Grand Line - water drainage system. Description, mounting features

Water drainage system for a roof is a complex product that is responsible for quality and timely removal of fluid from the roof. They can be made of different materials. Once the water is in the gutter, it enters the sewer system or the ground. If drainage is done correctly, it will keep the pristine appearance of the building and its reliability and eliminate the premature wear of the materials.

In the vastness of today's market, you can find the drains, which are presented in a wide range. Among other features should allocate Grand Line. Water drainage system of the company has an acceptable cost and excellent performance characteristics.

Description of drainage system of the brand Grand Line

Manufacturing Process Grand Line constantly being improved and upgraded. Actively introducing new technological developments, experts are making amendments to the manufacturing process that produces a product that is unique in its segment.

Grand Line - water drainage system, which is used in the manufacture of special alloy steel obtained by cold-rolling techniques. Surface galvanized products covered by that guarantee protection against external influences. The thickness of the elements is 0.6 mm, while the top of drain systems are covered by the polyurethane material, which allows to improve the coating characteristics.

Grand Line - water drainage system, which has:

  • resistant to chemicals;
  • stiffness;
  • strength;
  • resistant to the effects of ultraviolet radiation;
  • excellent protection against rust.

When compared with plastoizolom polyurethane and polyester, the first material is an order of magnitude higher than the rest of its technical characteristics. With it possible to obtain products that can be used in a wide range of temperatures ranging from -60 to +120 ° C.

To increase the reliability of drains are covered with polyurethane on both sides. The manufacturer guarantees that in the decade since the beginning of operation of the drain will retain its original appearance. During 25 years of operation, it is distinguished by permanent technical characteristics.

The manufacturer uses another kind of protection - Aluzinc. It is an electroplated material which provides corrosion resistance and stability of color over the entire service period. Grand Line - water drainage system, which is covered with an organic substance EasyfilmS, responsible for ensuring that products do not remain on the prints after touching. In addition, such treatment also ensures mechanical protection to the product are not damaged during installation and transportation. Such gutters may be operated at even a wider temperature range, which is within the range from -60 to +315 ° C.

Described drains differ simplicity of design, so you can install them yourself. However, before starting work it is important to stock up on a certain set of tools, including:

  • rubber or wooden mallet;
  • hacksaw;
  • Metal scissors;
  • measuring tool;
  • screwdriver;
  • pliers;
  • cable marking.

Instructions for installation of drainage system Grand Line involves the installation of hooks. First, you must use long hooks for gutters, which must be in place before the laying of roofing material. To fix should use eaves board or rafters. The final decision will depend on the configuration of the roof and the wishes of the owner.

If the roof is already established, it is possible to do a kind of short hooks that hardens on the frontal board. The distance between the fasteners remains constant and equal to 0.6 mm. For easy flow into the funnel, such hooks must be installed with a slight offset.

Metal water drainage system Grand Line provides for funnels and caps. To do this, cut a hole in the gutter where you plan to place the funnel. The width of the openings is equal to the limit of 100 to 110 mm, if the system has dimensions equal 125h90 mm. The width increases to a limit of 120 to 130 mm, if the dimensions are equal 150h100 mm. The step between the trough end and the funnel should be 150 mm, while 15 mm should be left as a gap of the recess to the upper edge.

The funnel must be installed on the trough, it is possible to strengthen the locking connection by tilting the lock inside. The plug will be located on the same ends of the trough, which are not adjacent to other system components. For reliable sealing of joints, use the appropriate structure, you can apply an additional rivets. Connections sealed rubber mallet.

Water drainage system Grand Line 125x90 mm will have as part of the gutter, installation of which should be implemented on a particular technology. One of them is placed inside the hook, and after the retainer is put in and fixed via a plate-type parts. The instructions you will be able to find information about what the lower part of the trough should be placed above the inner side of 6 mm, this will prevent ingress of liquid on the facade.

In place of the need to set Cornice strip, which is put into the bottom of the trough, it would eliminate the soaking fascia boards. Under the bar is displayed waterproofing that will guarantee unimpeded drainage. Joined the complaint by special elements with rubber gaskets that allow you to compensate for thermal expansion, providing tightness.

Water drainage system Grand Line, the price of which will be made up of the value of individual elements, assumes the presence of a semi-circular trough gutter connection and plugs. If the gutter size will 150h100 mm, the semicircular its variant will cost 1092 rubles., While the connector is worth 198 rubles. With regard to the caps, then for it will have to pay 167 rubles.

Drains Grand Line: domestic competitive products

Maintain the attractiveness of the appearance of the building and protect against premature destruction of his cap, blind area, and the facade is possible only if in some way to prevent the accumulation of precipitation on the roof surface. The best option - to organize a controlled run-off and the subsequent removal of water on the ground or in the storm sewer system. That is why the pitched roof is recommended to be sure to equip the drain system.

Operational features of the functioning of the system or other drain is usually dictated by the local climatic conditions. And not as a domestic manufacturer to know all the details of the Russian climate. Developing drains Grand Line, experts of the company of the same name took care not only about that. Products manufactured today, the five largest plants in Russia, is not inferior in its design similar to the Western model, besides - is universal, it can be installed on roofs with any geometry, and is fully consistent with the system of European standards with international standards EN 612. (Of.sayt

In the market of the Grand Line drains it is available in three versions:

  • two dimensional rulers with round section;
  • system with a rectangular cross-section.

Such variance structures allows their use in various fields of construction, in particular, 125 × 90 - in low-rise, and 150 × 100, respectively, in industrial and civil building objects.

In addition to differences in sizes, these accessories for roofs also differ in the type of coverage.

Bilateral polyurethane coating ↑

Drains Grand Line are made of cold-rolled steel hot-dip galvanized with the application on both sides of the polyurethane. Such a processing significantly improves the performance of the material, providing:

  • improved resistance to UV;
  • high resistance to chemical attack, typical for the atmosphere in large cities, in particular, acid rain, nitric, hydrochloric and sulfuric acids.
  • superior resistance to corrosion and mechanical damage;

water drainage system Grand Line with a polyurethane coating

Bilateral coating puralom allows to expand the color gamut. She does not lose for decades gloss and color intensity. For this production provided a guarantee, the firm in writing, the appearance - 10 years and up to 25 - in the technical characteristics.

In the production system, only size 125 × 90 is used also imported steel of the same thickness - 0.6 mm Aluzinc® coating. It has sufficiently high resistance parameters which allow to protect steel during the whole operation period from exposure to corrosive environment, corrosion, darkening, discoloration, and so on. D. Applying a thin layer of organic coating Antifinger (Easyfilm S), fingerprints thereon does not remain It protects the product during transport and installation. The warranty on the product coated with Aluzinc® a little less - 7 years. (Data of the Wiki)

  • Increased bandwidth. The depth of the trough is increased in comparison with similar products from other manufacturers by about a quarter. It can withstand heavy loads during heavy rains, as well as mechanical, caused by slippage of a thick layer of snow. The thoroughly balanced between the depth of the trough and the diameter of the pipe, water drainage system Grand Line has a maximum bandwidth.
  • Tightness. The design of the ring allows gutter connector as accurately fix it to the pipe, and the presence of the rubber seal provides sealing joint. The lock allows multiple closing and opening.
  • Big thickness of steel than other drains. This figure makes the product stronger and more durable, reduces the likelihood of damaging them during transport and installation.
  • The lack of color variation. The use of high quality materials ensures color uniformity polyurethane coating over the entire maintenance period.
  • Color spectrum. Among the 11 different colors, you can choose the most suitable for each roof.
  • The special design of the gutter. It allows you to wrap from the top of the flow of water in the central part of the bottom. Thus, the drain Grandlayn eliminates the ingress of water on blind area or building facade.
  • Independence from the weather conditions. The product is suitable for use in virtually all regions, since it has a wide enough operating temperature range: from -60 ° C to + 120 ° C.
  • Economy. The ability to set one funnel 15 meters eaves, thus reducing the cost of the knee and pipes.

Before installing the products necessary to prepare the following tools: mallet (a wooden or rubber), hacksaw (can be a pair of scissors on metal), ticks tool, screwdriver, ruler and marking cord.

Installation is performed in sequence.

  • Mounting hooks

  • Long gutter hooks are installed prior to installation of the material for the roof - either on the rafters or on the eaves board, providing greater system stability and reliability.
  • When installing the hook after the completion of the roofing device using short, they are mounted on the front board.
  • And in fact, and in another case, the installation step - 600-900 mm.
  • To improve water flow in the funnel, the hooks are arranged with vertical offset.

The number of funnels are calculated taking into account one of the conditions:

  • At the groove in the places where it is supposed to place them, cut a V-shaped opening. For systems 125h90 width is 100-110 mm, and for 150h100 - 120-130 mm.
  • Between the neck and the upper edge should be at least 15 mm, and the distance from the end of the chute to funnel - 150 mm.
  • The funnel was put on a tray and an inturned side is fixed in the lock on the outside of his hand, then folded clips inside it.
  • Plugs must be installed at the ends of the gutters, non-contiguous with other elements.
  • The joints are sealed using silicone sealant, and if necessary, and rivets.
  • The compound is compacted by means of a rubber mallet.

  • The trough is inserted into the hook. To do this his inner edge of the lead into the lock, and the outer edge of the record, throwing a plate holder.
  • Then establish eaves bar, setting the stage for the lower edge of the trough to prevent the front board from wetting.
  • Waterproofing outputted under the bar and thereby provide a water flow.
  • For compounds of this element using a special connector butt. The connector is provided with a rubber gasket, providing the tightness, but also compensates for thermal expansion.

  • Brackets pipe set with a maximum step in the meter, but less than two per tube.
  • The first bracket is fixed directly to the locations where the pipes are joined together or to elbows.
  • downspout length should allow to set knee Photo without reaching about 200 mm to otmostki / land. This is necessary in order to prevent water from splashing.
  • For the organized flow equip storm sewers.

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Advantages of the Grand Line gutter system

Drain installed in each building to ensure the collection of rainfall from the roof and pull them to the ground or the sewer system. This construction element to protect the structure from an early iznosa.Raschet roofing nails for Ondulina shown on this page.

The photograph shows all the elements of the drainage system Grand Lline

In the manufacture of the gutter elements Grand Line system uses polymeric organic coating. With this material drains are highly resistant to UV light, external damage. The polymer is applied both on the inside and the outside of the product, which provides increased strength. The elements of this system are considered to be durable, they can be used for 25 years. Water drainage system withstands temperature range of - 600 to + 1200.

Drains Grand Line are made of galvanized metal and meet the international European standards. The system is easy to install as much as possible.

Drains Grand Line are two sizes, it is possible to use them when installing the roofs of various buildings.

  1. Grand Line 125 × 90. Used in the construction of buildings with few floors.
  2. Grand Line 150 × 100. It is used for the construction of multi-storey houses and industrial facilities.

Color product line consists of a wide range, allowing them to pick up any kind and roofing type.

In the photo the finished gutter Grand Line, mounted on the roof

Calculation of the Grand Line gutter system

Before installing the system it is necessary to know the expected volume of runoff. This parameter directly influences the diameter and number of gutters funnels. Usually drains have all the corners of the roof.

Make a professional design and draw a diagram of the drain can a specialist in the construction of roofs.

General rules when selecting accessories:

  • During the construction of one-storey building, shed, garage ramps area up to 75 square meters. meters chute section should be equal to 65-120 mm, and the pipe diameter of 55-80 mm.
  • At building of houses of several floors with skates area of ​​100 square meters. meters chute section should be equal to 120-135 mm, and the pipe diameter of 80-105 mm.
  • For a skate structure area of ​​100 sq. meters chute section should be in the range of 140-200 mm, and the pipe diameter of 90-160 mm.

Installation rules Gutter Grand Line System

For the installation of the system will need the following tools and materials:

  • Kiyanka (wooden or rubber)
  • Drill
  • pliers
  • Screwdriver
  • Screws
  • Building level
  • Tape measure or ruler
  • Hacksaw or tin snips
  • Kryukogib
  • marking cord

Installation steps Gutter Grand Line systems include:

  1. Fixing hooks:
    • The hook is power drain structure. These elements are fixed to the rafters or the eaves board.
    • Recommended installation 650-950 mm step.

Short and long hooks are installed similarly, but long hooks should be installed prior to installation of roofing mater, or later have to dismantle part of the roof

  • The hooks should be set with a vertical offset, as for better water drainage trough slope requires at least 5-6 mm. the slope of the roof extension line should fall at about the center of the gutter.
  • Installing gutters funnels

    To install the funnels in the gutters need to cut a hole through which the two elements can be put together. After the incision is made, the edges must be clean.

    For Grand Line drain hole 125h90 recommended width of 100-110 mm. Gutter Grand Line 150h100 - 120-130 mm.

    When mounting funnels special grid can be installed to prevent large objects, leaves to runoff.

    In a photo montage of elements of drainage system

    Brackets are mounted on the pipe wall, at a distance of not more than 1 m from each other, but at least 2 pieces per tube.

    All parts are fastened to each other by special clamps. For wooden and brick load-bearing structures using different types of collars.

    downspout length should be such that the knee Photo was at a distance of about 30-40 cm from the ground. Draining is a rotary tube which diverts the flow of water from the walls and the foundation of the building.

    For the organization of the water flow is required to equip the storm sewers.

    Image schema gutter system and storm sewer

    In the end, the design needs to be aligned, attach the gutter system to the funnel, adjust the brackets and snap locks, put on the clamps Special clamps. To learn how to carry out repairs seam roof, described in detail here:

    Post-construction cleaning and maintenance:

    Recommended system periodically perform cleaning of dirt and leaves. Be sure to carry out a visual inspection. On pitched roofs can be installed snow retention system, it will prevent the sudden descent of snow and ice.

    Installation of drainage system is shown Grand Line inherits a video:

    Prices for the Grand Line gutter system

    There is the possibility of acquiring finished products (drains), their average cost 5,000 rubles (125h90) and 5,600 rubles (150h100). Also, all components can be purchased individually, one by one.

    Check out the step by step directions mounting corrugated board on this page.

    Where to buy the Grand Line drain system?

    Suppliers in Moscow

    1. "Roof World" LLC, 8 (495) 995-40-99, 8 (496) 610-06-24,
    2. "StroyStandart" LLC, 8 (495) 777-90-32,
    3. Grand Line, 8 (499) 712-02-34, 8 (967) 144-68-74,
    4. "Best pho Home" LLC, 8 (499) 408-00-30, 347-00-30, 8 (919) 970-98-00,
    5. Vestmet, 8 (495) 989-98-72, 789-96-72,

    Suppliers in St. Petersburg

    1. Grand Line, 8 (812) 677-12-27, 677-27-70,
    2. LenProfiSnab, 8 (812) 984-80-67,
    3. OOO "TOP HOUSE", 8 (812) 244-60-70,
    4. BigBuild, 8 (812) 244-94-98,
    5. Center for roofing and facade systems, 8 (812) 309-88-39,

    It is not enough just to buy a ready-made kit for the construction of drainage, you should also perform the installation correctly. Designed to help in this video tutorial:

    Metal gutter system of the Grand Line is gaining recognition among consumers due to its high quality and durability available konstruktsiy.Dostatochno construction costs and Variation color range makes the product even more attractive. Read more about the features of the installation of drainage systems for roofs.

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    Generally firm Grand Line has positioned itself as the best company to drains through a special depth of the gutter. The company says that this feature provides a more improved water drainage. As far as true - I have no idea .. But if someone uses such a system, or installed, then be happy to listen to the other reviews.

    Accidentally hit on this article and to the point. I myself have recently built a small cottage and installed drain Grand Line 125 × 90 system. As the saying goes, gather himself. All items are available. Only need to build and install properly, and I succeeded.