purple. An interesting option would be Next Tile of Ibero, Azalea or tiles from Berezakeramika Domenico.

    Purple, emerald green, deep gray shades design characteristic of the bathrooms in the fusion. This line of decoration involves a mix of styles with deep and noble colors.

    When selecting dark shades tile best buy superglyantsevuyu tile. Despite the relative impracticality of such a surface will reflect light well, which will give the room an additional volume.

    Purple color promotes the production of serotonin in the body, which greatly improves the mood and immunity. This color helps to normalize the nervous and cardiovascular systems, as well as quality rest.

    Black and white bathroom - a classic of the genre. Such interiors belong to the expressive design that will best look over a large area in the rooms. However, when buying tiles expensive brands, the problem of "space narrowing" partially depleted.

    Manufacturers carefully selected colors, designs, finishes that it in any interior looked elegant and appropriate. Such collections relates tile PORCELANOSA SAIGON, Bolero Jade ceramics, as well as the already mentioned Adjanta from KERAMA MARAZZI.

    Brown en suit owners who prefer the classics. Completely brown bathroom is rarely done, often in combination with light tiles. Bathrooms in shades of brown can be done in a wooden house, as well as in the interior, where applicable trim with imitation wood.

    For finishing modern interior, you can choose the tiles from Bali Golden Tile or Dante Chocolate and Dante Mix.

    If selected from all variants of green bath, most often it is performed in light green shades. It is not only about "light" decision, but also on the combination of tile colors, made in white and light-green hue. This may be a tile or Birch Ceramic Style Flora Green from Opoczno.

    The green has a positive impact on health and mood. In addition, the collection presented in the green range of diverse shades, you can even choose the most unexpected combinations that will look very natural and original.

    Red and white tiles in the bathroom - it is certainly an extraordinary design of the bathroom for people who lack the energy and just want to wake up in the morning. Red is exciting and activates energy processes in the body.

    Looks nice red trim on a white background. In this case, the interior does not produce an unpleasant experience.

    It will be interesting to look trim with red walls above the bathtub or sink. Red Tile looks well on the floor and creates a so-called composite base like sating owners of apartments inside energy.

    Exquisite red pottery is represented in many Italian collections, the use of which in the interior design wins not only because of the color but also texture.

    We characterize the most popular styles that are used for decoration of bathrooms. If you want to do something original, you can move away from the standard, offering an alternative vision of their vannogo premises.

    Modern style bathroom can be submitted by individual artistic styles like minimalism, urbanism and industrial style or a combination thereof. Each of these styles, involves the use of a variety of color combinations and modern forms of plumbing and furniture.

    The modern bathrooms are decorated in browns, deep shades of gray or in all shades of beige. This style is characterized by noble restraint and neutral colors, complemented by an ultra-modern accessories.

    Provence style is called country style or style «farmhouse", however, in the style of Provence often make urban apartments. This style is characterized by the presence of different cute decor and accessories with ceramic base and ornament, decoration gold inlays.

    Bathroom in the Provence style is kept in bright colors, often in white or semitones. In some cases, especially in individual houses, bathrooms are to be partially tiled and the rest of the walls and the floor are made often with a wooden lining.

    Provencal characterized by the use of curtains, numerous shelves, wicker accessories and furniture, wood finishes.

    For classic style often choose natural shades. Often in such baths can be found under the application of natural stone tiles. To make the interior more modern can be due to the author's sanitary ware and glass design elements.

    Classical bathroom is often performed in all shades of beige, which gives it a special flavor of the old and reliable.

    In the bathroom can not do without furniture. The store offers a fairly wide variety of furnishings, but it's more or less standard solutions. A key feature of these products - resistance material to high humidity.

    In this case, there is always the possibility of resorting to a furniture shop and order a comfortable and functional storage system that not only ennoble the interior, but also will make it more convenient.

    Wall cabinet is naturally subject to the standard bath conditions. It has several compartments for storage of household equipment and hygiene items. Available widely represented wall cabinets and cabinets with mirror and illumination, representing a full-featured storage for standard tubs.

    Depending on the interior mirror in the bathroom may be a separate part of the furniture or combined with a special wardrobe and cupboard. Combined embodiment is preferred, since it allows to save space.

    A good idea for small bathrooms is considered flat-closet shelf depth of 15-20 cm with a large mirror as the front-door. A large mirror can be placed on the front of the canister for household accessories, washing machine and laundry baskets.

    Laundry basket is also a natural part of the bathroom interior. For sale is a wide range of plastic, wooden and woven patterns, and special storage systems in which the laundry basket incorporated in a separate cabinet or niche. In some cases, a case with built-in laundry basket can be combined with an ironing board.

    Bathroom Lighting - is a complex issue, requiring highly professional installation. All lights should be placed in accordance with building requirements, installation is carried out at a considerable distance from water sources.

    By a separate category includes low-voltage LED lighting devices that are safe and appropriate building standards.

    When mounting fixtures required to take into account the level of illumination. Do not locate sources of electricity within 60 cm from the bath. For mounting sockets are used near water outlet closed and low-voltage lamps. The level of protection of electrical appliances to be in the range of IP44-IP45.

    Chandelier can be subject to processing baths only in areas with a large area.

    «Mark Breck ANDRII / Shutterstock.com»

    In some cases, small bathrooms can be set small LED chandelier, but it is usually replaced by ceiling spotlights to create skylights.

    Bathroom choose LED spotlights with closed wiring to the level of hydro-protection IP44-IP45. It is recommended to avoid the light source mounted directly over the bath and shower area. A good idea can be considered the use of crystal models, which create an interesting play of light in the room.

    Sconces are used in bathrooms are usually for local area lighting near the mirror. Usually used for mounting a protected, hidden wiring and low-power LED devices. High-voltage lights can be installed in large rooms at a considerable distance from the water.

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    Thinking interior design - a very exciting experience, but still helpful. It is necessary to take into account so many nuances: to decide with the style of the future interior, choose finishing materials, to understand how they will be combined with each other to solve the problem with the placement of everything you need in a limited area, and so on.

    bathroom interior can be configured in various styles, from high-tech to classical avant up from Provence. Another thing is that most of us live in a normal model homes where bathrooms are not very square, so the design features and characteristics of embodiments of some stylistic solutions are somewhat limited. Bathroom design in such a small area premises should be concise, and the main task of the designer - to consider options for the most convenient and aesthetic placement of plumbing and furniture.

    Design a small bathroom

    everything must be in place in the small area bathrooms. Therefore, the design objectives are to usefully use every centimeter.

    Typical plan bathrooms are no different variety. The combined bathroom in a row standing toilet, sink and bathtub along the long wall, the toilet - closer to the standpipe. In a separate bathroom bathroom even smaller, since the toilet placed in a separate room. Create an interesting interior design in these cases is extremely difficult. Exit - redevelopment. When you combine the separate bathrooms will be a little storage space by allowing the use of the side walls, for example, if the door lay a former closet. Next to the toilet or on the contrary it is possible to install a washing machine.

    Video: project combining bathroom and toilet

    If the bathroom combined, it is possible to extend it by joining the hallway or closet, if it is through the wall. In these cases, the design possibilities are greatly increased, however, have to work on waterproofing.

    Bathroom after combining bathroom and toilet

    If you act on the basis of the initial data, the options a bit, basically it is the replacement of the bath to shower, thereby exempt additional space and can play a bit with the placement of plumbing and furniture. But it must be remembered that the removal of the riser, for example, the toilet is the most undesirable affect the sewer. Thus, the toilet is not recommended to remove from the riser at a distance greater than 1.5 m, the sewer pipe must not be bent at right angles, the desired slope of the pipe should be maintained. Relatively painless, you can move the sink on the opposite wall and place underneath the washing machine. For example, like this:

    Planning a small shared bathrooms

    By the way, attaching a pantry area to the bathroom a separate toilet in it, you can install a second toilet. The first will remain in their original locations. Improve this room, there is a miniature sink setting.

    Video: Design a small bathroom in the Khrushchev

    Photos bathroom is small in size

    In this case the shell is transferred to the opposite wall and is positioned opposite the toilet

    Small bathroom in ethno style

    Even in a confined space can accommodate the essentials and leave room for the washing machine

    Sink is shifted into the corner of the bathroom

    In this supermalenkoy bathroom shower built

    This is also a bathroom with shower, self-made

    Bathroom in classical style

    The design of the bathroom, especially if it is small, it is necessary to use such design techniques:

    • Avoid large tiles forms. For wall and floor tiles bathroom tiles are traditionally used. But in small bathrooms are large squares, and even with a pattern would look tasteless. Choose Smaller tile with a glossy surface, such as glass mosaic. Excellent look panels made of mosaics. One of the walls, for example, adjacent the bath can be finished mosaics, and other - other color tiles slightly larger, e.g., 5 × 5 cm.
    • A large mirror in the bathroom does not hurt, regardless of the size of the room.
    • Arrange in a shallow bath niche plasterboard. They will play the role perfectly shelves. Even better, if you mount them light.
    • With regard to lighting, it should be varied. It is not necessary limited to three spotlights in the ceiling. Place next to the mirror wall lights. Highlight shelves with LED tape - the color of light can be changed. If desired, you can even organize a built-in floor lighting.
    • The main colors, choose light and pastel shades for the bathroom. You can make minor bright color accents.
    • To save space, sometimes establish a sliding door or a door-accordion. Note, however, that without additional modifications such doors will not be able to provide adequate isolation facilities.
    • And another feature - lockers in the doorway. This space is rarely used - but in vain. Here you can organize a convenient storage space.