Recipes turkey with photos from our chefs

Roasted turkey meat in the sleeve

For your family, I often prepare useful and tasty meat and turkey every time.

Turkey cutlets are obtained tasty, juicy, by adding to the stuffing.

Rolls of meat with different fillings are always in demand. They are very tasty.

Soufflé with pistachio turkey and bacon very tender, juicy and tasty. Serve.

Grechanik - Ukrainian cuisine, which is made from ground beef with.

Turkey fillet with potatoes in the oven

Turkey fillet baked with potatoes in the oven - a remarkable and very satisfying.

On cold days, especially want to warming and hearty soups. Millet soup.

There are a variety of cooking meat in French. Option with.

Turkey fillet in a creamy sauce

To get a tasty turkey breast, tender and juicy, offer to cook.

Long I wanted to cook stuffed Chinese cabbage. Today I did it and.

Highly recommend to cook very light and diet soup with turkey breast. .

Despite the ease of cooking, turkey chops always enjoyed.

Turkey fillet baked in foil in the oven

I offer to cook in the oven very tasty turkey breast. Fillet baked.

Turkey is different and very tasty dietary meat. Any part of this bird.

If you are unable to get out into nature and barbecue, do not.

Turkey fillet with zucchini in the oven

Turkey fillet baked with zucchini in the oven - very tasty, diet.

Turkey in soy sauce in the oven

Turkey meat in soy sauce, cooked in the sleeve for baking in the oven.

Meatballs of turkey in a creamy sauce

I suggest you prepare a delicious meatballs with turkey in a creamy sauce. .

Fillet of turkey stew with vegetables

Turkey fillet, stewed with vegetables - is a simple and tasty dish. Fits.

Turkey meat with apple, baked in the oven

I suggest to cook the meat of turkey with apple, baked in the oven. Dish .

Today I want to share a recipe for ravioli turkey. Turkey meat is considered.

Dishes from turkey

Turkey meat is not only the wonderful gastronomic qualities, but also is a dietary. It contains more than 28% of easily digestible protein at a sufficiently low calorie, only 190 Kcal per 100 grams. In addition to phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, sodium and vitamins A, C, E, PP, it contains vitamins B, contributing to improved digestion.

The undoubted leader in the breeding of this bird is - the US, but also in our country, every year on the shelves there are more and more meat turkey. On our site we have collected the best recipes of various dishes of turkey with photos and step by step cooking.


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100 recipes for turkey - what to cook turkey now!

On the nose the New Year, or come visit? Worried as delicious to cook a turkey? Here is a wonderful recipe that will not allow you to hit the dirt face.

Turkey - is already in itself dietary meat, and if it is to cook - it's all healthy meal number one. I am telling you how to cook a turkey cooked so that it turned out tasty, not dry.

Try to cook a new dish - turkey multivarka. Simple, fast, tasty - just what we need! Simple turkey recipe multivarka not cause problems even for novice cook!

Turkey in the pot for this recipe I have obtained an extraordinary spicy taste of the sauce, which I am preparing for marinating meat. I want to share with you this recipe, I think that the vote!

Turkey meat is considered a dietary and turkey with beans can also be attributed to dietary dishes. Cooking turkey with vegetables and extinguishing media. The meat turns juicy, delicious and hearty dish.

Turkey baked in the oven whole

Turkey baked in the oven entirely perfect for the holiday. When they come a lot of guests at the table is going to the whole family. Delicious and flavorful turkey will appeal to all. Baked with rice.

I present to you a traditional cooking baked turkey. The bird turns juicy, soft and literally melts in your mouth. This dish will decorate any holiday table!

Recipe for turkey, the easiest way for novice cooks.

Turkey with paprika - a fragrant, tasty and quite a dietary meal. Lean turkey meat, it can be used for the preparation of dietary dishes. I am telling the recipe of one of them!

I began to do the turkey in batter after unsuccessful attempts to make something out of turkey. Meat I turned harsh. This recipe took her sister and is very happy! Here it is - try it and you!

Recipe for roasted turkey with onions, celery, lemon, rosemary, sage and thyme.

Turkey with potatoes in a pot

Turkey with potatoes in a pot to cook very simply, and in about an hour you will try tasty dishes that you do often, I'm sure of it. It turns out hearty, full lunch or dinner.

You the easiest way how to prepare turkey with tomatoes fast, tasty, and even apply it effectively. Real decoration for your desk and a good way to surprise your guests new dish!

Flavorful turkey, baked apples

Flavorful turkey, baked apples - a popular dish that is traditionally prepared in the United States on Thanksgiving Day. However, such a tasty dish that once a year for it - very little 🙂

Recipe for turkey shin Aerogrill. Meat Aerogrill cooked very quickly and turns out very tasty.

Turkey with mushrooms - a universal dish. It is equally delicious in its own right with a piece of fresh rye bread, and in combination with potatoes, pasta or rice.

Christmas turkey with oranges

Recipe for a Christmas turkey with oranges. Turkey - a traditional Christmas dish, which is usually baked in the oven.

Turkey fillet in Japanese - incredibly easy to make, but it is very tasty, and most importantly, a dietary dish. Good weekday lunch or dinner.

This dish is, of course, not daily, but it will be a real decoration of any holiday table. Particularly relevant turkey recipe with pears for the winter holidays - this noble bird, stuffed with fragrant fruit, be sure to make a splash on your New Year's or Christmas feast!

If you like authentic Asian cooking, then you'll love turkey recipe in sweet and sour sauce. It is prepared without the use of any hard ingredients.

The recipe of turkey with pineapple. On a side dish - rice Basmati.

Recipe for roast turkey with carrots, garlic, cinnamon, cumin and yoghurt.

Recipes from the transmission Dinner Party on REN TV. Main course prepares Marina Moskvina, model.

Roast turkey is preparing turkey torso (chest part) without legs and wings. Recipe cooking - simple. You will not need to do the filling, and the result will be juicy and flavorful meat.

Turkey with potatoes in the oven

Turkey with potatoes in the oven usually prepares for the New Year, however, you can cook it on each day. I share the recipe.

Escalope of turkey - an example of how hot main dish, consisting in this case is not made of vegetables can not be too high-calorie diet and it is. A simple recipe for turkey escalope - for losing weight.

Turkeys with lemon zest and sage

The recipe of roast turkey with lemon zest, sage and parsley.

Turkey soup with cabbage - not only tasty, but also dietary soup, widely used in the US and Canada, where the turkey - it's a bird number one. Really tasty - worth a try.

Goulash is preparing turkey with vegetables for about 40 minutes. Turkey meat - tender and juicy and the vegetables and spices give the dish a rainbow of flavors and aromas. Try to cook a turkey goulash home.

Rolls of turkey - is, without a doubt, one of my specialties and my real culinary pride. If the cook is exactly on this recipe, you get incredibly delicious.

Recipe of the traditional dishes of Tatar cuisine.

Turkey you can cook delicious and very tender cutlets. You can fry them in a pan and grill. Excellent meal, these turkey burgers - the recipe is simple, but it turns out superkusno!

Recipe for Asian dish of turkey with rice, beans and nuts.

Turkey meat is considered a dietary. It's very delicious and tender. I make turkey chops. They are obtained by tender and everyone in my family appreciated this dish. I offer his recipe.

I think all meat-eaters should appeal to the recipe sauce turkey - it is tasty, good with any side dish and can decorate everyday table of every family. Share 🙂

The recipe of soup with turkey. Easy to prepare and delicious soup.

Simple, but delicious dish will become your family the perfect excuse to gather at the same table. A simple recipe for pilaf with turkey accompanied step by step pictures of the cooking process.

Recipe for cooking a turkey for the holiday table.

Cutlets from turkey fillet - great idea dishes for lunch. Turkey meat is considered a dietary and even useful, so you can safely cook patties out of it, without being afraid of the extra calories!

Your attention - the easiest way to bake turkey thighs in the oven. Minimum additional ingredients, a minimum of effort and every culinary dancing with a tambourine. But the result - magnificent.

You want to cook something delicious, and not spend a lot of time in the kitchen? Then I offer you tender and juicy turkey meat in multivarka.

This simple recipe for ham, turkey can be safely attributed to the category of dietary meals - low in calories, but delicious and satisfying. An excellent and healthy snack, moreover, a very delicate taste.

Filet of turkey with fresh vegetables - a wonderful dinner for those who want a tasty meal and good looks. Cook a steak - a pleasure. Cook the turkey steak house!

Turkey salad and celery - fresh, hearty, with lots of different flavors. This includes not only the turkey and celery, but also sun-dried tomatoes, fresh rosemary. Yummy. Mayonnaise.

Recipe for a meat dish from a curry with pineapple sauce.

Recipe for spaghetti with turkey - cooking baked spaghetti with turkey, mushrooms, chicken broth, soy milk and parmesan cheese. Very tasty Italian dish for dinner!

Turkey salad with pineapple - fresh, bright, healthy and fragrant. In it - a lot of ingredients that are beneficial to our body. To fill this salad with mayonnaise will, but you can replace it with yogurt.

Turkey salad with mushrooms is obtained fresh, bright, spring. As for the mushrooms, I use fresh mushrooms, do not bother with them - they are juicy and flavorful. I add a salad and cherry.

Turkey salad hearts - easy to prigotvolenii, delicious and unusual salad byproduct. Aside from the turkey hearts, it includes onions, carrots and spices. Mayonnaise. Try!

Turkey meat - low-fat, diet. Jellied turkey turns out very tasty, easy, simply prepared. This dish will adorn any everyday and festive table. Try.

Turkey salad refers to warm salads. Turkey breast, we shall roast on the grill or pan-grill, add crispy lettuce and season with fragrant oil and spices. Simple, hearty and beautiful!

Salad with turkey and tomato - easy to prigotvolenii fresh salad. His cook well being in the country, in the season of tomatoes. Salad can be prepared fried, boiled or smoked turkey. Try it!

Modest skewers of turkey, which is due to its spicy marinade becomes very flavorful and tender.

Turkey meat is exceptionally high taste - for and valued. And knowing how to cook steam cutlets of turkey, you can always treat yourself and loved ones a delicious meal.

Recipe cutlets of turkey - for the whole family. Delicious, juicy turkey burgers are much better fed chicken, but not as fat as a pig. Perfectly suited for lunch or dinner.

Salad with turkey liver turns gentle, nourishing, easy to prepare and easy on the palate. Liver fry, add fresh vegetables and will file as a light dinner. Simple, fast, delicious!

Try the original recipe of turkey cutlets, which will be the highlight of pistachios in turkey stuffing. A great option for lunch and a festive table.

Usually meat turkey or roasted, or baked. But it turns out very tasty broth. He turns transparent and bold measure. Turkey soup appreciated the fact that it is low in calories.

Pasta with turkey and mushrooms - one of thousands of variations of pasta. The dish is cooked very quickly, and therefore perfectly suited for everyday lunch or dinner.

In order to diversify the diet, cook the turkey breast salad. He - greasy, rich, and suitable for those who are actively involved in sports. Mayonnaise in a salad can replace the natural yogurt.

Recipe for turkey meat of the orange and lemon juice sauce. Try it - it's very tasty!

Turkey cutlets in multivarka

Enjoy these wonderful, useful and tasty burgers! Thanks to a simple recipe for meatballs, turkey, you can treat this dish not only themselves, but also relatives.

turkey breast in a frying pan - a very good dish. It is easily digested by the body, the taste of the meat turns out very tender and preparing it is quite simple.

Recipe for turkey stomachs. Fairly simple, homemade and delicious recipe for turkey stomachs.

Turkey meat is very tender and diet, and burgers It produces incredibly soft and juicy, the main thing - do not dry up them. Today, I give a recipe of juicy hamburgers, turkey - use on health!

Best thanks - to quote the post;)

Part 1 - 100 recipes for turkey - what to cook turkey now!