Mirabilis - grow a garden beautiful night. Achieve full bloom mirablisa: planting secrets, cultivation and maintenance

Mirabilis - the mysterious name of the flower, which translates from the Latin as "udivitelnyy9raquo ;. Gardeners love it for a surprise of color and simplicity of maintenance. The combination of colors on one bush is really amazing. Enough to plant several cultivars side by side as in the second year, as a result of cross-pollination, the color gamut of colors is simply impossible to predict. From snow-white to purple, all on a small bush.

Another amazing feature of this plant - night-blooming. During this mirabilis called "night beauty" or even more romantic - "A Thousand and One Nights." Flowers bloom and bloom in the evening until the morning, exuding a sweet fragrance. After one day, there will be new flowers. They will decorate the garden before the first frost, creating a unique atmosphere of the southern night.

Despite the exotic appearance and transatlantic origin, mirabilis successfully grown in temperate latitudes. For weather conditions fit only one of the nearly 600 species of Mirabilis. This view - Mirabilis jalapenos, it includes many varieties, providing a huge variety of colors and sizes.

At home (in the Americas), mirabilis live a few years, germinating in the spring from overwintered roots. The conditions of more severe winters in Eurasia, the root is most often killed by frost. Therefore the night in a beautiful frosty winters is grown as an annual.

Ripple flower in several ways:

1. The division of the bush.

3. Planting roots.

4. Growing from seed.

The division of the bush can be produced when the plant is sufficiently developed and high-quality signs quite apparent. Desired together with bush separated rhizome in half (e.g., acute shovel or knife). After that, two independent parts are seated as individual plants.

Cuttings - not the easiest method of propagation. Resort to it when no other way to preserve the variety there. This will require semilignified escape. Slice per stem dried, dipped in rooting solution and allowed to take root in soil and regular water.

Planting roots suggests that in the autumn, after the flowering aerial parts of the root was dug and stored all winter in damp sawdust or sand. Then it can be planted in the spring into the ground. It can be quite difficult to keep up with the optimum moisture content and storage temperature. As a result - the root dries or rots in front.

Propagation by seed gives the most stable results. In the southern regions mirabilis can breed self-seeding, growing each year independently of the fallen seeds.

Beautiful plants can be obtained from the seeds of each year following the simple rules.

Mirabilis, growing from seed

At the site of fading Mirabilis delicate flowers formed a surprisingly large and strong seeds. They can be stored at room temperature, keeping the germination rate of up to three years.

Seeds are allowed to sow directly into the open ground, as soon as the earth warms and bypasses the threat of night frosts. But only in the southern regions, this method guarantees the full flowering marabilisa. Planting seeds in advance can ensure a healthy seedlings, prolong bloom from June to the very cold weather.

Grow seedlings in the greenhouse, greenhouse, but you can do it in the apartment on the windowsill. End of March - it's time to start planting.

To improve germination apply a few tricks:

1. rigid amniotic box nadpilivayut ordinary nail file to make it easier to break the germ out.

2. Seeds beauty night before planting incubated from 6 to 24 hours under a wet cloth.

3. The best temperature for the germination mirabilis + 20 ° C. However, if the preheat tank with seeds planted below to + 24 ° C, it sprout even faster.

Prepared Mirabilis seeds, planted in containers, pots or cups with soil. Tanks should be deep enough for the full development of the root system.

Mirabilis, planting, photo shoots

standard soil mixture suitable for seedlings, light and loose, and the main thing is not acidic. The depth of embedment - 2 cm. After planting and watering capacity must be covered, placed in a warm place.

With proper treatment of seed, in a week we can expect the first shoots (as pictured). Mirabilis care at this time the most basic needs - watering and light.

Mirabilis, caring for seedlings and landing in open ground

Developing plants are not demanding to leave. There are only a few factors that could destroy mirabilis:

For transplant into the street is selected, when the danger has passed the cold night. Usually, it's the middle of May. Location is removed as far as possible the sun, although partial shade mirabilis also carries well. In the lowlands, where there is a possibility of moisture accumulation, root rot can.

It responds well to plant on loamy soil fertile. To reduce acidity, can be pre-add lime.

When planting should take into account that the mirabilis is grown, as in the photo, large branching bushes.

Depending on the variety of its height may range from 25 to 100 cm. This is the same approximate diameter of an adult will bush. For tall varieties must maintain a distance between plants of at least 40 cm. This will give the necessary color space for development.

Care mirabilis for the full flowering

Home to a night beauty is Mexico, where it grows without cultivation on mountain stony slopes. This explains the resistance to drought, increased demand in the sun. But in order to plant, revealed itself in all its glory, it still need to be watered. The frequency of irrigation is determined by the soil moisture, the presence of rain, as the plant itself.

When the drying time, the plant stops in development, flowering stops. Resuming watering, even after a long time, you can return to its former beauty bushes. Deprived of care mirabilis dies. He is able to wait for the attention of the owners, after a long absence.

Dressing complex fertilizers stimulate the growth and development of Mirabilis. For abundant flowering shrubs produce enough feeding 3-4 over the summer. It is better to use ready-made fertilizers for flowers from the store. Organic, in most cases, acidify the soil. For Mirabilis is not allowed.

In the evening and night blooming mirabilis fills the garden sweet smell amazing. Vibrant colors covered with bush from the top to the ground, do not require cutting off any wilted blossoms. Form the bush is not necessary. Regardless of size, mirabilis without care and pruning becomes harmonious rounded shape. In cloudy weather, flowering does not stop all day, adding a garden of bright colors.

Tall varieties are successfully used to create a green, flowering hedges and low decorate flowerbeds and borders. Good mirabilis by the fact that every beginner gardener, without special skills, can achieve an abundant flowering and diversity of color. This amazing plant, and leave him no longer want enough to grow one.

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Mirabilis - planting and care in the open field, cultivation secrets

Mirabilis Planting and caring for them in the open field - simple process. Plant pleases violent flowering all summer, without asking for special attention. "Night Beauty" also known as the flower of the people enthusiastically respond to the minimum watering and fertilizing more complex for the entire season.

Flower mirabilis in landscape design

Unusual flower will decorate the garden, balcony, loggia. Depending on the grade varies the height of the plant and its place in the overall landscape composition. High bushes planted in the background, low - on the front. On the night a beauty make friends chamomile, lavender, marigold, bluebells. Those who do not know what it looks like mirabilis, should pay attention to hedges - high grade form amazing decorative fences. Impressive look rich inflorescences in a single planting. Mirabilis grown in pots on terraces and balconies.

Residents warm areas of America and Mexico mirabilis pleased with the variety. Here at home there are about 60 species of flowering plants. Our climate zone was suitable for only one type - Mirabilis jalapenos or laxative. However, jalapenos, and it appears before the growers in different roles - the most popular varieties of this species - is:

  • Yolanda flower garden mirabilis - represents the bush in height and 50 cm thick branched stems. From June until the first frost plant blooms bright colors with barcode stripes;
  • Red lollipop - bush in height and 90 cm, with a light green stems, branching at the top. The large flowers are a bright red color;
  • Elvira - a medium-sized shrub with dark green leaves and bright colors;
  • Red Tee Time - the average height of a plant with the tip of a very branching and rich-pink buds;
  • Tee Time Formula Mix - spherical shrub, reaching a height of 70-90 cm stems bare bottom. The variety has variegated flowers are funnel-shaped small diameter.

Mirabilis, planting and care in the open field is produced in several ways. Excellent germination produce seeds, tubers are planted in the plant less. Planning it is better to choose a well-lit and spacious, with clay or loam soil. Acidic soil does not have the flower of the soul, as night beauty will not feel comfortable in a valley or excessively moist location. Planting and care of Mirabilis is very easy, for experienced gardeners. However, some of the subtleties of the process must be considered.

In warm climates, the answer to the question of how to put mirabilis, involves the direct planting of seeds in an open ground. Once the soil warms up, previously prepared planting material, placed into the soil. The seed furrow evenly distributed at intervals of 7-8 cm, each seed deepen 3 cm. Then portion watered and covered with a nonwoven fabric to keep the first shoots from frost. When the threat passes the last cover is removed, and the seedlings thinned.

In regions where the spring does not spoil a warm, beautiful night planted seedlings or tubers. This method is considered to be more time consuming, but the result is guaranteed. Germinated seedlings beforehand - in early April and sow the seeds are prepared in special cups filled with mildly alkaline soil. The first shoots appear at home in 1-2 weeks, at this stage making the first feeding and start hardening.

When mirabilis planted in open ground?

The question of individual character - when to plant mirabilis in open ground? In this case, you need to focus on the weather conditions and the willingness of planting material. It is believed that reaching 10-15 cm seedlings ready for planting mirabilis. But before you cross the seedlings in open ground, you need to make sure that the soil is well warmed up, and the threat of frost has passed.

Sowing of seedlings or direct Bedding - seeds night beauties require training, and special care nursery stock:

  1. Cultivation Mirabilis seed soaking begins with planting material in warm water and skarifitsirovaniya (lung injury rigid outer shell).
  2. When it comes to the germination of seedlings, seeds are spread over the two into a separate container with a weakly alkaline substrate, pour a solution of fungicide and cover film.
  3. Cups comprise at 18-20 ° C.
  4. After the first shoots that come not earlier than 5-6 days after planting, remove the film and move the crops closer to sunlight.
  5. If the seedlings gave the two seed after the first leaf, weak sprout cut, so as not to hinder the development of the strong.
  6. At this stage crops fertilized special preparations (Rastvorin, Fertikov, Krepysh).
  7. Water the seedlings mirabilis after drying earthen coma.
  8. When the seedlings grow them in large pots dive.
  9. Hardening young Mirabilis bring to the fresh air, gradually increasing the residence time.

Mirabilis, planting and care in the open field can be produced from the tubers. This method is common among experienced gardeners. Harvested from the fall or purchased in a store tubers winter night beauty stored in a cool place at temperatures below 5 ° C. In the soil they are planted in late spring when the soil warms up to a depth of 15cm. The first shoots of the plants are covered as long as the threat of frost has passed.

Became strong seedlings or sprouts night beauties are not demanding to care for. The plant does not need frequent watering and fertilizing. Mirabilis in the garden will delight the brightest continuous flowering, if the carry watering 1-3 times a week in the case of a dry summer. There is no need to artificially moisten the soil when summer was rainy. It responds well to fertilizing the plant - the first time you need to make fertilizer at the beginning of the growing season, the second - in the middle of summer, the third - in the end of the season. Like Mirabilis procedures such as loosening soil and weeding.

What temperature resistant mirabilis?

With proper care, the plant blooms all summer until the first frost. As a thermophilic mirabilis poorly responsive to lowering of the temperature below 15 ° C. Harmful to the seedlings and the first shoots of spring frosts. Dug winter tubers can be stored at temperatures below 5-7 ° C. In the southern regions can spend the winter in the soil zamulchirovat. For growing seedlings mirabilis flowers indoors need to maintain a temperature in the range 28-22 ° C.

Night beauty is not in vain considered to be a favorite of landscapers - plant can pinch and trim, giving the bush most intricate form. In this happy reaction Mirabilis perennial such procedures - after pruning flowering only amplified and the whole bush is covered with new bright flowers. Pinch gardeners and weak shoots, sprouted from tubers.

According to the description, a native of South America - mirabilis - unpretentious, but the rules of care for this garden plant envisaged the introduction of fertilizing. Good night beauty responds to complex mineral fertilizers, but from fresh organic matter in this case it is better to refuse. Root zone can be fertilized humus or compost. Procedures are carried out during the growing season, in the middle and at the end of the summer.

Mirabilis plant - pests and diseases

Among insects in rasteniyay no dangerous enemies. It is stable with respect to pests. Adversely affects soil waterlogging - flower strikes root rot. Therefore, in the care of Mirabilis is not necessary to over-watering or divert the landing site where stagnant moisture. May appear on the leaves of rust or pit - is the result of a fungal infection diseases. To help them cope with fungicides.

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Mirabilis flower. Description, characteristics, types and care mirabilis

Royal beard, Night beauty, or mirabilis like many growers-fans. What attracted her to him so close their account?

His impartiality, simultaneous with mystery, beauty, fragrance and simplicity. All these qualities are inherent in really at first glance not very noticeable, do not throw in the eyes of a flower.

In the daytime, flower mirabilis It seems to be quite inconspicuous. Despite its rather big size, there is nothing that they should put everyone in the eye. And he could have stayed unnoticed if it does not open its allure after dusk.

At this time flower wakes up, opening its flowers and uttering beautiful, incomparable flavor, pleasing others throughout the night.

Description and features Mirabilis flower

For the first time this herb appeared in North America. Translated from the Latin language is the name, as "amazing." Photos Mirabilis It makes people excited, and the flower in reality, with all its nocturnal erections and flavors makes people believe in miracles.

But really, this flower is something amazing and beautiful. Its lush green bush after 16 pm starts adorned with beautiful flowers and opening buds is reminiscent of a colorful balloon.

The bush can grow up to 1 m in height. It opens at the flowers are small, about 3-5 cm, but they are so many, that the color of buds, mixed with green bush flower turn into something fantastic and uplifting.

The flowers come in different colors. Crimson, red, pink, purple, yellow, white, orange, purple - the most common color mirabilis.

It is interesting that one bush can be decorated with different colors. Moreover, a single flower may be mixed paint. Often they can be seen touches and striped image.

It should be a one-year plant near each other mirabilis night beauty with different colors like the next year you can watch the most unexpected and diverse mix of flowers.

But in any color they do not lose their tenderness and brightness. Seduces and their long flowering period. They are pleased with their beauty before the first frost.

Their inflorescences his appearance a bit like sweet tobacco. A delicate fragrance plants attract all the moths in the county. Because mirabilis blooms closer to the night, it was carried to the nochetsvetnym.

In our area we have to raise the royal beard itself. But there are places where these beautiful flowers grow in the wild. Infinitely admire this beauty can be in Mexico and South America. In those places there are more than 60 species of Mirabilis.

Despite the fact that this flower comes from the warm countries, and all its exotic view confirms this, Mirabilis growing possible and in areas with a temperate climate.

The only thing different flowers that grow spontaneously in the southern countries and those that people grow in temperate latitudes - life expectancy.

In their native lands mirabilis can grow for several years, the harsh weather conditions of the countries of Eurasia can allow gardeners to grow the same flowers, annuals only because due to difficult weather conditions, the flowers freeze the roots in winter.

These colors - a joy for all gardeners, including beginners. Care mirabilis It is quite simple. Therefore, all those who saw him in the photo, or met him in reality, immediately willing to grow it in their area.

planting mirabilis It is not something complicated and bringing much trouble. With this task to handle even the novice grower without any problems. Any special equipment or skills is not required.

Blooming buds of this wonderful flower falls on the evening. They bloom just a few hours, and then fade. Throughout the night the buds bloom in succession, pleasing not only for its beauty, but also a gentle, pleasant aroma.

After the flower fades, neoplasm dark color appears in its place. In this "box" is one seed plants. The seeds of Mirabilis oval, rather large, dark-colored, hard and wrinkled. Their viability is guaranteed for three years.

Planting and propagation mirabilis

It is safest to grow from the seeds of night beauty. When to plant mirabilis? In warmer regions, they are planted directly into the soil. The most favorable time for this is at the beginning of May, when the ground is already well warmed up and the seeds easily it can bark.

When using the greenhouse for poluteplogo planting flowers Mirabilis you can select the beginning of April, but this landing early bloom time is too risky and does not guarantee that but accustomed to such conditions.

The most effective is to grow from the seeds of the Royal barbs seedlings. seedlings mirabilis It is grown without too much difficulty and hassle. It suffices to take for that disposable cups are medium in size, fill them with a substrate consisting of a turf, peat and river sand.

Sand is advisable to take a little more than turf and turf. In one such cup planted one, maximum two Mirabilis seed. More of them is not desirable because it sprouts a plant large enough sizes. Otherwise, do not avoid thinning seedlings process.

Just a few days are enough for the first signs of life of the flower. But after 30-45 days seedlings are ready to ensure that it planted in open ground.

Planting seedlings or sowing the seeds of the Night beauty, it should be noted that rather big bush flower. For dwarf varieties of it is enough distance between the colors in the 25 cm, a tall, these plants require that there are no less than 60 cm. Otherwise, the color will simply close between them.

Some gardeners soak the seeds before planting mirabilis. This speeds up germination. Sometimes, for the sake of the experiment gardeners try to plant these flowers in clay soil mixed with lime.

And this option is currently not picky flower embarrassing. The only thing that should be remembered every gardener when grown mirabilis - in acid soil flower may die. Addition of ash in the cups with the substrate for seedlings of this flower is welcome.

You can grow it and budding. This method is considered more difficult than the previous two. To do this, cut the half-woody stalks and dry the cut.

After cutting is placed in a solution that stimulates the growth and then with obvious signs of active rooting planted in soil. Planted sapling needs constant watering and careful care of him.

Water for irrigation should not be cold. In compliance with all the recommendations of the stalk in a short time and is rooted in the month of May is ready for planting in open ground.

Mirabilis can be propagated by using tubers. But, as noted by many botanists and horticulturists this is not the most optimal and effective method of reproduction of the flower.

It is necessary to dig the tubers and place them in the sand or sawdust. To store these tubers required temperature + 3 + 5 degrees. If you do all of the technology, then the next year it is possible to plant the tubers in the ground, and again to get this beautiful flower.

But, as noted by many growers, sometimes due to lack of moisture and small amounts of many tubers just die nutrients.

Night Beauty - unpretentious and does not require constant attention to the plant. The flower is not afraid of the drought. There are some details to keep in mind when growing:

mirabilis - a heat-loving plant;

flower need good lighting, but at the same time he does not like direct sunlight on it;

it should be 3-4 times a season to feed to grow well in flower;

flower contraindicated fresh compost and manure;

when the soil is too dry plant stops blooming, it also does not react at too high humidity;

mirabilis not tolerate drafts.

  • The Tsar's beard looks neat and beautiful without any additional treatments. It requires no clipping or tying. Bush independently form a beautiful, rounded shape. Of the major varieties of this flower are obtained amazingly beautiful hedge. Low as well decorate the flower beds and borders.

    This flower is prone to self-pollination. This means that the grower is not always can know exactly what color the plant will rise next year. But, despite this, scientists are divided into separate mirabilis varieties, of which six are the most popular and beautiful.

    grade Mirabilis Tea Time Red It grows to medium size. It is like a ball bush. Stems plant dark green, stretching upward. The flower deep pink color.

    This flower is well tolerated temperature drops and is not prone to diseases. Its flowering lasts from summer to the first frost. Perfect for cold regions.

    about Mirabilis Iolanthe we can say that it is a small shrub that resembles a ball, about 50 cm in height. Stems its also tend upwards. The flowers are medium-sized plants, in different colors and are decorated with strips strokes. It blooms from early July until the first frost.

    Mirabilis Elvira It grows up to a meter. Too rounded shrub spherical shape with dark green, sharp edges on the stalk. The flowers bright color and a size of about 4 cm.

    Mirabilis Red Lollipop grows up to 1 m in height, has a wide and smooth stems and bright, large, up to 6 cm in diameter flowers. It differs unpretentiousness and is not prone to illnesses.

    Mirabilis Tea Time Mixture It has a wide shrub of medium size. It grows to a height of 90 cm. The leaves are oblong plant and pointed to the end. On the stems there is nothing, they are smooth at the bottom. Dimensions flowers are small - 2-3 cm in diameter. The color of their colorful, wavy edges.

    Mirabilis jalapenos It has bushes up to 60 cm in height with a rich green color of the stems and tubular flowers. They begin to bloom after 16 pm. Bloom until late fall.

    Mirabilis Mathis It can be grown not only for decorating gardens and plots, he has proven himself when grown in pots on balconies and verandas.

    Diseases and pests mirabilis

    In general, the flower can be subjected to a few diseases, for which he and appreciated by amateur gardeners. Rust and spotting disappear from the flower after the removal of its damaged areas and process those places fungicide.

    From too wet soil from the plant can start to rot the roots. In order to improve the situation enough to suspend watering, remove the affected parts of the flower, and also treat the soil fungicide. Too dry soil flower ceases to bloom and fragrant. All this can be corrected with the help of irrigation control.

    Many times wrong those gardeners who claim that not only the rose gardens are a wonderful decoration, but also such humble flowers as Imperial beard.

    Without them, without their pleasant, mysterious aroma of beauty and fantasy, created by nature, it would be incomplete. Buy mirabilis It can be in any specialty store or order flowers online.