How weigh nails as any nails per kilogram, there is a table of the standard weight of nails?

Not once had to buy nails, and, of various diameters and in different quantities. But even if I know approximately how much I need the nails, the problem may occur with the seller.

Well, if the nails are large in size, it is easy, you can take a dozen. The seller will not be difficult to find them and weigh Poteau. The problem arises in the axle when buying small nails. I do not think the seller will count I needed 47 pieces! In this case, the best option, taking a reserve. After all, it is possible that someday they come in handy.

However, for a more accurate determination of the number of nails in killogramm, I offer a look up table, where it is possible to know the approximate number of nails.

Never before I have thought about it, but after reading a question about the weight of the nails can not help himself wondered about the number of nails in 1 kg.

It turned out that it has long existed a table, where the number of nails in 1 kg has long been counted and only need to know the diameter of the nails, and you are interested, of course, their length.

Table construction nails number of pieces in 1 kg is as follows:

From the above table it can be seen a number of nails in nailing 1 kg of 0.8 mm diameter and 8 mm long and up to large nails with a diameter of 6 mm and a length of 200 mm.

Indispensable for any table builder.

Nails are produced in accordance with the GOST.

There are special tables (this is one of them)

There is even a table with the weight in grams of a single nail.

All and quantity of nails per kilogram affects several parameters.

This is the length of the nail.

Nail diameter size "shlyapki9quot; (Heads, it is not only the size is different, but both form the nails have a flat head, there is a conical itd).

From what particular material they are made with some cover.

There is steel nails, copper, zinc, roofing, slate (they have their own guests) and so on.

The visitors nails prescribed tolerances and the length and diameter of the nails.

Tolerance of course can not be taken into account, if not buy large lots of nails.

Nails often sold by weight, but long nails can be bought individually (ie, not on weight, namely a piece).

Such weight of the table and the number of pieces per kg, should be in every store where they sell nails.

How many nails in 1 kg

In the large industrial production nails are used very extensively and delivered to the construction site large amounts of weight in the boxes. But even if you decide to buy in the store the nails for a small amount of work to sell them you will not individually, but in weight.

This is because the basic value of the nail is the material from which it is made. But what if you need a small amount of nails for work and extra you to anything, because most likely they are when you no longer need. Here you will need to know how many nails contained in one kilogram.

Knowing how many nails (pieces) will be 1 kg, you can easily calculate how much you buy 100 grams or 0.5 kg. It is clear that the larger the size of the nail,

the more it weighs, and the number of nails per kg less data.

Of course you can buy at the hardware store and nails in small packages, but it must be remembered that the price fixing in the packaging usually overstated at least 1.5 - 2 times. And this is very disadvantageous in terms of economy.

Will be useful knowledge about the weight of a quantity of nails for those who plan to carry home purchased hardware in large quantities by hand. If you know the exact weight of purchase, you will be able to assess whether it is really worth doing or better to bring her to the car.

Below is a table of the approximate number of nails in kg. The table shows the characteristics for the conventional construction nails. We also decided to add the column to the table, where the specified weight of a thousand nails of each species in grams. With the help of the information provided, you can also calculate the weight of the nail the required size. To this end, thousands of pieces of sufficient weight divided by 1000.

We hope that the information presented in this article will allow you to avoid unnecessary expenses in the course of repair or construction.

Number of nails per kilogram

Table of weights and the number of construction nails

1000 item (weight in kg)

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