Recipes home buns with photos from our chefs

Baking yeast dough is always very tasty. I suggest to cook the buns with.

Pigs in blankets, prepared on kefir, turn out very tasty, and nourishing.

Recently, pigs in blankets often began to appear on our table as well.

Sausages in puff yeast dough

Pigs in blankets - it's probably a favorite treat for many a long time. It .

Buns yeast dough on kefir

Buns yeast dough on kefir obtained very tasty. Issue them.

Yeast cakes with potatoes cooked in this recipe, a very.

The recipe of delicious sausage in the dough

I often cook pigs in blankets. They are not only delicious and nutritious, but more of them.

Delicious, delicate, milky taste with brioche "Snails" will not leave you.

Cheesecake with cottage cheese made from dough

I have a two man who recently very fond of cakes -.

Many times I was vacationing in Turkey and in every hotel breakfast serving appetizing.

Cinnamon rolls from yeast dough

Recipes for cinnamon rolls very much. Buns baked puff, yeast.

Buns from yeast dough biscuit

I really love to bake buns from yeast dough biscuit. Prepare yeast.

Buns with a cherry from fancy yeast dough - soft, lush, very tasty. FROM .

Pastries from curd dough is always a success. Dough with cheese.

I offer you a wonderful recipe Vergunov kefir of Ukrainian cuisine. .

Puff pastry - magic wand for the modern housewife. I offer you.

Beautiful yeast buns with poppy seeds

Buns with poppy seed and cinnamon rolls I have been associated with the school for years. .

Buns from yeast dough with milk

I want to bring to your attention an interesting recipe for the most delicious buns.

The recipe of cinnamon rolls prepared without the addition of yeast, I took over.

Very often, I am experimenting on different baking muffins and rolls. Always looking for.

Scones with jam - nice pastries for home tea. I cooked .


Small rolls called bread oval or round form, different kinds of baked dough (unleavened, yeast, butter) with different fillings. It combines this baking only the appearance, but in all other taste characteristics are completely dependent on the presence of certain products and baker's fantasy. Buns can be RICH and sweet, fraught with poppy, raisins, cinnamon, sesame, cheese, various jams and jams, vegetables, fruits and berries, sweetened condensed milk, cocoa, nuts and chocolate. This bakery will be a real ornament to any table and will house a feeling of warmth, comfort and tranquility. A process for preparing rolls unite and older and younger generation. In this section of our website we have tried to collect all the secrets of cooking dough for buns and recipes for tasty toppings for them. We hope that everyone who read the content of this column, choose for themselves a viable option.

Sand bagels with nuts and cinnamon

Royal Cheese cheesecake with dried apricots

Meatless twisted buns with raisins and flax seeds

Ruddy buns "Winnie"

Buns for tea with raspberry jam

Buns with cheese filling and pistachios

Delicate curd buns with dried cherries

Mini focaccia with "Salsa Verde" sauce

Homemade bagels with salmon and vegetables

Buns "Achma" tea

butter, dried yeast, egg yolks, flour, milk, vegetable oil, sugar, salt, sesame seeds, raisins

Spanish buns for tea

flour, water, eggs, sugar, vegetable oil, dried yeast, salt, butter, sugar powder, filling

Yeast rolls with sausage at home

milk, sausages, eggs, vegetable oil, dill, flour, butter, sugar, dry yeast, salt

Cheesecake "Royal" with cheese in the oven

cheese, butter, eggs, flour, sugar, vanilla sugar, baking soda

Buns "Larks' milk

milk, water, butter, eggs, flour, sugar, dried yeast, salt, vanilla, vegetable oil, raisins / prunes

Classic burger for American

ground beef, iceberg lettuce, sesame rolls, cheddar cheese, tomatoes, pickled cucumbers, red onion, vegetable oil, mayonnaise, ketchup, kazhdunskie spices, ground black pepper, salt

Yeast cheesecake with cottage cheese at home

flour, milk, dried yeast, sugar, salt, vegetable oil, eggs, cottage cheese, sour cream, vanilla

Homemade scones with cream cheese

flour, milk, cheese, egg yolk, vegetable oil, sugar, yeast, dry

Yeast zavyvantsi with raisins

flour, milk, sugar, raisins, butter, dry yeast, eggs, salt, cocoa


The fastest sweet rolls. A little food in general. Cheap and tasty!

Yeast dough recipe that I propose, is a snap. Very simple baking - this test can handle even the novice mistress. To make it, I usually use a fast dry yeast with them successfully get pastries from yeast dough. Recipes with pictures to help master the nuances.

Buns from childhood. πŸ™‚

Lush, fragrant, sweet sugar buns from yeast dough biscuit.

In this recipe 22 shows simple ways of forming rolls. These methods are suitable for both yeast and puff pastry; both sweet and savory buns for. Formed from the finished baked yeast dough as puff very exciting.

Rapid dough for 30 minutes. Yeast dough on kefir, for any baking. Kids and not only.

By tea offer luxury yeast pastries. I love buns with poppy seeds.

I offer to bake delicious homemade scones. Yeast dough, sour milk. Generally, this is a very good test, suitable for pies and rolls, it is just all in moderation - and muffins, and sugar. Yeast rolls obtained fluffy and very tasty.

Croissants, Julia Child recipe.

Homemade buns, curls, topped with custard on the basis of condensed milk - a great alternative to biscuits "Cinnabon" with cream cheese. For preparing yeast rolls, but not complicated, the dough. The result is a magnificent and very tasty scones.

Fast, not troublesome buns with cinnamon. Buns from yeast dough obtained such airy, crispy. The dough is very pleasant to work, baking yeast dough like everyone.

Delicious buns with greetings from my childhood!

Universal recipe for yeast dough for the preparation of baking with any toppings. From this yeast dough can be cooked cakes, pastries, white bread, open or closed pie crusts for savory pies.

Such lush crispy rolls in the European countries is traditionally served for breakfast with butter and jam. We usually referred to as a French roll.

Today I want to offer you delicious and fairly easy to prepare recipe sweet buns for tea.

Delicious and fragrant buns.

Recipe home cheesecakes with cottage cheese. Delightfully delicious homemade cakes of yeast dough. Be sure to try to cook your favorite cakes for children and adults - cheesecake with cottage cheese.

Fragrant honey bun dough prepared from a yeast, honey.

Treat yourself and loved surprisingly soft buns with jam. This mouth-watering homemade cakes will fill the atmosphere of any tea warmth and comfort.

Have you ever could imagine that you can eat the flower? No? Frankly, I do, but make sure the reverse, by calling a time to visit and see this beauty - "roses" of puff pastry with apples. Prepare roses from the dough, baking, this is worthy of all praise. Puff apple is easy to do, but they look very impressive.

RICH Air homemade pastries - muffins with raisins. When a child my grandmother used to bake buns with raisins, aroma filled the whole house, the day is particularly festive.

Buns like everything: both adults and children. Buns - it's very tasty, light and easy baking. Surprise your loved ones - prepare rolls for this recipe.

Braided buns with poppy seeds - air and delicious.

Delicious, crisp croissants. The perfect addition to tea or coffee.

Taste of childhood each of us - homemade yeast rolls.

To the best of spicy, with a strong aroma of cinnamon and ginger with creamy cheese, buns "Cinnabon" sure to please you and your loved ones.

Very tasty yeast rolls that do not require a lot of time and effort. Baked bun in the oven as little as 20 minutes.

Recipe yeast pastry from which you can cook delicious cakes or buns.

Delicious homemade shangi disappear from the table for a few seconds.

Cinnamon lovers here offer to cook such wonderful cinnamon rolls. The recipe describes the preparation of rolls in the form of snails and white glaze on the buns.

The recipe is very tasty pastries with cheese filling. Juicy - these are open bun with cheese, very tasty and very well-known in Soviet times.

Cook the most delicious and the perfect pigs in blankets like a child. The best proven recipe sausages in yeast dough in accordance with GOST.

The most simple recipe of delicious yeast rolls.

Delicious buns for breakfast. Simple and satisfying.

Delicious sliced ​​loaf. Recipe baking and tab products loaf sliced ​​on STATE.

All flour, which gives us the store, I try to get round, it is better to spend time and bake pretzels itself. Try muffins pretzels, they are delicious, you will like it.

Traditional pastries - muffins with poppy - from fancy baked oparnogo test. The recipe is simple bun with poppy seeds, so go for it, and fragrant rosy buns will please your loved ones!

Bagels from yeast dough with cinnamon.

Butter yeast dough on yogurt for a sweet and savory baking. Buns and cakes from this dough come out fluffy and soft. Dough on yogurt can be prepared in two ways: warm or cold.

Recipe lush and very tasty rolls of butter yeast dough. Filling can be any - both sweet and salty. Cooking muffins cakes will be in the oven.

The main thing in this recipe - a batter. Patties with potatoes, pies, berry, shanezhki, roll with poppy seeds, etc. And what to make of this yeast dough - will your imagination.

I want to offer you a great recipe for fast rolls that are easy to take with you to work on a long trip or a picnic. Picnic season has passed, but women are always worried that her husband prepare for work. These buns exactly like men.

Curd yeast rolls - unreal soft and airy pastries. Buns from yeast dough with the addition of cheese - incredible yummy!

Recipe for honey buns from yeast dough with cinnamon and sugar. Fabulously delicious!

Cinnabon - a favorite treat of many a sweet tooth! And I advise you to try these delicious pyshechki with cinnamon! The original recipe sauce buns "Cinnabon" is made of cream cheese, but since it did not have on hand, I used the cream with condensed milk - it has also very tasty!

I wanted tasty tea. I think: "Maybe vatrushechki zababahat with cottage cheese?" πŸ™‚

Cheese bun - cheese lovers offers the easy-to-prepare dish!

Butter cake "Christmas Wreath" will decorate your festive table with dough.

Every tourist visiting Turkey at least once enjoyed a sesame bagels prepared on the basis of a simple yeast dough. Prepare tender offer, the air inside and crispy outside Turkish simit - bagels with sesame seeds. They turn out very fragrant and delicious.

Cinnabon - a favorite treat of many a sweet tooth! And I advise you to try these delicious pyshechki with cinnamon! The original recipe sauce buns "Cinnabon" is made of cream cheese, but since it did not have on hand, I used the cream with condensed milk - it has also very tasty!