Photos of flowers carnations, chrysanthemums bouquets pictures

Pictures and photos carnations always attract a refined weave lace petals in tight buds. Lush, double flowers juicy shades: boiling-white, purple, red. Photo varieties with bright pinks contrasting border resemble graceful ruffles fashion designer.

Homeland carnations on Mollukskih distant islands. Pictures with carnations always like a breath of fresh invigorating moisture, no wonder the great German poet called Geto carnation flower personification of stability and friendship. Europe first saw the carnation bouquets in the sixteenth century, and since then, this flower has become so beloved that Spain was considered a stud guard mascot, and in Italy picture cloves emblazoned on the state emblem.

As a divine flower is translated from the Latin word for Dianthus - Dianthus. Many of the fields and hillsides in the summer colored in wild species clove, but the Chinese large-Geddeviga carnation was chosen as the source code for selection.

Bright flowers quickly found its fans, and in the Soviet Union carnations became the symbol of the revolution and resistance. They were in those days and public holidays decoration and simply your favorite colors. Their popularity is high today.

Inflorescence grade diamond worthy of its name. Dark-red double flowers are especially good against the background of white lace inflorescences grades Vesuvius and Tenderness.

Ruby-red border on the edge of the rose petals D.Bekki Robinson makes them very effective.

Gently gently petals remontant grade D. Truly Yors.

Photos and grade Carnation flower.

Cloves give parents, teachers and loved ones. Values ​​have a lot of pinks, it all depends on the color. White - pure love, mottled and striped buds - friendship, light red - admiration, and dark red and burgundy have deep feelings. In our country, red carnations are also a symbol of victory and 9 May. Pink - this is love for a mother or sister.

Elegant Photo of carnations on a background of shiny fabric.

For a long time it was thought incorrectly that the plant has healing properties.

Carnations can grow in different environments, grown in open and closed spaces.

Photo carnation bush gourmet salmon color.

romantic grade "Avrora9quot ;.

Nature diligently creates floral lace.

What first comes to mind looking at this image - of course, the holiday on May 9th.

Hats inflorescences Turkish carnations.

Romance. The seeds have excellent germination.

Bud spreading white petals with crimson notches and fine trim.

Pleasing lush flowering carnation garden.

Different varieties bloom from early spring to mid-summer.

Droplets of dew sparkle on the cream-colored petals.

These flowers have a nice tart flavor.

Carnation Monica Wyatt.

In the photo Dianthus chinensis.

It is believed that the first nails were peach and pink. Then interbreeding produced a lot of other colors and shades, including red, yellow and white.

Dianthus alpinus Dianthus alpinus.

Striped bicolor flowers.

Different varieties bloom from early spring to mid-summer. Cut flowers in a vase are very long.

Clove feathery red.

Lyrical mood created delicate carnation photo. Always!

Graceful pink blossoms Jolt.

The favorite of gardeners - dwarf carnation.

Grade Becky Robinson.

grade "Don Pedro" the most common in stores.

Bright and colorful variety of Doris.

Floral Star Coral Reef.

spectacular color "kover9quot ;. Do not forget to moisten the soil before sowing. The best temperature for germination 15-20 degrees. Appearances are waiting for the most in a week.

The unusual pattern on the petals and a beautiful fringe - a colorful spectacle.

Foam splendor Scarlet.

Carnations can grow in different environments, grown in open and closed spaces.

Carnations needs sunlight for at least six hours a day. In terms of soil - unpretentious, blossom at the meager food. In the moisture they need more than fertilizer. But also abundantly watered them too is not necessary.

Familiar to all Travyanka.

For more emotion make Fragrans.

Whether fresh cloves, prompt extreme petals. See that they nebyli dry or battered. The base of the flower in fresh green. In fading - yellowed.

When making beds is necessary to choose a well-lit place and avoid stagnation of water.

Carnations: Flowers god

The most common among the various types are annual; two-year or multi-year stud. Conventional, as is the scientific name "Dianthus9quot ;, assigned Greek botany Teofarastusom which is derived from the Greek words "dios9quot ;, meaning the god Zeus "anthos9quot ;, in the sense of - a flower. Thus, carnation flowers are generally known under the name of "God's flowers."

Carnation flower with a photo and description

In nemahrovyh colors belonging to the form of Dutch clove in the photo (Dianthus caryophyllus) 5 petals, the colors range from white to pink and purple. Types of carnations may have double flowers with 40 petals. Cultivated in parks carnations grow to 6-8.5 cm in diameter. Petals, for the most part with claws or zigzag.

Inflorescences carnations on photo

Flower Carnation - a bisexual plant and it blooms one is connected, or in branched or bifurcated group. Stamens occur in one or two quarters, with different numbers of petals. Leaves - narrow, their color varies from green to gray-blue or purple. They grow large, in full bloom, on strong, straight trunks.

Carnation varieties of flowers are mainly of three kinds:

big with one large flower on a stalk.

Spray (Mini Carnation) with lots of smaller flowers.

dwarf - several small flowers on one stem.

Growing carnations can be carried out with the help of seeds and strains. Carnations easily grow out of sections of processes around the base of the legs, side shoots stalk in color or root sprouts until buds.

In most cases, the root cuttings produce the best plants. Cuttings can be separated from the plant at any time during the autumn or winter, buried in the sand and put in the pot.

They can be placed in pots before planting in the spring usually in April, or in any other time when the soil is ready for processing. Soil should be great depth, loose and sandy loam.

In the process, while growing cloves, care of plants is to ensure appropriate conditions. Studs on a daily basis takes a few hours of sunlight, it is necessary to keep them moist. Avoid over-watering, as a result of this plant can turn yellow.

Dried flowers should be removed immediately to a long flowering.

The quality of color depends on the soil and irrigation aspects. Those who are engaged in cultivation of carnations must bear in mind the importance of nipping, restrictions and cutting unnecessary shoots,

During the collection of pinks leave three or four tops at the base and remove the stem. The plant should not be exposed to direct sunlight or heat from the furnace.

Once finished flowering carnation care will be that it is necessary to remove the lower sheets (if any), re-cut the stems under water and place in a fresh solution with nutrients.

While metitsiklopropenom processing (MCP) can be extremely effective to prevent damage from ethylene, the pitch is reduced by about 50% sensitivity after 4 days whereas, impregnation (STS) + silver thiosulfate longer effective. In another study, there were no differences between cleanings metitsiklopropenom (MCP) and silver thiosulfate + (STS).

Cycloheximide - an antibiotic that acts by inhibiting protein synthesis. The fact that it prolongs the life of carnations. Unfortunately, it is not available for use in the floral industry, and, just, mentioned here in order to stimulate anyone to find such a synthetic inhibitor that could be used by gardeners and growers.

Garden carnation (Dianthus caryophyllus)

Decorative cycle: carnation may persist from 7 to 21 days depending on the variety, time of collection, nutrients, and / or anti-ethylene agents. Carnations, produced by genetic engineering, such as "Eliat" may be 24-26 days in the water without the flower feeding or other chemicals.

Carnations are one of the most popular flowers in the world. Due to the fact that these colors are stored for a long time after the cutoff, as they are of common bouquets pinned to the bodice, moreover, they can be found in a wide range of flower arrangements.

Sometimes it happens splitting cup, this difficulty can be corrected, taped flowers in the budding stage. Pre-harvest factors such as greenhouse cover (preferably glass), age of the plant (the older the better), the season of the year (autumn - the best) - all together can be decisive for the duration of the flower of life after harvest. The greater the dry weight of the stem during harvest, the more durable will be the flower.

Carnations express love, fascination and perfection.

These flowers are native to Eurasia.

Historically, it found that they were first used in garlands Greeks and Romans.

Carnations - exotic to Australia but they were cultivated for the flower market since 1954.

Bouquets are stored for a long time even after the cut.

Carnation flowers became a symbol of a mother's love, as well as Mother's Day. Discover why they should be chosen for this celebration.

According to Christian legend, carnations first appeared on Earth at that time, when Jesus carried the Cross. They grew up there, where the Virgin Mary shed tears as she sobbed about the unenviable fate of his son.


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