What are the different kinds of doors: 6 types of products

When properly installed and matched interior doors perfectly complement the interior space Doors perform many functions. Doors installed in the apartment or house in many cases: to separate one room from another, isolated space, decorate the room, or isolate it from the ambient noise. Currently, there are a huge range of interior doors. Therefore, it is possible to pick up a new interior doors that will fit in color, shape, structure and the internal filling.

Types of internal doors: internal filling and design

Interior doors are different. Their diversity is determined by many factors. There are doors that differ in the inner and filling device. The door leaf can be glazed or deaf.

The inner door filling plays an important role. Interior doors may be in its box structure made of decorative glass or transparent plastic. Such doors are in the glazing. They are placed in a room with a view of light transmission in the neighboring. They can artificially expand the space of the room.

Glasses in such doors may be different: opaque, transparent, colored, patterned or not.

Become familiar with the inner filling and construction of interior doors can be in a specialty store

The most popular are the deaf door. They do not have in their structure a window or other openings, filled with transparent materials. Their frame is made of wood, MDF or plastic.

On the device internal doors are divided into:

Flush doors are lightweight, rugged design, low cost. They usually have in their structure a filler.

Paneled doors have a complex structure, so their cost is higher than that of the shield. Door leaf itself is not smooth: it has a decorative elements. But the smooth door - the exact opposite paneled.

Doors, consisting of solid wood are expensive. They have a lot of weight. Such doors are made from natural and precious wood.

Finish: kinds of interior doors in material manufacturing

Interior doors may be made of different materials or combinations thereof. Previously, they were made only of wood, but now there are other contemporary materials, which are used in the production process. Differences doors in material impact on their cost, weight, method of installation, design. To install the interior doors in the apartment, it is necessary to know what materials they are made.

The materials used for the manufacture of doors:

Wood is the best option for the production of doors, but is expensive. Only use wood for the manufacture of the frame. The most inexpensive material is pine. But the more expensive types of wood have a nice color and texture. Wooden frame has a high strength: the resistance to humidity and temperature, to mechanical defects.

Quite popular and in demand today are the interior doors, which are made from an array

With the help of the frame is made of MDF veneer doors. This material is low. Such doors are lightweight and are resistant to temperature, scratches, low humidity.

Plastic rarely used in the manufacture of interior doors. Typically, plastic doors can be found in offices and public places, as this material is cheap and not afraid of anything. Metal is used in combination with other materials - glass or wood. In the production of interior doors use aluminum or stainless steel.

Glass used in conjunction with other materials or separately in the manufacture of doors. Glass makes insertion in doors - windows. However, the door can be completely made of durable metal and glass.

Fully transparent glass door set in cottages or country house as input or interior. They are expensive and difficult installation.

Doors finishing plays a significant role. It was the appearance of the door sets its design, forms the style of the product. The most common way to finish a lamination. with coated door look beautiful and are inexpensive. PVC film can be of any color, so you can choose the interior doors in the color of the walls of the room. Its varieties allow to make different door in design and color.

What is in door design structure description

To find the right door for installation, you must know the structure of the door. Many people have made their own doors, or set their own hands. Classification of the door is different, so you should consider the structure interior door on a very simple example.

If you decide to pick your own interior doors, then it is necessary to study its structure properly

The door consists of the following parts:

The door leaf is moving part design.

The door leaf is the part that defines the appearance of the door. Therefore, starting from the material web and its design, interior doors are selected for installation.

Door frame - frame, which is fixed on the doorway. Door unit includes fabric and the box. Plat - strips flanking the doorway. They can be simple or complex (threaded or have an interesting shape). The porch is needed in order to hide the place of contact leaf and frame. Panel - the volume or depth of the door, which is framed by a frame or rails. Accessories may include the following elements: handles, locks, covers, hinges.

Types of doors according to the method of opening: classification models

The important point is not just what is in and looks like the door, but also how it opens. For a small apartment may suit compact door designs, such as folding. Options is a set of folding doors, therefore, will not be difficult to find a suitable one.

Swing doors are the most popular on the market. They have a simple mechanism. Scheme their structure is standard, no matter what decorative elements includes door leaf.

There are different types of doors on the way of opening, which can be chosen at its discretion and in the light of the interior, where they will be installed

Properly chosen and installed the door - a pledge of comfort and beauty. Therefore, you need to know what are the different types of structures on the way of opening, before making a choice.

Existing types of doors for opening method:

Choice of doors is very large. It should be defined in advance with the construction, opening type, finishes and materials to make the final choice. A variety of wooden structures with a combination of other materials - extensively. Therefore, we can choose or make custom-made door, which perfectly fit into the interior of the apartment, and will last a long time its owner.

What is better to choose the interior doors for apartments

Modern consumers are asking about the selection for your apartment Interior doors. Not having certain skills, it is difficult to do on your own, so in the course are different advice on the price to the reviews. It is useful to know how to choose the best product according to material, size, what are the secrets of the selection by type, manufacturer and design.

What determines the choice of interior doors

Make repairs important for people to understand what is better to choose the interior doors for apartments. On the selection of the following factors:

  • price - should determine your budget (the product of an array of expensive, MDF or chipboard cheaper);
  • manufacturing material - wood, metal, glass, composite products;
  • Design - common harmony with the interior of the product;
  • kind of design - to get to your room;
  • Colour;
  • manufacturer.

What material used to make

Buy carpentry is not so simple: you need to consider in the selection of materials. How to choose the interior doors in an apartment on the manufacture of the material, because it affects the appearance, quality products, the ability to resist deformation? The basic materials are:

  • wooden array;
  • inlaid wood;
  • MDF - plates of fibers are a kind of masonite;
  • Extruded lightweight cardboard frame in the form of a honeycomb;
  • Particleboard, fiberboard;
  • glass coating, painting or not.

There are doors combined with inclusion of plastic, metal, glass, but is more valuable than all the models made of solid wood. The material is strong, durable, but at the same time the most expensive price. In embodiments, the budget is better to give preference glulam, which comprises several layers of well dried wood sheets glued together with a different direction of the fibers to prevent deformation.

Typesetter canvas is made from sticks of poplar, pine, covered with natural or artificial veneer: it gives excellent appearance design and high performance usage. MDF also no different in strength, because due to the special processing wood chips clings perfectly to each other, which prevents the deformation of the web.

Which to choose the interior doors - laminated or veneered? The laminate is made from paper and impregnation with synthetic resins, which gives the product its coating strength, a mechanical damage resistance. Veneer - a layer of wood to 1 mm thick may be artificial or natural, is inexpensive, it maintains the brightness, durable.

In the shops there are other types of coverage:

  • Varnish - they cover one-piece door array to impart durability;
  • Enamel - is applied over the MDF or particle board;
  • PVC film - is resistant to scratches, dents, extremes of heat and moisture, cheap in price but varied in quality and design.

How to choose the interior doors in the size of the apartment

Picking up the material and the coating, it is necessary to carry out measurements of the box and define the future size of the door. In addition to the size necessary to know the weight, which is an important factor in ease of use. If the size of the standard, the product can be purchased at the online store, and with non - ordered from the catalog factory. Standard interior door has the following characteristics: the height of 2000 mm, width 600-900 for single-leaf and two-leaf 1000-1800 mm.

To understand the dimensions of the door should know its parameters with a box whose thickness is 15-45 mm. This means that to the opening for the installation of fabric must be added value zadvoennogo parameter. When measuring the height it is necessary to take into account the existence of a threshold. The complexity may be the designation of height and width of the boxes on the European producers in modules: for example, the M21 - is the height of 2100 mm.

Price of interior doors for apartments

If the question arises, what luxury interior doors is better to choose for the apartments, it is necessary to examine the price. Below is an exemplary value of products depending on the material web:

Listelnoe (dialer) web

How to choose the interior doors for apartments

After determining the size of the door, its material of manufacture and coating, it is necessary to go to the question of how to choose the interior doors in quality and style. Here we must bear in mind that the door must be suitable to the interior of the apartment in color, harmoniously fit into it and do not interfere with surrounding objects decoration and furnishings. It should be remembered and doors: in a small space is better to put a convenient sliding model, and in more appropriate and swing.

The question of how to choose the interior doors in an apartment, it is important to consider where they are installed. Door function is obvious - they isolate the room, supported by sound and heat insulation, decorate the interior of the apartment, give it style. Bathroom and toilet should choose a narrower construction of the dead and the living room is perfect fit clamshell with glazing. If the apartment is a child or a pet, use Open structure or inserted into it tempered safety glass.

By design, the interior doors are:

  • Swing - are attached to the box on the loop, turn to one side, because of its affordable price are in demand;
  • tsargovye - with the stacked structure;
  • Sliding-radius - apart parallel to the wall or tucked into a special cavity on sliding rollers;
  • Folding - books when you open or folded like an accordion in half, do not provide optimal sound insulation.

The apartment is supported by your style, so it is important that the interior doors are made in a specific design, in harmony with the rest of the interior. Classification by design:

  • Classic - for their peculiar blind fabric panels separated into 2 parts.
  • Modern - here panels can have the original shape, different proportions. Jewelery made of glass, veneer.
  • Techno - they are characterized by austerity and minimalism, this cutting-edge model. Their difference - strict straight lines, blind or glazed design, no decorations on the glass (as pictured).
  • Hi-tech - minimal design, made of aluminum, glass, MDF and PVC film.
  • Baroque - artsy style palace luxury figure, it is characterized by the beautiful decor of precious metals, the use of precious wood colors in white, pink, red and dark shades. Decorate products semicircular arches, massive furniture, carving decoration in the form of plant motifs.

How to choose the color of interior doors

Style the entire room sets and color selection of interior doors. There are several options that will blend in with a hall, living room, hallway or corridor. Select shades possible with the selection in the color of the floor and skirting boards, the doors need to put a couple of shades lighter and to reinforce the color of the furniture. If you pick up the product in color of the furniture, it should be 4-5 shades lighter to avoid merging colors. If the selection is carried out in the color of the walls, it is necessary to choose a couple of shades darker.

  • White - suitable to all, give easy room;
  • wenge - noble dark color in the Baroque style, in harmony with the bright interiors;
  • natural wood - from dark to light, always looks flawless;
  • colored items - blue, red, purple - are suitable for children's rooms, and express the neo-classical style;
  • silver, powder-coated - these colors are characteristic of glass products.

In the shops there are Russian producers of metropolitan, regional and international. Some are famous for producing low-cost products, others - make quality fittings and linen, are characterized by high cost. Known recommendations are Vladimir, St. Petersburg, Tver and Belarusian door. Not far behind them Karelian, Ulyanovsk and Italian.

What better interior doors

In the Russian market there are not only domestic producers but also foreign. Ranking of the best and massive doors:

  • "Vladimir doors factory";
  • "Ulyanovsk-door";
  • "Belvuddors" - the representative of Belarus;
  • "Cabinetmaker";
  • "Verde";
  • "Alvero";
  • "Bravo".

If the array has no money, but to buy a quality product like, you can choose from the following manufacturers offering as material laminated wood, MDF, particle board:

Video: quality interior doors in the bathroom

Ask a question, which is better to choose the interior doors for apartments, I chose the model of the veneer material. Not a bit sorry for the 5 years of use - they are not deformed, not cracked and look like new. It is a merit trusted manufacturer and careful handling.

I prefer natural materials in their environment, so do not hesitate to buy them from a single array in the selection of interior doors. I like that they have excellent noise insulation, reliable and durable, will last a long time.

Interior doors - types of materials used, coating

Modern interior design relatively plentiful materials used and their direct device. The choice of interior structures for the home or office is carried out on the basis of a number of conditions: open system, appearance, reliability of the device.

Types of internal doors according to the method of opening

In the market of interior door products presented six key interior doors by the method of opening / closing: sliding, hinged, in the form of "book", folding, rotary, pendulum.

Interior swing device - pros and cons

This door design classic look with a loop fastening. Depending on the sash fittings open at one or both sides simultaneously.

Important! All fittings such doors are easily replaceable.

To choose the right wing doors, need to know their design features and variations.

Varieties swing designs:

  • Single-product easy to use, universally applicable;
  • Bivalve often mounted in the spacious rooms, equipped with two blades.

All hinged doors are divided into the following types:

  • Solid. Are flat and smooth surface. Fabrics made from wood or via the chassis;
  • Milled used to create masonite doors. Direct milling depth affects the thickness of the web, thanks to this approach, the product becomes solid appearance;
  • Framed panels are made of binding and frame. The design is divided into separate parts, each of which has a frame and original content. To fill used plywood, wood, glass, fiberboard;
  • Glass products are used for distinguishing and visual expansion of space;
  • Metal-plastic interior doors are increasingly used for office space. This kind of product moisture-proof, well cut off the noise.

Pros swing systems:

  • Flawlessly fit into the modern interior;
  • An extensive range;
  • Availability;
  • Reliability;
  • The huge range of material;
  • Wide range of colors;
  • Easy to operate.

The disadvantages include the following points:

  • To be controlled, so that the product has not subsided;

Important! To avoid deformation limiters are installed floor covering.

  • It occupies the space in the clear.

Interior sliding systems

A device of this kind of interior door includes the following components:

  • cloth;
  • The box is mounted in the opening;
  • Guide. This structural element responsible for the immediate movement of the web;
  • Accessories.

The web structure is performed whole or of several parts. The number of webs is determined by the width of the opening.

Important! With all the variety of models of interior doors opening mechanisms are the same type, and the products themselves differ only in appearance.

The most popular types:

Regarding the type of plowing are the following varieties of interior doors:

  • Sliding structure consists of a single leaf blade, which "rides" on a special roller mechanism in different directions;
  • Sliding folding. Design feature - the two flaps that are leaving when plowing in opposite directions. But the method of plowing depends on the type of roller mechanism - coordinated or independent. When using an agreed mechanism to open if one flap is automatically set in motion and a second. Independent mechanism such powers not vested;
  • Cassette door. With this arrangement, when plowing blade is hidden in the wall.

Before you give preference to products sliding, let's look at their strengths and weaknesses.

  • Space saving;
  • At the closing of the valves does not affect draft;
  • An opportunity to open the sash without effort;
  • The ability to automate the design;
  • No thresholds.

By cons include these points:

  • Folds closed tightly fitting to the box, so the sound and heat insulation is reduced;
  • There are restrictions on the form of the opening;

Important! If you acquire a device with cheap furniture, it will affect the performance of the product.

From classical models, these systems differ in that they do not require much space when plowing, so save space. They are arranged so that when plowing flaps folded.

In most cases, the door-leaf book two, but their number is adjusted. The flaps are made symmetrical or asymmetrical.

Door elements disclosed in one or two directions simultaneously. Transom door can be located on the edge of the opening, along a wall or go into it.

Material - wood or the products of its processing. Model number of this type of interior doors is extensive. Relevant models with mirror-coated or glazed.

Interior doors laptop in a wide price range.

The advantages of this type of device:

  • System Security. The doors are equipped with a special mechanism that prevents a sudden collapse;
  • Space saving;
  • Modern design;
  • Easy installation.

Among the negative moments emit low sound and heat insulation.

Important! Premium models are fitted with expensive furniture and high-quality seals, avoiding the penetration of noise in the room.

This type of construction is used for small apartments, but has more negative aspects than positive.

  • A key advantage - a significant space savings;
  • Easy installation;
  • Availability.
  • No soundproofing. At this point, affect the holes that can be seen throughout the design above and below the door, between the elements themselves;
  • Does not prevent the penetration of smells, here, too, play a role in the design of the hole;
  • short service life;
  • The abundance of mobile elements causes that the door is often jammed.

interior folding type door is limited by the type of materials for the manufacture of:

  • Plastic. Such variant products is long, since all the elements are made of plastic. Membranes between the structural elements are made of soft rubbery material. But when they burst operation, the device comes into disrepair and in need of repair. The plastic does not withstand exposure to heat, and the design is deformed within a short time.
  • Tree. Such a material is preferably used for the folding devices. Since no elements of plastic and metal used.

The peculiarity of this type of interior door began plowing system that includes swings open, and a sliding pendulum principle.

Important! Rotary design are equipped with a unique mechanism that sets the direct path of movement of the door during operation.

The door is equipped with modern tilt-sliding mechanism, which consists of three components:

  • Rail with groove, mounted on top of the box;
  • Rotary joint with a roller, which contributes to an easy and smooth rotation of the apparatus move along the rail;
  • A lever associated with the top mechanism, the axis of rotation built into one of the box struts. Through this approach, the lever provides a fabric fixing in space.
  • Versatility;
  • Simple installation procedure. Since the lid unit is delivered fully assembled, the master need roofing mount it into the opening;
  • Excellent sound and heat insulation. Such a moment is achieved by the brush-type seal;
  • Ease of use;
  • Originality plowing.

The disadvantages include the following:

  • Such an arrangement is not suitable for massive doors - heavy sash weights affect the term of its operation;
  • High price;
  • The complexity of the device does not make the door yourself.

Pendulum interior systems

This type of interior door - a kind of hinged systems. The key difference between the pendular device - the ability to swing open in any direction. All designs are equipped with a built-in pendulum axle spring mechanism, in which the web is built.

Axial mechanism can be with or without closers.

Important! For normal operation of the door with the door closer device becomes imperative to use additional spring elements, which are disposed above and below the device.

Pendulum interior doors are divided into subspecies:

  • Glass. The advantage of these products - durability and ease of operation;
  • Aluminum. This glass doors, placed in an aluminum frame;
  • PVC. Classic models with double-glazed windows;
  • Wood.

Pros pendulum systems:

  • The absence of the box for easy mounting. But in this case due to the absence of such a component decreases sound- and heat insulation;
  • Lower axial mounting, which bear the entire load;
  • Possibility of versatile plowing;
  • Closing speed is adjustable flaps through the upper axial mounting.

Types of interior doors in material manufacturing and finishing

Among the abundance of varieties of interior doors is required to select a material manufactured device correctly.

Interior doors made of solid wood are the highest price category, since their manufacturing precious woods. Available in paneled and panel board products.

Important! Product surface is covered with a special varnish, protective film on the base paper.

Advantages of wood products:

  • Attractive appearance;
  • Environmentally friendly;
  • Moisture resistance.

Another negative factor is the high price.

various types of coatings are used to improve the appearance of webs of inexpensive wood. The most common technique - glueing surface veneer products. The base is made of particle board, on which the two sides attach veneer of fine wood.

The use of such doors should be careful. We'll have to monitor the temperature and humidity in the room. If you violate the conditions of operation used the wood to swell, resulting in delamination of the coating.

  • The outer covering of valuable wood makes the product expensive type;
  • Resistance to mechanical stress;
  • Low weight;
  • Availability.

However, due to direct sunlight on the surface of the faded stains may occur that it becomes less of such products.

In the manufacture of plastic panels attached to the surface texture which imitates wood thoroughly different breeds.

Key positive properties of plastic products:

  • Resistance to moisture;
  • Strength;
  • Excellent sound and thermal insulation properties.

Important! In order to achieve the product tightness, flexible sealing.

Transparent interior design become immensely popular because they help delineate and expand the space visually. anti-shattering glass used to make (at least 8 mm thick), which gives the strength of the device.

  • Magnification space;
  • Humidity resistance;
  • No deformation;
  • Ease of maintenance.
  • Such articles are afraid with a sharp object;
  • expensiveness;
  • The complexity of the installation;
  • Significant weight.

Different models differ in appearance and cost, and the functions they perform. Choosing the material interior door, rely on their own tastes and preferences.

Thanks to a sufficient number of specialized trade.

Every housewife knows how important every detail in the house. .

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