Damage to the microwave: Truth or Myth?

Many people nowadays prefer to microwave oven, not realizing that it can be dangerous. The media source can be heard that the microwave, which is based on the operation of the instrument, is harmful. First of all, the microwave damage can be evaluated by the health effect. Is there evidence of studies on this subject? Of course, that's only their results are often contradictory and suggest diametrically opposite things. We try to figure out whether you can reheat food in the devices of this type, and whether there are unpleasant consequences from the use of such food.

The question whether the microwave, can be answered in different ways harmful, depending on what position a person takes. The fact that the same phenomenon (the effect of microwaves on the body) have an individual effect on each body. One subject was quite a week to warm food in the microwave, so that he had problems with digestion. The second is to use a food for several years, and the question of harm will not be so acute.

This lack of a clear division generates the eternal question: Is it possible to use the microwave? Whether harmful food cooked in it, for a man? In fairness it should be noted that the food from the microwave, in itself - not the most healthy food, and it is not in the action of ultrashort waves, and in the principle of cooking. Microwave ovens are used mainly for the preparation of a "fast food", which refers to a conventionally not useful foods (e.g., popcorn, hot dogs, fast defrosting products).

If you neglect proper nutrition, you can pretty quickly make problems with the gastrointestinal tract and peristalsis, and the case is not in the "pernicious influence" of the radiation emitted from a microwave oven.

Unhealthy food cooked in a microwave oven, capable of causing to weight gain, which also can be attributed to the harmful effects, but it is in the wrong diet, not in a direct and clearly negative effects of microwaves. Rather difficult to draw a line where the damage starts from the device and failure to comply with human basic rules of food hygiene.

Some researchers believe that reheat in the microwave is not harmful, and another thing full cooking cycle meals in a microwave oven. Recent sensational revelations, many may remember the experiment of a schoolgirl who for seven days to water the plants with water, heated in a microwave oven. The result was impressive: the plant died. However, it proves little because tens of millions of people every day cook in these devices and do not have any apparent health problems. That is why the question of whether the harmful microwave to health, still remains open.

The negative impact of microwave

Because so far not formed a unified classification of the impact, try to do it yourself. Data derived from multiple sources (including known that studies conducted in hospitals, clinics, home and working conditions under different loads and degree of involvement), allow to draw some preliminary conclusions. so, damage to the microwave oven to human health is as follows:

  1. Brain. Ambiguous study Russian and Swiss doctors showed that radiation from a microwave oven causes irreversible changes in the cerebral cortex. Impulses sent by neurons, become shorter and are subject to depolarization.
  2. Digestive system. Cooked in the microwave product wrongly identified gastrointestinal system (gastrointestinal tract). Simply put, our bodies are not able to recognize such a food, and does not relate it to the food. Such dissonance leads to misuse the assimilation of food and speedy if desired organism rather to bring it, without recovering useful and nutrients. In other words, even copiously dined food from the microwave, you can leave the body is hungry, because he simply does not know how to operate properly.
  3. hormonal system. Here the situation is no better than with the previous paragraph. First, frequent use of the products exposed to microwaves, a negative impact on the development of male and female hormones. According to scientists, this is due to the fact that the human body still has not learned to respond correctly to the products that are obtained by treating in the microwave. Eating such food, man thus confuses the body's own adjustment, hampering the work of the digestive organs, and in some cases, making it impossible altogether.
  4. irreversibility. Alas, all the effects listed above tend to accumulate like a snowball. Doubly unpleasant fact that these effects are irreversible (simply because it is not developed as a method to resist them).
  5. Difficulty in mastering vitamins, minerals and other beneficial substances to the human body. In this case, the microwave oven is hazardous to health, no less. The heating process in the machine changes the properties of the minerals and vitamins so that the human body simply can not digest them properly. The danger lies in the fact that, once in the body, these "modified" minerals and vitamins not only absorbed, but not displayed, lingering inside, creating deposits in the blood vessels and joints.
  6. This hypothesis is so far from the realm of theory, but it also has the right to publicity. The fact that carcinogenic (in particular, free radicals) enter the body after the heat treatment of food in a microwave oven. In particular, if the warm up vegetables, part of the minerals contained in them will become to carcinogens.
  7. The risk of gastric cancer. Harm microwaves lies in the fact that the products are made directly and indirectly may contribute to the development of cancer. As a confirmation of this hypothesis, researchers give a vivid example: a flash of cancer in the United States who have come just at the time of propagation of microwaves.
  8. Another unfavorable prognosis from prolonged use of the instrument - repeatedly ascending the risk of developing a blood cancer. According to numerous clinical studies, the food from the microwave oven significantly increases the chance of occurrence of this deadly disease.
  9. Effects on immunity. Bad news for our immune system. It's unfortunate, but it is clinically proven that eating foods subjected to heat treatment in a microwave oven, affect the operation of the lymph nodes and lymph glands. Hence the slow lymph flow throughout the body, and as a result, accelerated aging of the whole organism. In addition, significantly reduced blood clotting, resulting in the slow healing of wounds.
  10. the negative impactconcentration and attention (Memory, thinking, images). Surprisingly, the food from the microwave, even a negative effect on our way of thinking, which confirms the correctness of the statements once again "we are what we eat." Swiss scientist delete an experiment in which it became clear: experimental, longer time to eat food from the microwave, showed themselves much worse intellectually. It was difficult to concentrate at work, they are a long time could not concentrate and showed a general decline in cognitive activity.

As can be understood of the above list, the debate about the benefit or harm lie behind the use of the microwave, go so far and have a lot of supporters on both sides. Perhaps microwave detrimental effect on health, but the extent of this damage is offset by the strong to negligible.

The unequivocal answer to the question of whether the food from the microwave, there is still no harmful. Why, if there is so much evidence of apparent harm to the human body, these devices are still standing quietly on the shelves of all major retail stores of household appliances? After all, nobody in their right mind would sell a technique that causes irreparable damage to human health, and in extreme cases, killing him.

Most likely, it's not so bad, the truth will be somewhere in between. After all, in addition to obvious shortcomings, there have microwaves many advantages. This could include their speed, versatility and reliability due to simplicity of design. Consumer definitely came to taste this product, and it's not going so easy to give it up, despite numerous warnings of various initiative groups.

Is it harmful to reheat food in the microwave? Or its effect on the human body is somewhat exaggerated? In the end, the producers of this type of home appliances have all the necessary types of certifications that are very difficult to obtain. By the way, the technological innovations that are somehow negatively affect the health of the consumer, do not find their way to the mass market, or, hitting the shops, just as quickly disappear from the shelves if received any complaints. So talk about some of the dangers of deliberate collusion manufacturers is unlikely to, these issues are handled by many different organizations.

Wondering harmful microwaves - myth or reality should remain impartial and be aware that any technological device, one way or another, affects the human body.

Just in one case, a similar effect can become apparent as soon as possible, and in the second case does not manifest itself for many years, even decades, after which it is difficult to say what exactly was the cause and catalyst for such changes.

Most likely, the harm and benefits of microwave oven will about the same, different from one user to another, because the individual characteristics of the organism has not been canceled. Often, the use of microwave leads to the so-called "food promiscuity" when a person begins to neglect a healthy and nutritious food, rich in all the necessary nutrients. This is precisely the harm, but it is not caused by the device itself.

Of course, if you eat only food from the microwave, you may encounter some problems, but the same statement is applicable to any kind of household appliances, all should observe moderation, it will help to maintain health for many years.

It should be remembered that, in spite of the existing data on the microwave harm to human health, there is evidence to refute a number of criticisms. Research teams conducting trials to dispel the myth that the microwave - it just hurt. This is done primarily in order to avoid mass panic and prioritize without unnecessary emotions. Of course, the device is not devoid of structural disadvantages which make its use controversial. It is not "absolute good", however, do not write him off too soon, because microwave ovens have become part of our life and make it more comfortable and convenient.

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Microwave ovens are dangerous mostly not for human health (the health of pregnant women only), and for the electronics which can incapacitate and cause interference caused by improper operation.

can be dangerous only if you include with the door open and get up close (spekutsya head and eggs), so it is best to wear clothes and tin foil hat on approach to running the microwave to human health.

The radiation can escape if defective (leaking) microwave chamber. You can check this: put in a broken microwave mobile phone, close the cover and try him to call - if the cell phone in the microwave rings, the camera is leaking and will skip the microwave at work (for cell phones length of the radio wave is greater than that of microwaves Therefore, if a signal from a mobile phone.. passes through the slit, the microwave wave microwaves will especially)

Is there any damage from the microwave

The first microwave ovens jokingly called the kitchen appliances bachelor. Perhaps, the first generation of these devices, and justify this definition. But now the microwave replenished so many different functions, that their talents were truly innumerable.

Management of this device by the processor, which specify the parameters may itself suggest recipe. And soon this wonderful culinary assistant learns to perceive the voice commands of his mistress.

But contemplating unhurried rotation defrosted or warming up ready-made meals, involuntarily ask a question has no impact if a microwave on the human body? This question is not idle.

Physical basis of operation of the microwave oven

Let us recall the basic concepts of a school course of physics. Effect of microwave heating is carried out due to exposure to microwave radiation of the products in the oven.

The source of these emissions is a magnetron. The frequency of microwave radiation 2450 GHz. The electrical component of this radiation has a dipole on the molecule orienting action substance. Dipole - a molecule with opposite charges on its various ends. The electric field dipoles manages to expand to 180 degrees 5.9 billion times per second. This frantic speed leads to friction and heating of molecules consisting of these substances.

Microwave radiation penetrates no deeper than 3 cm, further heating is carried out due to heat transfer from the outer to the inner layers. Pronounced dipoles are water molecules. Therefore, liquid and liquids products are heated more quickly. The molecules of vegetable oils - no dipoles. Do not try to warm up in the microwave.

The microwave radiation used in the microwave oven has a wavelength of about 12 cm. From the frequency scale between infrared and radio waves, they possess similar properties to them.

What damage from the microwave

People are happy to believe the rumors and myths. We check existing rumors about the dangers of microwave ovens.

First of all, let's talk about the risks, which carries radiation from a microwave oven. Among nutritionists and physicists then erupt, then subside debate on this topic.

Referring to possible negative influences. Direct damage is possible in the form of radiation from microwave ovens operating.

A side may be a negative factor in the deformation and destruction of the molecules and the creation of radiolytic compounds, i.e. non-existent in nature, under the action of the same ultrahigh frequency. The impact of microwaves on food that does not end.

Microwave radiation can cause ionization of water molecules (the loss or gain of the extra electron atom). And it is changing its structure.

Malignancy such water for living organisms has been verified by experiment on two identical plants, one of which was watered usual boiled water, the other - water vskipyachonnoy microwaved. The experiment was stopped at day 9 as well as a second plant died. It was then this water dubbed "dead" water and extending the term for products past cooking of the microwave radiation.

What can counter these arguments? Only scientifically grounded opinion of physicists who say that waves of this length has no ionizing effect on living tissue. Consequently, there may not affect the atomic structure of the molecular substances and are able only to cause its heating ... Moreover, since the efficiency of the magnetron up to 80%, cooking of the products is extremely fast. And the food is prepared to lose a minimum of nutrients.

Further, the housing itself reflects the microwave radiation occurs without passing them to the outside. Glass door portion shielded metal mesh impermeable "malicious" outwardly wave. When you open the door immediately disables automatic magnetron. By the way, its capacity is quite high - several hundred watts. If the door is open does not work protection, breaking the magnetron, and you will find yourself in the radiation power from the generator is very harmful and even burns the internal organs are guaranteed!

It would seem that the harm of microwave offset by its well thought-out design. But confidence in it safely strongly poshatnotsya if we tell that wily microwaves have the ability to literally "leak" through tiny cracks and holes, and perfectly absorbed by the water-containing objects, what is the human body. The cause of the cracks, can, will appear a factory marriage, and an idle housewife, say the accumulation of carbon deposits on the door.

Arguing about the harm of microwave ovens, do not forget about the cumulative effect of microwave radiation. If indeed there is even a slight leak, the harmful effect will accumulate as you use this device. Caused damage can be expressed:

  • in dizziness;
  • sleepiness;
  • in turbidity in the eyes;
  • in signs of heart failure;
  • children may be irrational crying and nervousness.

How to check the microwave radiation and the presence of her leak

In the infinite expanses of the Internet, you can find a description of several ways to check the microwave radiation.

  1. Armed with two mobile phones. One of them put into the microwave. Close the door. Call from the second mobile phone on the apparatus, "languishing in solitary confinement." If he calls, therefore, microwave radiation passes inwardly and outwardly respectively.
  2. Cup of water put in the microwave. Set 800 W and time 2 minutes. During this time, the water must boil. After termination of the experiment and trip device, gently remove the water glass. If the water has begun to boil under these conditions - it's all right. If the water remains cold, so radiation does not do its job and escape.
  3. The following method is used desirably in the dark. For some time, turn on the microwave and bring it to the fluorescent lamp. If the light comes on - there is a leak.
  4. And this method is effective only when a strong leakage. Turn off the light and bring the door to a bunch of keys. The presence of even a tiny spark, too, indicates the passage of microwave radiation.
  5. When operating the stove carefully slide along the edge of the closed door. If it is hot - there is a leak.

However, the effectiveness of all the proposed methods may be in doubt. Check with the help of mobile devices already unreliable because cell phones and microwave ovens operating frequencies are different.

The most reliable method is to verify via special detector microwave radiation. We deliver glass to the microwave oven with the cold water, close the door and to operate the oven.

Bringing the detector close to its front wall, looking around the perimeter and the diagonals of the door, fixing at the corners. If there is no radiation, the indicator arrow will not leave the green zone of the scale. If it is within the red zone, there is a leak of microwave radiation. A method for efficient and absolutely reliable.

For safe use of the microwave oven

Officially permitted emission of microwaves, which can provide a person a microwave without any harm to his health throughout its "life" in two inches from the front wall is about 5 milliwatts (mW) of microwave radiation per square centimeter. This figure is far below the maximum permissible level. And as we move away from the microwave oven, the wave energy decreases very quickly.

All microwave ovens have two independent locking systems which prevent inadvertent opening of the door operating device.

Question dangerous than the microwave, it is wiser to consider the perspective - as it is dangerous.

Even if you are convinced of the tightness of your microwave, you should not make obvious violations in its use.

  1. You can not put the microwave next to the dining table or a kitchen stove.
  2. It is forbidden to put the unit in a metal bowl. Even metallic paint can cause an arc, damaging the magnetron and microwave protective sheath.
  3. If possible, use a microwave oven to warm up and defrost foods products, with a working grasp of the plate to "respectful" distance.
  4. If the person lives with an implanted pacemaker, it is wiser not to use these appliances.

If you use the microwave properly, correctly place it in the kitchen, kept clean, then there is no harm microwave to human health is not. Use of health!

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A collection of answers to your questions

Over the last decade, an apartment filled with all sorts of technical devices designed to help in the home. Man barely remembers how he used to do without air conditioning, steamer, food processor and blender. A special place is the microwave - is it for a minute is able to evenly heat up dinner and feed the whole family. Idyll technological progress spoiling single negative messages - "Harm microwave can threaten your health!".

Damage to the microwave: myth or reality?

Before sounding the alarm, you need to understand the principles of operation of the microwave oven. The main mechanism of the home appliances - the magnetron. It is this instrument studies electromagnetic waves, so that housewives are trying to scare. How does the microwave oven:

  1. After starting the apparatus, the magnetron starts to emit microwave radiation.
  2. Wave (12 cm long) reflection from casing coated with a special coating and create in the middle chamber an electromagnetic field.
  3. The molecules of water and fat, under the influence of microwave radiation, a chaotic start to oscillate, which leads to heating of the product.

When used in the home of a new generation of microwave devices, microwave damage is zero. Now, about the quality of food, having been in such a furnace working chamber:

  • Nutrients. Due to the rapid heating of the product, the amount of stored nutrients is 70% more than when cooking on a hob.
  • Carcinogen. When heat treated using a standard pan, carcinogenic elements appear on the product surface. They accumulate in the body, and eventually lead to serious diseases. The microwave wave plate is heated directly instead of the dishes, which certainly prevents carcinogen.

With high probability we can say that danger microwave - contrived myth. In taste dishes, health benefits and time spent on food preparation - microwave will handicap any similar household kitchen appliances.

electromagnetic radiation harm

Electromagnetic background in the last decade increased significantly. Yes, the scientific process brought into our lives a lot of useful devices, but do not forget about the environmental disaster that hangs over all mankind:

  • Low-frequency radiation. Consumer electronics, power lines, electronic wiring space.
  • airwaves. AM and FM radio stations, mobile phones.
  • Infrared radiation. Incandescent.
  • Ultraviolet radiation. Solarium.

As can be seen from the list of the electromagnetic spectrum, microwave, or rather the magnetron emits a low-frequency radiation. If the appliance does not have the protective functions, the effect of microwaves could cause a person:

  • Genetic changes.
  • Abnormalities in the nervous system.
  • Reformatting pituitary system.

In this video, a physicist Peter Fires and conducting an experiment measures the electromagnetic fields from ordinary household microwave:

The use of microwaves in the modern world is growing every day. If earlier devices equipped with this technology, used in industry, medicine and the military, but now a similar technique can be seen in any apartment of the average inhabitant of the country:

Power devices such radiations is so small that the damage which can receive the human body tends to zero. This, of course, will not happen if the device is corrected. Otherwise, the work of microwaves could have a negative impact on:

For the hypochondriac, we note: ultralow wave rapidly dispersed in the atmosphere. Even if, for whatever reasons, microwave radiation is detrimental passes - distance in feet from it (arm length) wave power is reduced to more than 50 times.

Important: Make sure door serviceability

low-frequency radiation, like the rays of the sun, have a rectilinear trajectory. Seeing the hard surface or the signal weakens significantly or does not pass through the barrier. In the case of a microwave oven, the body of which is made of a special material weak spot remains door:

  • minimum clearance. Between the body and the door should not be large gaps. Ideally, these two elements create one.
  • special material. Grid under glass is made of special plastic, capable of receiving and absorbing the harmful radiation.

In the United States, scientists have found for the microwave waves completely different use - was created "beam gun." Apparatus shoots low frequency beams, and has the following characteristics:

  • radiation frequency - 100 Gigahertz.
  • Accurate shooting distance - 1200 meters.

If until the US Department of Defense is not confident in the effectiveness of the new weapons, law enforcement officials are considering to use "beam gun" to disperse the demonstrations: beam penetrates 0.5 mm deep into the skin and causes heating of internal organs and tissues. no health hazards, but the ardor of the demonstrators noticeably subsided.

It is necessary to know: the correct operation of the microwave

Proper use of the microwave, reduce the cooking time, the service life of the appliance and retain health for the whole family:

  • impermeability. Even a small baby, caught between the door and the body can damage the appliance for leaks.
  • Dishes. No plastic utensils. Even if there is a sign, allowing it to make best use of the glass products.
  • products. Some products for cooking in the microwave oven, are invalid raw eggs explode under the effect of waves and the oil or fat in the high temperature mode may ignite.

Damage to the microwave, if their body is not damaged - contrived threat. Most likely, therefore, normal inhabitant frightening alternative producers of household appliances: Steamer, ovens and cookers. If you actively use the Wi-Fi router or mobile phones, home appliances is scared just not worth it.

In this video, scientist Leonid Stasov tell how harmful microwave, justify everything from the scientific point of view:

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