Wardrobe in the hallway (80 photos) - the main advantages when choosing

Previously used for the decoration of the hall some freestanding wardrobes for outdoor clothes, shelves for hats and scarves, separate tables for storing shoes, mirrors, etc. Currently, all of these features in the hallway can perform a sliding wardrobe. Modern cabinets coupe features a variety of patterns and shapes. They can store not only the top clothing, shoes, hats and scarves, umbrellas, but also any other things.

Wardrobe compartment can be equipped with all advanced features. If the hall little light, the top wall of the cabinet additional visor with point light sources can be made. Also, sliding wardrobe with mirror in the kit will release you from the need to purchase additional mirror in the hallway, and will allow you to enjoy your reflection in a full-length at no additional cost.

compartment cabinet design in the hallway can be different. It all depends on the configuration of the corridor. But often such a cabinet is arranged along one wall without doors. The width of the cabinet depends on the width of the hall, but not less than 60 cm. This enables the width of the hanger hang freely from the upper garment. The inner cabinet unit is also not regulated.

Here you can do besides departments of outer clothing and footwear, compartments for storage of bags, sweaters, boxes, etc. closet is kind of wand wand for those who have little space in the hallway and the rooms and place have a lot.

Basic wardrobe benefits

And thus, we have a number of advantages of cabinet compartment compared with a conventional closet:

  • Enough low-cost, because it is often sliding wardrobe is built, so the back, bottom and side walls serve as wall, floor and ceiling;
  • It usually takes only one of the walls;
  • Sliding doors do not require additional compartment space for their opening;
  • It may be made of any material and any shape;
  • You can store not only the top clothing and shoes, but also any other thing, freeing the rest of the room by the device additional cabinets.

Sliding wardrobe in the hall: Design ideas and content

In the hallway needs a wardrobe or a hanger for clothing storage. Ordinary wardrobe is inconvenient because of the swing doors, which block the passage, and with a bunch of clothes hanger looks far not as aesthetically pleasing as it should. Because in recent years have increasingly put sliding wardrobe in the hall. This type of furniture allows efficient use of the entire storage capacity - due to the shelves, baskets, hangers, etc.

cabinets coupe comes in three forms. Built differ in that they occupy some niche and do not have their own walls, floor and ceiling. Similar design do and when you can fence off part of the room from wall to wall. In this case, simply order façade (door) for the cabinet compartment with rollers and guide system. Put inside walls and attach / install the stuffing. In some hallways built-in closet made on the former site storage at other layout manages to isolate a part of in the end.

Built-in closet occupies a niche or a part of the room from wall to wall

If this is not possible, put the corps sliding wardrobe. This is a complete large closet to the rear wall. side walls, floor and ceiling. It is different from the design of doors and filling. Another difference - this type of storage are trying to make up to the ceiling, to use all the space possible. Yes, and it looks more organic.

Hull sliding wardrobe. Materials are more, but the functionality is the same

Next view - corner cabinet compartment in the hallway. They are usually small in size, are convenient in that they allow to use the space in the corner, which otherwise is difficult to use. The large angular designs can be hard to choose the content of it in the corner - it was convenient to use should be good to try.

One option corner cabinet compartment in the hallway - between two doors

Radial cabinets coupe. They differ in that they have not flat and curved front part. Can be rounded and the side wall. Such furniture is especially individual and looks very good, but is more expensive.

Radial cabinets look interesting

It's short of what there wardrobes coupe and how they fit into the hallways and corridors. Choose the best type is simple - it is necessary to look at the plan, see where it is theoretically possible to write such furniture. Then evaluate how comfortable it will be such an arrangement and do not forget to take into account the direction in which the opening located near the door. If necessary, they can be replaced outweigh the loop.

The smallest cabinets coupe make two doors and they have a width of 1-1.5 m. The maximum length is limited to the amount of the cabinet doors. The maximum they put 5. At the same time we must note that the floor is attached a pretty wide profile with five "rails" on which ride rollers attached to the door. A similar profile is fixed on the ceiling.

The depth of the cabinet compartment may be any, but are considered standard 45 cm and 60 cm. In order make from 400 mm to 700 mm. At the height of the closet can be up to the ceiling. Usually, they are made in a range of 2000 mm to 2700 mm.

Decide on the type and size of the compartment of the cabinet, proceed to the development of the filling. It's filling, which is behind the doors. Since the hall is usually left outer clothing and shoes, especially assign a place for them.

Planning the cabinet compartment inside: two and three doors

Coat and other clothing length required office, where it will be possible to hang hangers. If the width of the cabinet 60 cm or more, give conventional crossbar, on which mesh hanger (hanger). It can be placed at shoulder level or slightly higher.

With sufficient depth set the bar

When the width of the cabinet compartment 45 cm or less, it is necessary to look for a slide-out design - transverse (front) of the bar on which the hangers hang parallel to the door, rather than side to it. Similar designs are mounted just above the head - so convenient. You need to raise your hand and hang the hanger. Because roughly at this level is mounted regiment, and it has a bar.

Rod hanger for front position

The height of these departments depends on what you plan to store there. Under cloaks, coats, fur branch do 130-150 cm, depending on the growth of the hosts. Under blazers, jackets and other. averting similar clothing 90-120 cm.

If the height of the cabinet compartment 220 cm or more in one section with two compartments for beams with hangers can be placed if necessary. In the upper bar is not set, and the pantograph. It crossbar with a mechanism to raise and lower it.

The pantograph can be used to place the top

All this allows you to conveniently and compactly garments.

Under the shoes given to the lower part of the cabinet compartment. For shoe storage more convenient to install no shelves of chipboard, and mesh. First at the shelves of the best "prosmatrivaemost", and secondly they do not accumulate dust and dirt, and thirdly, it is convenient to put shoes on his heels.

Ideas for shoe storage in the closet coupe hallway

In the photo you can see a special sliding system for shoes. Mesh, those that are narrower, it is possible to consolidate the two in the same compartment: the right and left wall. They are not very wide, and even there is a small distance between them.

Instead of grating can install multiple tubes or rods at a small distance from each other. Wherein the rear tube should be slightly higher.

Another way to store shoes in the closet in the hallway coupe

The height of the compartments for footwear defined in terms of its amount. Someone just two, and someone, and five will be enough. Especially convenient and sliding wardrobe in the hallway that can develop content for your needs.

At the top of the design - the ceiling - made an extensive department, which stores large rarely used items. There also can be sent clothes that are not in this season. The height of the shelves - about 60 cm, but depending on the circumstances.

One of the cabinet compartment layout options for the hall inside

The remaining space is filled with shelves and drawers and wire baskets. Here it will be possible to store hats, bags, mittens, gloves, scarves, etc. Conveniently also have a compartment for umbrellas. Especially it is necessary for long umbrellas "stick" type. The distribution of an arbitrary - it seems you are more comfortable and do. There is only one caveat with drawers. The compartment where they are to be narrower than the width of the door. Only in this case, the boxes will be nominated.

In the closet hallway you can hide the ironing board and vacuum cleaner. These are two devices, which is quite difficult to find a place for storage.

Sliding wardrobe in the hall: a plan with dimensions

The figure below provides space for a conventional ironing board. They, by the way is built with a system of fixing to the wall. But in this case you will not be able to transfer them to another room and iron have in the hallway.

Under a vacuum cleaner is given a suitable size compartment. It can specifically plan for the existing unit.

For more information about filling cabinets coupe read here.

First, let's talk about from what makes cabinets coupe. The entire structure can be divided into body and facade (doors). The housing is made from laminated chipboard or MDF. Option LTP cheaper, but only rectilinear designs obtained - this material does not bend and its manufacturing technology does not provide a curved surface. MDF - a more eco-friendly and expensive material. That's because it can be formed into a rounded edge.

MDF allows you to create rounded shapes for decoration. Such cabinets coupe called radial

Facades or doors for sliding door wardrobes are made of different materials, framed in the frame profile. use:

  • Laminated chipboard and MDF. The laminating film may repeat the texture of wood, leather, be monochromatic matte or glossy, patterned geometric or vegetable.

The texture may be any - up to simulate the crocodile

Frosted safety glass is also used in the manufacture of facades for sliding wardrobes

Mirrored sliding wardrobe

You can transfer any photo or picture

But often can be found combined facades. Various combinations of materials listed above give just an incredible amount of design options. It is possible to develop a design for any interior and taste. Some examples in the photo below.

How to make their own sliding door to the closet coupe read here.

Horizontal division - commonly used methods

Just three textures - MDF, mirror and blasting pattern

This closet hallway with coat rack and pedestal convenient

Just mirror surface makes a small room a more spacious

Built-in sliding wardrobe in the hall with interesting doors

Figure in oriental style

Sliding wardrobe with lighting - convenient

Radial cabinets look interesting

The combination of brown colors and different textures

Floral design - one of the common themes

Imitation wood surface, but with an unusual combination of different directions, "fibers"

Drawing on glass in oriental style

Simple and tasteful - frosted glass with horizontal division

Even use the space above the door - a good idea for a small hallway

Corner cabinets for the hall: use the available space to the maximum

Built-in closet in the hallway

Ideally, the storage system is organized so as not to take up too much square meter apartment. To this end, many isolated place for closet in the hallway and the hallway. With this solution, you can save the space of the living rooms, taking a non-functional home zone.

What good is a built-in closet in the hallway

In modern apartments are increasingly seen built-in closet in the hallway. This option saves storage space, giving the room a presentable appearance and facilitating the cleaning process. When numerous advantages, disadvantages embedded designs have virtually no. Their only significant drawback is that such furniture can not be rearranged with interior remodeling. In addition, to be able to build in wardrobe, floor hallway needs to be done perfectly flat - it is a mandatory requirement in the selection of such furniture.

What could be the closet hallway

Dressing furniture can be cabinet (stand-alone, with limited dimensions and arrangement of shelves) and built-in, that is created by the size of the room individually. As a rule, the second type has a height from the floor to ceiling windows and a maximum pushed against the wall. On the basis of personal preferences, and desired corridor area closet volume can select any design. Forms built-in wardrobes:

  • rectangular;
  • angular symmetrical or asymmetrical;
  • with hinged doors;
  • with sliding doors.

The most common type of built-in furniture for the hall is rectangular closets, because they do not require the development of individual design and special design refinements. In addition, such models are relatively cheap, compared to other, represented in the furniture market. As a rule, people set themselves cabinets with hinged doors: it facilitates the planning of internal and simplifies the assembly process.

The design of the built-in wardrobe in the hall

During the design of built-in closet to the hall is divided into separate zones by baffles arranged along the width of the doors. The classic version - when the basis of the internal area of ​​furniture takes the pole for storing clothes on hangers. The remaining space is taken away under the shelf for placing stacks of linen and shoes. If the cabinet-compartments remains place, there is generally a different household appliances are stored, for example, a vacuum cleaner, steam cleaner and other devices.

Ready standard products consist of hallway LSDP, the thickness of which is equal to 1.6 cm. Some buyers in an effort to save you decide to order a more specific examples of the material to create furniture or plywood budget. The entrance hall is the hallmark of the home, so it is important to approach the process of its arrangement with the mind, making the room a stylish and beautiful. To achieve this effect plays an important role wardrobe facade:

  1. Cheapest and most popular option - it is the door of laminated chipboard. Wardrobe with facade looks neat and presentable at the same time.
  2. More expensive models are equipped with mirror or glass walls, which not only adorn the furniture and look stylish, but also visually expand a small, cramped corridor, making it lighter.
  3. You can combine the facades of furniture: an original combination of looks doors with mirrors and photo wallpapers.

The important role of owners discharged filling cabinet. To install the furniture in the hallway should contain not only the horizontal shelves, but also the bar for storage of outer clothing, boxes or shelves for shoes. Standard built-in wardrobe in the hall includes a filling:

  • pipe for items stored on hangers;
  • a certain number of shelves (typically of chipboard);
  • end hangers, which are equipped with narrow models;
  • Mesh / shoe racks;
  • drawers (should bear in mind that these elements should be qualitative guides).

How to choose a built-in wardrobes in the hallway

On how well will make a choice, it depends on the functionality and durability of the furniture. Built-in wardrobe in the hall must meet certain requirements. The choice is to carry on the following criteria:

  1. Filling. Capacity - one of the main characteristics of such furniture, so everything should be different compartments spacious and roomy. Ideally, even on sliding doors have to be hooks on which to place bags and umbrellas. Better to choose the model of a two-section, to be able to sort things seasonal.
  2. Features of the facade. Should give preference to a case-compartment with at least one mirror on the floor - it is practical for the hall, and in addition, will create the illusion of a more spacious room. In the presence of several wardrobe doors, a mirror placed in the middle part of the better.
  3. Colour. In small rooms it is not necessary to install dark model, as visually they will further reduce the area.
  4. Dimensions. Come when the choice is entirely on the individual needs of the residents of the apartment. To narrow little room better suited rectangular products. Also, remember that the angular furniture is more capacity and functionality.
  5. Facade. Are made of MDF, rattan, chipboard, bamboo, mirrors, glasses and a variety of other materials. When choosing a guided stands on their financial capabilities.

The cost of embedded products is very different and depends on many factors, chief among them - are materials that have been used. The easiest way to buy furniture for the hallway in the online store. For this presents electronic catalogs (photo gallery) with samples available for purchase models. In a couple of clicks out orders with delivery of the goods. Below is a table with an approximate cost of various wardrobes:

Approximate price, p.

Mirrored built-in wardrobe with sliding doors

Two-door model with a pattern on the doors

Three-door walk-in wardrobe doors 3, of which one mirror

Wardrobe laminated chipboard with two sliding doors

Video: How to make built-in wardrobe in the hall

Various embodiments wardrobes hallway can have a certain number of shelves, wherein certain models offline or both side rear portion (they are in contact with the room). Such elements are replaced with parts of the room, floor or ceiling. At the same time, these models are mounted directly to the wall surface and occupy a minimal amount of space. Below are photos of different models of cabinets for the corridor.

Julia, 29 years old: We needed a cabinet to fulfill the role of the pantry. We stopped at the manufacturer Ronikon as pleasant quality / price ratio. They collected it themselves (on the right for a few hours). This product, together with the delivery cost of 12,000 rubles - compared with the same Ikeey where a shaky model sold for 20 thousand.

Oleg, 33 years old: A few years ago bought the corner model built-in wardrobes Commander (cost about 35 thousand.). He served for 3 years, and then suddenly fell off a mirror door, which is located in the middle. Caused by the wizard is explained frequent marriage of this particular model, which eventually securing become useless.