How do gas fireplace to a gas balloon with your own hands?

Have a fireplace in your home the dream of many, but a large number of people live in apartments, where to build a classic wooden structure impossible. What to do in this case? To give up the dream? In any case, because you can make the gas unit, which will work on a gas balloon.

Requirements for the placement of the fireplace

  1. The first rule - to find a middle ground in the search for a suitable site for the construction of accommodation. On the one hand, the location of the fire should not be in the way of drafts between the open windows and doors. However, on the other hand, the furnace should be located in a well-ventilated place.
  2. If you are going to build an island fireplace, that is, one that is not adjacent to the walls, you will need to install a special hinged chimneys for him.
  3. If the device has an open fireplace, it is very important to any other home furnishings in the room were at a distance from it. This is necessary in order to prevent accidental ignition. Typically, this distance is specified in the instructions to the fire, but if it is not - to make payments should a specialist.
    1. The first thing you need to allocate a separate room to house propane tank. It should be located as far away from other residential rooms, as well as have good ventilation.

  1. If the power exceeds three gas fireplace kW / h, it is necessary to install an iron and steel tube (for the chimney). Its outer part of mineral insulated cover and close the cover.
  2. If the design has a lower power, then the products of combustion dispose with a preset ventilation.
  3. It is also a prerequisite, if the room has a fireplace, is the installation of the alarm system and an incomplete combustion gas sensors. If you have a model of the fireplace with a sealed chamber, then install the sensors and the chimney is not necessary. However, in this case you will need a fan blowing chamber and the electric power for the implementation of automation activities.

If the previous steps still be able to perform on their own, in order to connect the fireplace, without the help of a specialist is indispensable. To do this, you can contact the gas supplier or to the master organization from whom you purchased the equipment and.

Gas Fireplace in everyday LPG or LPG fuel is a view particularly valuable for summer cottages or the so-called country homes in remote places where no electricity is available and especially natural gas network.

For ordinary summer residents a choice presented three designs:

  • The nozzle and the burner model. They are arranged such that the hot combustion products for flow around the radiator and thus heated air and housing construction. Bottled gas accumulates in an ordinary burner.
  • Flameless heating system. The basis of the design - a powerful infrared burner, which is located in the central part of the fireplace of the furnace.
  • The catalyst burner. Such stoves are arranged in such a way that after the gas is mixed with air which does not burn, and oxidized at a special catalyst the grid, releasing low temperature.

If you are going to install a gas fireplace at a country house, a summer residence on the territory (as an option, it can even be a garage), it is recommended to choose a street version. As you might guess, it will be installed outdoors. For example, this can be a gazebo or a private place in the garden.

With regard to the form and method of construction of such a fireplace it is very similar to a home. Usually they make them from the same bricks, but you can choose any other building material. Most importantly, he was able to withstand various natural influences.

A large number of fireplaces in our time - the devices that run on natural gas trunk. If you do not have professional skills in this business, it is best do not try to install a fireplace with his hands. You surely admit some errors, which, in turn, can lead to an accident.

As for the installation of a fireplace on gas balloon, then you may install it yourself. However, in this there are some nuances. Better prepared properly read before the procedure and appropriate material.

Conversion of wood fire

Alternatively, you can convert already made wood-burning fireplace. To do this you first need to clear it of ash, soot, coal and other dirt. Then install a gas burner inside the furnace. Be sure to follow the installation and operating instructions.

It is also very important that the burner and built-in torch had not been made with their own hands, and have been produced in a factory, as there are sure they are checked for quality and safety before release.

A gas fireplace in the apartment

A variety of modern fireplaces

Fireplace - a spectacular and efficient heating device, which has not lost its relevance in the modern world. Through the use of quality materials and special technologies, could significantly improve the efficiency of fireplaces, and adapt them to a modern interior. One of these solutions is a gas fireplace in the apartment.

What are the options for fireplaces generally available to the consumer?

  • wood - the classic version, which can be used in various types of wood fuel

of origin;

  • power - used for heat radiation of electricity;
  • gas - as fuel is most commonly used ordinary town gas (in most of its structure occupies methane) or liquefied gases - butane, propane;
  • decorative - they are deprived of heating functions, and perform exceptionally aesthetic role.
  • Gas fireplace - this is an option that can be called "golden mean" between the traditional wood and decorative: it provides a warm shelter using natural fire, and at the same time deprived of many of the disadvantages of wood burning fireplace.

    Advantages and disadvantages of gas fireplaces

    Gas fireplaces can be identified the following advantages:

    • during operation do not form combustion products (smoke, sparks, soot, etc.);

    Fireplace in the interior

    Shortcomings in the gas fireplace is not much, but they do exist:

    • fairly high cost;

    Fireplace in living room

    The operating principle of the device and a gas fireplace

    The main element here is the same as that of other types of fireplaces - a firebox. It may have a different shape and volume, depending on the model and the design requirements. The furnace is made either of cast iron, or of heat resistant steel.

    Inside the furnace is a gas burner, a firebox lining (lining - a protective inner lining that can withstand high temperatures), a reflector (heat reflector), and a screen whose function - to distribute the incoming gas to the burner.

    Internal elements of a gas fireplace covered with artificial logs that mimic the real thing. Artificial logs fabricated typically of ceramic or other high temperature resistant materials. Door fireplace transparent - it is made of heat-resistant glass, which allows you to freely watch as the fire burns. Trim or wall-mounted fireplace with a closed combustion chamber may be unilateral, bilateral and trilateral. There is also an island fireplace - this variant has access from all sides.

    Smoke burning gases discharged through the chimney, which, in most cases, performs the role of ventilation. Therefore it is especially important when creating a chimney to provide the necessary conditions for the emergence of thrust. This is largely true for a gas fireplace, having a closed type furnace. There is an alternative embodiment - the flue gases leave through the chimney, and the air flow is provided by a separate air channel. The chimney is best made of stainless steel.

    The principle of operation of the gas fireplace

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    How secure when working gas fireplace?

    Modern gas fireplaces are equipped by several automatic security systems:

    1) Gas Pressure Test.

    gas feeding system provides and maintains a constant pressure, and the built-in sensor controls the process, and in the event of any violations automatically stops the supply of gas.

    2) The air analyzers.

    Even some sensors - atmospheric. They constantly check the state of the air in the room, determining the level of carbon dioxide formed during combustion, and in case of exceeding norms automatically supplied command to turn off the gas supply.

    3) Infrared sensors.

    Their task - to monitor the situation of the fireplace. If for some reason the fireplace suddenly capsize, infrared sensors detect it and immediately stop the operation of the fireplace.

    The main parameters that are worth paying attention to when choosing a gas fireplace

    Now on sale, you can find a lot of variety of gas fireplaces - both domestic and foreign production. Where you can hide some difficulties: for example, European manufacturers fireplaces are designed for connection to a gas supply system, the pressure of which is greater than the pressure that is considered the norm for the Russian network.

    these settings are recommended to take into account when choosing a fireplace:

    Not to be mistaken with the size, all you need to measure in advance, make a drawing, take into account the height of the rooms, the location of the beams and rafters, furniture, and do not forget that around the portal must have enough free space.

    2) Fitting Type.

    There are following possibilities:

    • Floor Standing - floor should be insulated with a special high temperature resistant coating;
    • embedded installation - requires lining, preparing the substrate, creating a frame, difficult to install a chimney (insert embedded inside the load-bearing wall);
    • wall mounted - hung on the wall;
    • outdoor installation - is located outdoors (the most simple embodiment, in which the chimney may be dispensed with).

    3) Gas consumption.

    Gas flow may be different. Typically, the manufacturer indicates in the characteristics of the product the maximum level of gas consumption. This parameter is especially important, if the liquefied gas fuel source for a fireplace is planned - because it is considerably more expensive than the native (home). However, models of liquefied gas has its advantages - they are usually mobile, ie they can tolerate much want, and they have no difficulties with the connection to the gas network.

    4) power level.

    This parameter determines which area of ‚Äč‚Äčthe room is able to heat the fireplace. Most

    Installation in the room

    common power range - from 5 to 10 kW (there are models with capacity up to 13 kW).

    5) Material furnace.

    Most cases cast iron or stainless steel. Cast iron firebox heavier, and less common than steel. Inside the furnace can be lined with different refractory materials.

    6) The presence of additional functionality.

    This can be anything: remote control, electric ignition option, a variety of sensors and control systems that support a predetermined temperature, and others.

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    A gas fireplace in the balloon gas, to assess the quality of what criteria

    The desire to build a real fireplace, not only at home but also in the country pushes owner in search of different alternatives and choosing the most suitable one. What is the fireplace need to give? One that performs the function of a cozy fireplace, the whole family gathers for evenings, for romantic lovers and lonely for philosophical thoughts. But do not forget that the chimney should be quickly and efficiently heat a cold room. For these purposes is not exactly suited to biofuel fireplaces and electric fireplaces opportunities in question.

    Choosing between traditional fireplaces and devices running on gas, you should consider in detail the pros and cons of a particular type of fireplaces.

    Advantages of gas equipment

    Gas as fuel species in many regions has been applied recently. But during that time he has earned his popularity high heat dissipation and low cost. The idea of ‚Äč‚Äčcreating a gas fireplace for home visits not only manufacturers, but also the users themselves. However, there is no need to open the conquered peaks and we can use any of the existing models.

    • Gas fireplaces have a high efficiency. Compared with wood-burning fireplaces are used efficient technologies evolved heat. This increases the proportion of energy which is released as heat.
    • Closed firebox not only affect the amount of heat, but also provide a proper level of security. It lies in the absence of sparks and constantly falling out of coal. Therefore kazovyh fireplaces Safety comes first in the list of advantages.
    • To light a gas fireplace to give you just need to press a button on the remote control. This type of fuel will relieve you of constant cleaning and furnace ash, soot in the corners of the room and always dirty hands. The gases are products of combustion at low temperature. This simplifies the requirements for chimney construction, and in models to which is fed gas from the cylinder, the chimney does not. Removal of steam and carbon dioxide produced by a coaxial hose directly on the roof or in a window.

    • You can adjust the intensity of combustion. Moreover, a variety of functions depends on the type of the electronic controller. In today's fireplaces have the opportunity to change the height of the flame, its intensity, the temperature at which the stove must be switched off. Automation system plays an active role in ensuring security. Thus, the "senses" sensors are responsive to the pressure drop, high carbon dioxide content, flameout, drop fire.
    • No need to store and procure supplies of fuel, such as wood or coal.
    • The great distance from the gas line to the house will not cause rejection of such decorations as a fireplace. For this purpose, stand-alone version - gas fireplace to a gas balloon.
    • Fireplace, subject to the necessary measures can be decorated, combining it with the interior finish of the room.

    The cost of this fireplace is slightly higher than its counterparts, but reliable and easy to install cover the difference, making the purchase of a profitable option.

    Natural gas fireplaces and balloon have the same structure and differ only in the diameter of the burner nozzle. The furnace includes a heat exchanger with increased performance due to the area of ‚Äč‚Äčthe ribs. Burnt gas enters the smoke box - special conical casing intended to combustion products are not scattered and do not fall into the room. Chimney is a continuation of the sweeping.

    Gas is fed into the furnace through the burner, which is a tube with nozzles. Located in the lower part, it is virtually invisible to the observer. In some models provided masking burner hoax logs. This plaster cast is made of ceramics and is not burned by the flame.

    If the model is the fireplace of closed type, it protects the furnace special fire-resistant glass. Through it, you can safely enjoy the live fire. Automation system or controller located in the cold zone. It is used for processing the signals coming from the sensors and provide feedback by adjusting the gas supply.

    LPG fireplaces complemented compartment, into which the balloon. The housing of the fireplace below the fire chamber can be easily arrange a balloon. Its capacity depends on the specific model.

    While turning the fireplace by pressing or turning the handle (it all depends on remote control model), the feed begins. Then, using the piezoelectric effect occurs spark, igniting the gas. Fireplace earned and will start to heat up the exposed range.

    Choices to be made in any case, but not to spend their own strength and the strength of the seller, you can prepare in advance the characteristics of the model that you need. Create these characteristics, a simple plan.

    Despite the similarity in the structure and operating principle, furnaces designed for different types of gas are not interchangeable. Determine in advance how you see the gas is more convenient to use. Recognize kinds of fireplaces fuel type easily available at special symbols on the device code. Furnaces designed for natural gas, are marked by the letter «N», a propane-butane mixture - «P».

    Remember that the fire has two functions. To create the look and style of the room you can not pay attention to the technical characteristics of the device. But if you get a gas fireplace, which should operate as a real heater, it will have to reckon with the other parameters.

    The main indicator of efficiency of the fireplace is its power. Calculation of the heated area is mathematical in nature and is quite difficult for the buyer. It is recommended to evaluate the possibility of the selected fire based on the fact that the required power of 1 kW for full heating of 10 m 2 room area. After measuring and calculating the area it is easy to get the recommended rate.

    Having defined the parameters, you can proceed to the choice of locations for further installation. Depending on the method of attachment and the location of fire emit different models.

    • Wall fireplaces are a reflection of the present. In addition, it is an excellent option to save the fire from pets or small children. Models of this type are light enough to hold on to the wall.
    • Outdoor fireplaces have a ready housing and not require additional refinement. They can be used immediately after the technician connecting (in the case of the main gas) or independent (in the case of bottled gas). At the precise orientation of the installation site only affects the ease of installation of the gas pipeline.
    • Classic look reminiscent of built fireplaces, framed portal. This portal can be done independently or purchased with the furnace. Separate consideration is deserved street version of the fireplace without a chimney, as it is built entirely with their hands tenants of the house. This option is called open.

    We can not say about the classification subtypes. This near-wall, corner and island fireplace. Pristennye mounted at the wall of the room and have an external or built chimney. The outer casing is closed top and is lined with bricks. But gas fireplaces for a country house should save space, so they often use corner models. They are so harmoniously fit into a corner, that in skilful selection of facing materials are not collected volume in the room.

    On the efficiency and service life affects the material from which made the furnace itself. Steel is quite resistant to temperature changes and can "burn out" over time, besides its ability to dissipate heat much worse than that of the iron variation.

    The disadvantage of the fireplace with a cast iron firebox is its weighty mass. But it does not exceed the average maximum load for the various floors. This means that any gas fireplace can be installed without a foundation, on the pre-prepared horizontal surface.

    As automation ensures safety

    System of management and control of combustion mode - is a complex set of interacting nodes. In addition to the special features that enhance the comfort of the fireplace in operation, continuously active safety system.

    If the pressure in the cylinder is already below a certain critical value, the switch is triggered, organizing flame quenching. The level of carbon monoxide when its increase also leads to shutdown. This is especially true in cases where a strong wind and the flame is extinguished by accident in the street. Detached fireplaces are equipped with sensors fall. If you accidentally hit and knocked fireplace, the gas supply is stopped before the fireplace vertical position.

    Choose your house in a decent copy, which will please you for a long time, considering all the above criteria.