Ranking of the best gas hobs on user reviews

The gas hob is not required to have exactly four burners, to which we for many years have become accustomed. However, most manufacturers are inserted just so many of them. At the same time they are trying to experiment, giving the burners of different diameters. That these are the different cooking surfaces from each other. Today we will not necessarily be considered the most technologically advanced cooktops. Instead, we will mention those which are the most reliable to buy is not served for years and decades.

Gas hob which company to buy

Brand BEKO belongs to one of the largest Turkish companies engaged in the production of household appliances. Under this brand are manufactured refrigerators, stoves, washing machines, dishwashers and other appliances that are useful in the household. Technology extends approximately one hundred countries around the world. Consumers like the durability of these devices and their low cost. Gas cooking BEKO panels also do not have the highest price tag. At the same time they do an excellent job with their direct tasks.

Sometimes it seems that under the Bosch brand is available absolutely everything - from tiny screwdriver to tower cranes. So often it catches the eye of the products of the German company. In fact, most active, the manufacturer proves to the electricity market and benzoinstrument. Also a great emphasis on the establishment of home appliances - both large and small. Including the very popular among buyers enjoy the Bosch gas cooking surface having excellent build and properly implemented heating system cookware products contained inside.

Home appliances under the brand GEFEST produces Belarusian company called "Brestgazoapparat". Brand was founded relatively recently, but the plant itself was opened in 1950. Initially, it was positioned as a mechanical repair business. But already in 1958 the management decided to produce its technical capacities gas stoves. Since then it is in their production company makes most money. Needless to say, is now off the belt not only ready-cookers, but also gas hobs.

Another company that was founded in 1950. But its headquarters is located in Slovenia. And if Belarusians are mainly specialized in gas cooker, the Gorenje produces is not only them. Although it is kitchen appliances it is the most popular. Many people Gorenje cookers are more than one decade. And for some time now, consumers started buying embedded cooktops Gorenje, which can also operate using gas. These devices are equipped with three or four hotplates, ELECTRONIC and rotary controls.

The German company Siemens has existed since 1847. It actively cooperates with many countries in large quantities supplying lighting and electrical items. Siemens product differs in that it allows you to think about the look that came straight from the device of the future. Also, the Germans are trying to implement in home appliances modern technologies that save energy and make the job easier device. Even seemingly simple cooking Siemens panels have in their composition tempered glass. And apparently they are similar to the product produced by the devil himself.

Ranking of the best gas hobs

In this ranking, which is based on reviews of the owners, take into account:

  • Panel Dimensions;
  • The material of the cooking surface;
  • Number of burners;
  • The number of rapid-burners;
  • Type of instalation;
  • View switches;
  • Presence and type of ignition device;
  • Appearance hob;
  • The material of which the lattice created;
  • The presence of gas-monitoring;
  • Complaints buyers;
  • The estimated cost in Russian stores.

Most gas hobs

This cooking surface, like many others, has an independent type of installation. This means that at its disposal already has all the necessary controls. The panel is made of tempered glass, which makes it very beautiful and easy to clean. The surface is already too wide, but at its disposal, there are five burners. For a skilled home cook is a definite plus!

  • The presence of a rapid burners;
  • The total number of burners has been brought up to five;
  • Automatic electric ignition;
  • Convenient switches;
  • As a material used tempered glass;
  • The presence of gas-monitoring;
  • The presence of "Triple Crown";
  • Lattice of iron.

Reviews for Siemens EP716QB21E tell us about what we already understand. The glass surface is a trademark, and therefore it will have to often wipe. But the removal of dirt here is very fast, so the process is virtually no way annoying. Also it should be noted iron grilles. Due to its minimal size, they are also very easy to clean. Like buyers, and the number of burners, one of which belongs to a type of "Triple Crown."

This hob has an unusual design, which will have to get used to at first. But quickly you realize that here everything is done to please the owner. Four burners installed here belong to three different sizes. The surface beneath them, and between them is also used different - it makes it easy to clean this panel. Easy to clean and iron grilles installed here.

  • Miniature iron grilles which are easy to clean;
  • Practically standard sizes;
  • There is a tempered glass;
  • There is a rapid burner;
  • The switches not unusual;
  • The presence of an automatic electric ignition;
  • The creators have not forgotten about the gas control.
  • The cost is hardly a low;
  • Appearance enjoy immediately.

Very good-quality hob, which differs from the Siemens product design and only the number of burners. Yes, there are no burners "Triple Crown", but the panel is smaller. And its price tag is a little more modest. Reviews on Bosch PPP611B91E show that all customers are satisfied with this hob. Is it possible to demand such a thing from something more?

If you do not like that tempered glass is quickly spoiled, take a look at Bosch PCH615M90E. This panel is designed in stainless steel, including for the sake of economy. In this case here, too, there are four burners - they all have different sizes. One of them even belongs to a type of "Double Crown".

  • Rotary switches, located in the front;
  • Availability of rapid burners;
  • The traditional design;
  • Not forgotten automatic electric ignition;
  • There is a panel lock button;
  • Lattices are made of cast iron;
  • The presence of gas-control is good.
  • Many would like to have a lower cost;
  • Lattice turned out quite large.

This model differs from the previous two surfaces. Lattice is larger and more massive. In this regard, their cleaning may take a little more time. The rest of the reviews on the Bosch PCH615M90E show that this hob are no serious flaws. She is ready to serve you for many years. Yet it can be called the most secure, because there is present as a gas control, and protection of children.

Fornelli PGA 60 Grazia Antracit

Very unusual hob. Externally, it differs from the vast majority of competitors. Seeing such a panel in a store, you definitely will not forget it. In this case, it costs a little cheaper not many less advanced surfaces. Suffice it to say that this is one of the cheapest gas hobs equipped with hob such as "Triple Crown."

  • Stylish design;
  • Traditional mechanical control;
  • Electric ignition will operate automatically;
  • Gas control switches off the burner when the flame loss;
  • Elegant iron grilles;
  • The presence of hot plates "Triple Crown";
  • With the included adapter for WOK-ware;
  • Not the highest price.

This is one of the few cooking surfaces that has no serious shortcomings. This is evidenced by reviews of Fornelli PGA 60 Grazia Antracit, in which only the positive attributes listed. You can only feel sorry for enameled panels - many would like to receive instead of stainless steel or tempered glass. But this does not affect the appearance, which can be called amazing. Just a little more often you will have to wash the surface, if you want to permanently preserve its perfect appearance.

The least expensive hob in our current collection. So do not be surprised that it has only three rings. Fortunately, this is only an inconvenience that will have to accept the buyer. The creators have provided his creation perfect switches. They have not forgotten about the electric ignition.

  • Reasonable price;
  • Convenient operation;
  • Not a bad appearance;
  • There is a rapid burner;
  • Lektropod able to operate automatically;
  • The grille is framed in cast iron.
  • There are only three burners;
  • The grille may seem cumbersome.

Reviews on BLACK Ardesia PFS 4030 show that the shortcomings of the hob almost no one remembers. The fact that they can only be seen in a direct comparison of the surface with more expensive competitors. Otherwise difficult to complain about, even to the number of burners. And nothing about the existence of burners such as "Triple Crown" many do not realize, in connection with which such people do not feel sorry for her absence at this panel.

What to choose gas hob

1. If you want to furnish your kitchen built-in appliances, the cooking surface without you can not do exactly. If you do not want to waste electricity for cooking or heating food, the panel is required to be gas. For example, an excellent option with a shortage of funds can be Ardesia PFS 4030 BLACK. The main advantage of this surface is the minimum size - it should climb even in the small corner kitchen.

2. If you are willing to spend more money, it is better to consider other options. They have had a big precisely. The ideal would be buying Siemens EP716QB21E. This is the most expensive cooking surface in our collection, but it is entirely worth the investment of funds into it. However, it is necessary to allocate a lot of space - five burners can not be placed at a minimal piece of space.

3. Slightly cheaper are Bosch PPP611B91E and Bosch PCH615M90E. They have four burners. The difference is in the appearance of these panels in different lattice and many other things. In short, here you have to think seriously. Well Fornelli PGA 60 Grazia Antracit - is another budget option, but looking a little more original and boasting trohkonturnoy hob. Needless to say, that it is much more deserving of the money spent by you, rather than the product of Ardesia?

Built-in gas cooktops

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All nuances selection gas cooktop

Built-in hob is running on natural gas - it is ergonomic, compact and topical solution for the modern kitchen. In addition, these devices are characterized by high efficiency, because the gas burners are installed very quickly heated foods, while having all the necessary adjustments and creating a uniform heating.

The best modern solutions feature unique burners with 2 or 3 rows of flame, which significantly reduces the boiling water and cooking. A cooking with minimal heating may be used with a hidden flame burner, which allows uniformly heat the entire surface of the cookware.

In addition, gas is almost always embedded panel is equipped with an electric ignition - it requires a one-time connection of devices to electrical outlets, but then you can use the stove without matches.

But to know how to choose the embedded gas console, you need to decide at once to several factors. Taken into account and the size of the device and the surface material, and type of burners, and also what features you will need it when cooking.

Structurally, there are 2 types of device - dependent and independent. What is better to choose, to decide the owner of the kitchen. So dependent are installed only in conjunction with an oven, a stove and all the control knobs are located on the surface of the oven. This design resembles a stationary gas stove.

Tip! Built-in cooker dependent type and the oven must be purchased a single source - in this case, and the size will fit, and the control system of the conflict will not arise.

And independent gas cooktop allows you to completely abandon the oven in your kitchen if this device is not true, or else place the oven in any other convenient place. Functioning autonomously built cooking surface may be controlled by mechanical pivoting levers (standard) or a touch panel.

Once you have managed to choose between the dependent and independent design, it is necessary to determine the model of the device. Here the major role played by the panel dimensions, its material (glass ceramics, enamel, stainless steel) base functionality, the type and number of burners.

Properties selection gas hob - type material

To select high-quality and convenient embedded panel, you need to decide on the working surface of the material to understand than the glass-ceramic surface different from the enamel:

  1. Glass-ceramic panels ensure amazing stylish design and high power gas burners. Some devices are equipped with a glass ceramic hob with an extended oval heating area.

Good to know! Ceramic Glass is sensitive to mechanical damage and the impact point, and does not tolerate contact with the surface of the sugar-containing products. At the same time, glass perfectly smooth surface and such care does not make absolutely no difficulty. However, you should know that will choose a special chemical compounds needed for cleaning the glass-ceramic.

  1. Built budget cooktop will not be vitrified, and steel coated with enamel. Such surfaces are performed in a variety of designs and the issue of how to choose a color to match the kitchen fronts is solved incredibly easy.

Disadvantages of enamelled steel is that it quickly loses its protective properties and decorative in scratching, damaging the surface when cleaning is very easy.

  1. Built surface can also be made of stainless steel, but it is not very practical and requires careful maintenance to maintain pristine metallic luster. But you can choose a matte or polished surface, thus creating in the kitchen original accent.

Furthermore, neither impacts nor high temperatures such surfaces are not afraid. They are quick and easy to clean, but just as quickly get dirty - even slight contamination will be visible.

  1. Modern embedded plate may also be created by "gas on glass" technology. By the properties of these panels are reminiscent of a glass ceramic products. It uses a combination protective and tempered glass. In the care of these surfaces are relatively simple and advantageous to look in kitchen design - as a high-tech modern solution.

Important! Choosing the surface made of tempered glass or glass ceramics, pay attention to the bars - it is not necessary to get the stove with grill without rubber tip, because without them grille will scratch glass.

Tip! If you need to select which built hob is ideal for your kitchen design, then be sure to pay attention to the material of the plate grids. What options are there? Conventionally the lattice made of stainless steel, and in more expensive models of embedded surface equipped with practical and durable cast iron gratings.

Built-in gas-surface set into the prepared niche in the worktop. As a general rule, the manufacturer specifies the dimensions of the panel itself and sizes for installation.

It should also select the type and size of gas burners:

  1. Ovens grills - a grille with an underlying hob, used for cooking meat or vegetables without frying in oil.

  1. Double crown - with a single divider fire, thanks to it formed two circumferential flame.

  1. Triple Crown - double flame divider 3 and circumferentially. Tip! Burners of this type are incredibly economical and allow to heat the food in the shortest possible time, and therefore better suited for cooking in large quantities.
  2. Burner Coup de feu made of cast iron and is heated by the fire below. It is used when extinguishing products or sauces. Panels with this addition is usually bulky and are more commonly used in professional kitchens.

In our opinion, the most necessary and useful features gas hob are:

  • Main switch blocking the supply of gas to all the burners one touch;
  • Rotary switches for electric ignition and flame height control;
  • Locking gas supply if ignition does not occur;
  • Timer.

To select the cooking surface, you need to know what the size of the burners are optimal. Too little space saving on the working surface, but using them is very uncomfortable, because they are not designed for a capacious bowl.

In addition, one panel may be combined standard auxiliaries, Ultra Speed ​​and multilevel hotplate. Auxiliary read the least powerful and provide instant Ultra Speed ​​and thus - even and deep heating.

  • most panel dimensions must correspond to the number of burners. Keep in mind that the compact model with a large number of burners are not able to fit on yourself a few pots at the same time;
  • The average family will be enough 3-4 burners;
  • If you are unsure what to choose the hob - electric or gas - it is possible that you will approach a hybrid model.

How to combine the design and color of the plate with the top, apron and headsets

With the functions and hobs understood, and how to choose the design of the hob? Modern cooking surfaces are available in the broadest color palette, so that the selection problems embodiment, under suitable common kitchen interior, will not arise.

You can select a panel color countertops, apron or contrasting with them.

Universal color - steel, suitable for any style and color of the interior.

It looks cool white enamelled plate on a wooden table top with a white suite.

For high-tech style is best to choose black, steel (stainless steel), white model - glass-ceramic or tempered glass.

For classical interiors and modern - steel surfaces, or enameled cast-iron burners and gilded controls.

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I have an independent gas hob, do not have the money to buy and oven. I took such a surface, where the burners are arranged diamond, frankly, uncomfortable. Especially I can not enjoy the short, since a small child, who always wondered what my mother cooks. The review liked the area with a grill. If you decide to change, it'll look the same.

Lena Jacobson, look at the Hotpoint Ariston, they firstly reliable, ergonomic. Well, the quality of the Italian beyond praise

I bought myself a long time Indesit, and once the oven and the hob, decided to take the gas due to poor wiring, were very satisfied, especially dual-burner))

I also vote for Hotpoint, six months ago I bought a glass-ceramic! and beautiful and practical!

I trusted the gas panel from Hotpoint, firstly the price does not bite, and secondly they are the most reliable

I hob Indesit few years worth, I am very loyal and she told me)) me it is completely satisfied

I only gas cookers - do not accept the induction and glass ceramics. Here's husband bought a home hotpointovskuyu gas panel, so there is a burner with triple near the flame. This awesome comfortable, I must admit. Quickly prepared, evenly distributed all the flames, we like very much. Husband at all enthusiastic, he began to prepare even more frequently)

For two years, I use the panel from Hotpoint, too, works very well, lining has not yet, thank God

I only gas, and selected indezitovskuyu, use for 2 years, and has not lost in the first place and Finance is not expensive too, and secondly the quality and simplicity, all I have in her suit, who for gas and looking for inexpensive but high quality - the best choice