Waybill lock on the garage gate

Locks for gates and garage, in contrast to the door lock, rarely apply for external beauty, because they are very appreciated for other qualities: reliability and durability. That is why manufacturers often reward their impressive product weight and size, but choose garage bill should not lock on these parameters. How to cope with a difficult choice, tells the publication.

Constipation at the gate or garage must be reliable and durable

First and foremost you need to decide whether your garage lock key, or if you prefer a version without a key. In the second case, the range of locks can offer you:

  • mechanical combination locks. Button in the operation at the locks of this type are worn so obviously that pick up the cherished code for attackers is easy, and the design itself can rarely boast of high secrecy. For this reason, to establish a similar product to the garage is not necessary. But if you need a budget option, so even with the possibility of conversion, be sure to pay attention to the keyless mechanics;
  • electronic locks require summing up the electricity and can refuse at extremely low temperatures, but they can be controlled remotely (with remote control), which is pretty comfortable. The secrecy of these products is usually quite high, but the price too, especially if they are equipped with autonomous power element;
  • electromechanical locks, depending on the design, can be opened by plastic cards or via e "tablet." Waybill lock gates electromechanical type is particularly suitable for holiday home owners, because it can be let into the courtyard of any visitor, simply by pressing the intercom.

Pinion rim locks

More recently, it pinion garage bill castle was the only option for a merchant to protect our favorite cars. Even now, this massive structure of its kind credible to many motorists.

Rack locking member from the housing, the bolt and spring

Housing rack constipation, as well as the bolt lock made of steel. Keys rack locks are provided with grooves corresponding to the teeth of the bolt. Unlocking the main feature of this design is the movement of the key along the keyhole requiring significant muscular effort.

Secrecy for lever lock the applicator depends on the number of levers (spring-steel plates with grooves of different profiles) which when reacted with unlocking key protrusions.

The reliability of the lock depends on the number of levers

Lever locks are considered the most reliable design, especially if key beard has a dual form of "butterfly". To improve reliability, these mechanisms are provided with additional "secrets": suvaldovyh false grooves in the plates, spring-loaded pins, protective bronenakladkami.

Drill or cut a bill to lock the garage for lever-type - a task quite difficult, especially if the manufacturer made his creation of hardened steel. Testing common models reveals the clear favorites in this class of locking devices.

Locks involved in testing

The results of the comparison products shown in the table below.

The results of testing the overhead lever locks

Lever locks can not be opened without a key, which is why experts strongly recommend to use them to protect the garage door. Even made their way into the garage through a hole in the back wall (and such cases are possible), hijack your machine attackers will not succeed.

Among the users of the garage, cylinder locks are known as:

  • "English" from the pin mechanism of secrecy;
  • "Finnish", wherein secrecy is provided by a set of disks with semicircular recesses for the key, the passage of which wheels are rotated by a certain angle. It is possible to 2000000 number of secret combinations, which virtually eliminates the possibility of the selection of keys. Since the pins and springs, this design does not use the "Finnish" locks are fairly resistant to extremes of temperature and dust and dirt.

Consignment Castle ZND 1A Cheboksary Aggregate Plant provides a number of combinations 100001

The disadvantage of all cylinder systems is their low resistance to twisting and drilling, but the master key to open a lock rather problematic.

And one more thing, that you should definitely pay attention to when choosing a lock for the gate: water-resistant performance of the model. If the garage invoice lock is always well hidden from the rain under the roof, the mechanism fastening on the gate, fully exposed to the weather. Given this, manufacturers produce stainless steel mechanisms, protecting them from the housing polyamide or aluminum, which are indifferent to corrosion processes. For example, thereby performing mechanical locks Belgian company «Locinox».

Conformal locks (e.g., «Locinox») are polymeric or aluminum housing

Electromechanical locks to become "all-weather" are also subject to special treatment: all their electrical circuit is hermetically filled with epoxy resin, and the waterproof housing are processed by means of, or subjected to powder coating.

Installation of garage lock with his own hands

Installing Rim locks on garage doors - it is quite simple for the person masterovitogo. To begin with, in addition to the purchase of the castle, prepare the necessary tools and materials: welding machine and electric drill with drill bits of different diameters, suitable fastening hardware, as well as a solid steel plate to which will directly strengthen the castle.

Installation of garage lock is carried out in several stages:

  1. The metal plate is attached weld "overlap" inside the garage door leaf. Instead plate can use the T-shaped design of a pair of steel parts.
  2. Location is marked Locks, outlined in terms of future holes hardware.

Mark up the location of future holes conveniently using a template

  1. Drilled under the keyhole slot and a place of fastening of the lock case.

Drill a keyhole slot

  1. Rama gate strengthened area in which grooves are cut for the bolts.

Install a lock on the door leaf

  1. The locking mechanism for testing bolted, verified performance of the system. After successful tests tightened bolts tight.

Established waybill lock

More clearly with all phases of the installation of shear garage castle you can see by looking at the video.

It should be noted that a reliability would not possess your garage lock, it can protect your avtolyubimitsu only if the gate leaf will soundly manufactured from steel sheet with a thickness of 3 mm, with a carrier of channel №6 box or rectangular section tubes comparable .

Rim locks on garage doors

Any garage, even under the protection of a part of the cooperative, requires additional protection. It can be achieved by placing on the garage doors special lock, manufactured specifically for such purposes. The fact that the garage locks are included in a separate category and are characterized by high strength and durability.

different types of locks can be used for placement on the garage doors - Mortice, Hinged, screw. However, in more detail, we will focus on such species as overhead constipation.

Rim locks are a box that set manner superimposed on the garage door, whereby the people they are called box or flat.

Rim locks can vary greatly depending on the manufacturer and the corresponding price of the product material, so that the scope of their use by the installation begins and ends on the garage doors bank. However, this category of locks, like all others, has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages and disadvantages of the structure

The main advantages of the overhead of lock models for the garage are:

  • Quick and simple installation, as the box is placed on the target surface as opposed to mortise mechanism. That is why the first available in the installation, not only professionals but also ordinary garage owners.
  • Due to the fact that the mechanism is placed on the surface of the garage gates, their web remains intact and hence more secure and strong, which is also an advantage of a variety of locks.
  • When breakdowns or irregularities overhead design functionality is much easier to replace or check their fault.
  • Because keyhole box is protected from the actions of violators of the full thickness of the garage door, creates a maximum distance from the gate to the locking mechanism.
  • Another advantage is the possibility of combining barrier properties of lock other protected structures - for instance, safety valves or wedge linings.

However, rim locks in addition to the merits of a number of disadvantages:

  • First of all, they are connected with the inability to install it at the gate with a double vestibule.
  • When purchasing such a mechanism should be prepared to ensure that the construction itself is subject to practically no modernization or replacement of individual elements, whereby there is often a need to replace not only the mechanism itself, but also the whole structure of garage doors.
  • The disadvantage of overhead locks can also be considered aesthetically pleasing, due to which the owners of garages often opt for other models.

How to look different and installed a padlock on the garage - read this material.

If you are interested in the electric lock on the gate of a country house, read this informative article.

The operating principle of the device and features a mortise lock on the gate can be found here.

How to choose the invoice constipation? their views

Rim lock mechanisms can be classified according to various criteria. Thus, according to aspects of lock mechanism may be lever and cylindered. Following the recommendations of specialists for garage gates preferred choice is for lever lock, characterized by a greater durability and reliability.

However, regardless of which type is chosen, it is recommended to select such structure that unlocks both inside and outside only with a key. This will reduce the likelihood of theft of the vehicle in the event if the attackers made their way inside through the adjacent garages or hole in the wall.

According to the presence of the bolt design, they are divided into:

  • bezrigelnye (electromagnetic);
  • Transom (with the number of crossbars from 1 to 5).

According to the terms of construction and mode of action may be overhead model:

  • electronic (opening produced by the action of a special magnetic pulse supplied from the control device);
  • mechanical (unlocked via a conventional key);
  • electromechanical.

It should be remembered that the bill does not involve the construction of his passing bolts through the door, and the protection of the entire design function is performed by a special shut-off box, and in the case of the destruction of the entire locking mechanism comes into disrepair, and the door can be easily opened, regardless of its degree of reliability.

It is not recommended to buy models with low cost, dramatically different from peers, or issued by little-known manufacturers, as most of these castles are made of materials, the quality of which is not at the height, and the whole structure is not sufficiently durable. That is why when purchasing mechanism is strongly recommended to require the production of a certificate of quality.

To models with the lowest degree of reliability can be attributed locks made of aluminum or brass. A much more robust mechanisms are cast iron, but they are highly susceptible to a sharp drop in temperature, which is fraught with increase in the fragility of the locks. The models with the highest reliability can be called steelwork, but their cost is much higher prices on other models.

Design features consignment model consists in the fact that when it is installed on the door leaf entire construction visible. Fixture body is made by means of special strips and the plane (otherwise referred to as frame and boxes).

when installing you must take into account the material of which the garage door. On the wooden gates bill locking mechanism is fastened to the inside of conventional screws. For webs of steel requires the use of special fastening bushings for screwing bolts.

Then, follow the instructions:

  1. In order to attach the bill constipation cylindrical type, must initially make a mark on the door leaf a horizontal line drawn at one third from the top.
  2. Further to this line pattern is applied, which must be included with rim locks when buying. Based on the template, on the door leaf made a mark for future openings for screws and cylinders.
  3. Thereafter, in the center of the mark-up portion must be drilled through-hole of a small size corresponding to the diameter of a lock cylinder.
  4. The resulting hole from the outer side of the door leaf is inserted into the cylinder and the retaining ring, after which the inner side is fixed to the mounting plate using screws. During mounting plate is necessary to make sure that the front edge is flush with the edge of the door.
  5. Next, you need to make cutting the connecting rod. For this purpose it is metered with the protrusion of the mounting plate stock approximately 12 mm is clamped wrench and carefully sawn using a hacksaw.
  6. Next, you need to release the latch, which push the button for lock housing. After this should be aligned keyhole slot on the housing with the connecting rod, and the construction itself is fixed with screws on the mounting plate.
  7. The next step is to mark the position of the tongue latches when installing the lock in the closed position. It is then applied to the door striker plate and its planned path of produced labels.
  8. Further punched holes for the striker plate with a chisel and mallet. The resulting grooves set the bar, and the door is closed to verify its installation. If necessary, it is necessary to deepen the groove, if not - then the locking plate must be secured. Installation is finished.

Video review of one of the lock options

The video - equipment rack overlay constipation for the garage:

Gallery type of lock mechanisms applicator

In the photo - a variety of garage overhead constipation:

Garage lock - the recommended model and their installation

Garage cooperatives, gates and locks - a very popular topic, which continues to gain momentum. But at the same time, garage locks - a very specific area as a result of the difficult operating conditions. That's what we will now discuss: what locks on garage place can be, and what you should pay attention when installing.

Many of the phrase "garage castle" is associated with the rack locks of different models and designs. These we consider here is not. The first reason, the locks of the type discussed previously.

The second reason, it is absolutely worthless and locks to protect the garage from the point of view of a responsible approach can not be recommended.

To begin, let's define the what properties should have a garage lock and towards the end of the material, we recommend specific models that offer our customers based on their experience for high-quality solutions to protect the garage.

Garage, if it is located on the street - a hostile environment in which not all the locks will work. An established fact, that lever locks ceteris paribus work here is more or less correct. The fact that such a lever lock, and the principles on which it works - told earlier.

In addition, the garage lock should not be opened from the inside at all. That is, when the door is closed, a rogue, getting in through the roof or tunnel, should not be able to open the gates by simply turning the knob on the inside.

Operating with all the above, focusing on the experience of installations and operation of locks is on the garage door, we offer our customers the following options for locks on the gates of garages.

Tell we start from best to worst. It is clear that our list - it is our personal opinion that has been formed on our experience, priorities and preferences.

In our opinion, one of the best options that can be offered to the garage - is Elbor Sapphire. The most powerful castle in which a plurality of protection is present. A huge number of code elements and shutoff shutter as tamper intelligent methods. Huge bolts and decent stock in the housing, armor plates - as protection against power autopsy methods.

Sapphire Elbor discharged in the trim and mortise embodiments. For more information about this castle said in a separate video reel.

Sapphire has two minuses.

  1. Mediocre is not perfect workmanship
  2. He is available only on one side of the opening, like on the right and on the left-hand gate levers to put it down you can not, do not risk

The second nominee - a Guardian 2007. clasp with protection against power breaking the previous modest. But very good quality. With decent protection of the net opening.

The advantages of this lock also in the fact that it is available both on the left and on the right side. It is important in this case - good. More about the Guardian in 2007 the castle again in detail as told in the previous content online.

The third in the list of worthy locks for the garage - it's a little-known Cerberus. Produced in the trim as well as in plunge embodiments. We put in the garage, and we recommend both of them.

The advantages of this brand locks that key box chip has a closed shape and interact with each key lever when turning two barbs. Due to this, the lock continues to operate in the most hostile environments. Even if the levers for some reason a little stuck, smorzlis with each other, their key still sdornet and the lock opens.

The disadvantage of the castle - the lack of armor plates and a small number of crossbars in a modest cross-section that is perceived by many garazhnikami serious. More details about the structure and operation of Cerberus, see the vidzheosyuzhete below.

Well, the last pretender to the title of usable garage lock - it is certainly a RIF-1 from Chelyabinsk.

Inexpensive price, extremely impressive in their dimensions and proportions, with good workability. It works in any decade, dirt and frost. Minus: the previous generation of the castle with all the ensuing consequences. That is clumsy, awkward, with holes in the design and protection.

About Castle RIF-1 as if to you it was amazing, we were told again in detail in the video.

Installation Principles lock on the garage.

When installing any lock on the garage must adhere to the following principles. We will not dwell on the rules of each item, since the bulk of the plot still about the models of locks. But note that these rules were formed empirically, as they say, through suffering sweat and blood.

  • Installation housing must be in compliance with all planes.
  • Pull and deform the case can not fixture. Including the impossible and drill out mounting holes and a key.
  • When opening and closing the lock, the bolt must not exert pressure when mashing crossbars of the box. That is, should be such that the bolts have been a small backlash.
  • Lock fasteners should not be seen from outside the gate, which would superkalonye hats and bolts fastening screws you had not.
  • Shut garage doors and gates is not recommended to install additional bolt or rod up and down. If you want a more serious locking, better to put two locks on the gate and separate them from the gate center up and down away from each other.
  • Well, the last longer refers not to install and to use. Modern garage locks can not be lubricated at all. Lubricant + street + dirt frost drastically reduce the service life and deliver a lot of trouble.

Have something to add? Do not hesitate - leave your questions and comments in the comments!

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