Gerber master class from foamirana

Grow gerbera really is not so easy, you need to know a lot about it growing. But we're not going to introduce you how to grow gerbera, we look to you step by step wizard class for its manufacture of foamirana, because this gerbera will please us a lot longer. The author of this master class is Irina Konshina.

* Foamiran desired color.

We need foamiran desired color, in this master class gerbera made of dark pink foamirana. Take foamiran and cut into strips 5 cm wide, 3 cm and 2 cm. Length do at its discretion.

Gerbera from foamirana: 2 master-class with step by step photos

Gerbera with resemble large colorful daisies, bouquets but they look much more interesting because of its unusual color petals. Gerbera are monochrome, two- and three-color. In this master class, we make two flower gerbera, one pale pink to foamirana bouquets in pastel colors, and the second a bright red for an unusual floral arrangements. A method of manufacturing gerbera I'll also show you two. First we collect from gerbera petal circles and the second is made of individual petals. The second will be two-color gerbera. In this paper we will use the Iranian and Chinese foamiran. Marshmallow for gerberas is not suitable, because it is very thin. We will begin a master class with a simple pink gerbera.

Photos of the finished flowers gerbera foamirana.

Step by Step Master Class: pink gerbera foamirana of their own hands

We will begin a master class to create gerbera soft pink color of the Iranian foamirana. It will look great in combination with white or pink roses or peonies from large terry foamirana.

Materials for the gerbera from Iranian foamirana:

  • foamiran pink, olive, black color;
  • iron;
  • second adhesive;
  • thick wire or wire - 5 mm;
  • conventional and pinking shears;
  • paper napkins;
  • toothpick or orange stick;
  • teip tape olive.

Gerbera flower made from templates, so the pattern is not necessary for him.

three cut circle diameter of 10-13 cm., black stripes take foamirana 1.5 cm * 20 cm, olive foamirana strip 1.8 cm * 20 cm for manufacture of flower pale pink foamirana., pale pink stripes on one side of the cut zigzag scissors 35-40 cm. long.

Black Stripe regime for small fringe.

Pale pink stripes fence mode.

Striped olive foamirana also thin fringe mode.

Followed divide into 16 pieces and cut out petals. On each petal zigzag scissors knurled.

Take the wire length 30 cm.

For thickening wires take a paper towel and process of the wire. This method is suitable for thickening the stem of many colors, including tulips from foamirana.

Then we cheat on the wire and black fringe glue, adhesive at the same level.

On the fringe of the black olive glue fringe. Clay also flush tight. Then treat midway on iron by heating and squeezing fingers midway.

Glue strip on the olive pale pink, with each round glue raise a strip of 2 mm. Each circle is trying to place the fence in staggered rows, with tightens the fence or on the contrary do an additive, if necessary.

That's the way to glue the whole fence.

Flap wheels slightly toning carnival pastel pink on both sides.

Then handle flap following on iron at a temperature of silk wool. Flap circles are putting parts and to an iron rod on each petal plot the texture in the form of strips 3.

Make a hole in the middle of the daisy wheel and a toothpick petal dress circle podkleivaya it to the middle. Glue is applied to the middle of the daisy wheel and a little plant on the petals and slightly presses.

Then, the second petal dress circle, the adhesive is applied only to the middle of a daisy wheel. Petals place in a staggered manner.

Also glue the third petal circle.

cut with scissors zigzag sepal 6 cm from olive foamirana.

Carnival green pastel toning sepal on one side. Fold in half 3 times sepal and slightly grind it between your fingers and spread.

Make a hole in the middle of the sepals, dress it on the stem and glue the flower. Stem treat teip ribbon cutting it in half.

Here is a pink gerbera we turned. Of roses can be arranged flower arrangement, for example by connecting them with magnolia flowers from foamirana, or to issue a beautiful hairpin or scrunchy with a single flower.

How to make a red gerbera from foamirana (step by step photo instructions)

Chinese foamiran quite dense in its structure, so from it are obtained beautiful gerberas, and to work simply with this material.

Materials for the manufacture of gerbera Chinese foamirana:

  • pink, olive, black, red, green Chinese foamiran;
  • iron;
  • second adhesive;
  • wire or thick wire - 5 mm;
  • conventional and pinking shears;
  • paper napkins;
  • toothpick or orange stick;
  • teip green belt.

Patterns for gerbera flower is not necessary. Photos from the templates you will find below. Size can estimate by eye.

Take a strip of black foamirana - 1.8 cm * 13 cm, olive 2 cm * 20 cm, red 20 cm 2 * Two strips cut from one side of the zigzag scissors: red 2.5 * 40 cm, peach 2.5 * 30 cm. . More red stripes take foamirana 5 cm and 26 cut therefrom rectangles 1.8 cm wide. and the strip of 4.5 cm and 13 cut therefrom rectangles 1.3 cm wide. of rectangles form the petals in the form of droplets and each petal do zigzag incision with scissors.

Red, olive and black stripes cut into a fringe.

Pink and red cut into the fence.

We begin forming midway. And glue is screwed tight on the black fringe wire prepared like described above in the master classes.

Then cheat and paste olive fringe.

Then glue and tightly cheat red fringe. Then finished the middle of a handle on the iron.

Collect flower pink gerbera

After treatment fringe begin to stick fence pink fence placing staggered, with each row of lifting 2mm.

Then glue the red fence.

Then, the pitch on the iron handle with silk wool temperature and little finger pulling a boat and stick on each petal plot the three stripes.

Glue small pitch circle at a distance from each other each petal 0.5 cm.

Large petals treat as small.

Large petals glue between the lobes of the first row.

The remaining large petals just glue the second row in a circle.

Green foamirana zigzag scissors cut sepals. A little grind it between his fingers, after heating on the iron and straighten it.

Dress and glue and process sepal stem teip green ribbon.

Here's a red-pink gerbera of Chinese foamirana ready.

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Gerber from foamirana their hands on the advice of the master

With the help of gerbera foamirana can decorate the interior of the apartment, clothing, or some object of today gerbera at the peak of popularity among florists and craft masters. The flower represents the beauty, the mystery, the desire to comprehend the new, attracts good luck and wealth. Manufactured their own hands a flower can give a lot of options for color, but mostly use original colors - yellow and orange.

Homemade from foamirana flowers: gerbera in compositions

Flowers made with their own hands will create a cosiness in the house. Do business people each flower is unique, with individual petals. Guests certainly pay attention to unusual compositions.

Accommodation options gerberas, made with his own hands from foamirana:

  • hang on household appliances;
  • decorate clothing;
  • used as jewelry in her hair - girls;

Gerber from foamirana can be done in any size and color

Foamiran something similar to suede. This tire, which has a porous structure. The peculiarity of the material that upon heating can be given any shape that will hold for a long time. The material is resistant to moisture.

Girls should not be afraid to use the gerbera from foamirana as decoration. In any weather, gerbera from foamirana not change its shape, even in the dead of winter or under the hot sun.

How do gerbera foamirana of their own hands

The process of self-production of gerbera will take several stages. You first need to stock up on tools, then purchase the material and read how to do gerbera with the help of available funds. The benefit is a schematic and even unskilled hands cope with slight task. But it is important to treat the case with patience.

Before proceeding to the manufacture of gerbera foamirana worth seeing video master class

To do needlework need materials and tools:

  • foamirana;
  • harvested petals of a flower;
  • glue;
  • scissors;
  • 3 floss or wire;
  • iron;
  • knife;
  • mounting of brooches.

The color is chosen according to your own preferences. You can create flowers of different color schemes. The same is true petals. If you do not have enough imagination, examples of these colors can be found on the Internet. Petals and the core are made of different colors. Petals in bright colors, and the core - in the dark.

A handy tool and a sharp tool with good lighting - the key to a peaceful and successful work without marriage.

Pattern of gerbera foamirana: making petals

For the manufacture of a large number of identical flowers required templates. At the beginning of the petals are made. To make a beautiful gerbera need 2 kinds of petals - large and smaller. Both species need 24 pieces.

Find gerbera foamirana of template can be on the internet and print it on a printer

Form lobe - an elongated drop. Dimensions:

  1. Long petals: height - 5.5 cm width - 1.5 cm.
  2. Short height - height - 3 cm, and width - 1.3 cm.

For exact details of forming the sheet of cardboard is used. It should be applied to image both the petals and cut them out.

Future core strips 4 form a flower foamirana:

  1. Central: width - 2.2 cm length - 20 cm.
  2. Average: width - 1.5 cm length - 18 cm.
  3. Outer: width - 1.8 cm, length - 19.5 cm.
  4. The final strip width 2 cm, length - 14 cm.

Attention: to form the core templates not required. It is enough to attach the line to the Thomas and draw on it abroad for cutting. If there is no confidence in the power, then you should use a template.

Production of gerberas foamirana: incrementally

The template is ready, it's time to start the production of the petals. Thomas color for bright petals taken - for example, yellow. The core material is made of a dark color - brown. You can experiment - not to be afraid of it. Only empirically, you can create your masterpiece.

All materials for the manufacture of gerbera foamirana can be purchased on the Internet or shop for handicrafts

Step by step the manufacture of petals and the core leadership:

  1. Cut blank should be attached to foamiranu, cut around a toothpick and cut.
  2. For more beauty petals their edges should pluck. The pattern should be small, not to spoil the lobe, but give it a personality.
  3. To cut a core line is taken, contours form on the above dimensions. The upper side of all the four parts should be cut by a wavy line. Bends should be smooth, but at the same time is not uniform. Then the flower pattern will turn a natural and unique.
  4. From the top of the uneven portion is cut into strips to the bottom of the shallow fringe. Indentations should be about 1 mm. In the second and third parts of the indentation should be increased by 0.5-1 mm. In the fourth part of the core margins should reach 7 mm.
  5. In the fourth part of the core should be to make the fence - each strip should be cut at an angle on both sides. The top of the strips should not be sharp.

For the formation of the pattern, it is desirable to use curly scissors - simply and without hassle as the fingers and nails. And to give a more natural, the tips of the petals and the grounds are covered with acrylic paint the same color as the foamiran.

Gerber from foamirana: patterns and templates

flower parts are formed, but they are not yet ready. If they stick together now, the flower is shabby, unnatural. So that it was not its component parts should be given to the volume and petals additional decoration. It uses iron:

  1. Operating mode - mean temperature.
  2. Petals are applied to the heating surface in 2-5 seconds. Petals themselves are aligned, and then curl and fall off. If it does not, then it must be podkovyrnut toothpick.
  3. After heating for 2 striae pitch is applied using toothpicks. On the upper side.
  4. Similarly, the processed part of the core of the future of the flower. After heating fringe processed fingers to impart volume. - hulled and sip it.
  5. In the latter part of the core strips are folded in such a way to get the serried leaves - sepals.

If you want to make gerbera foamirana of the same size, it is necessary to use a prepared template

foamirana heating time depends on the thickness and color. Material even one manufacturer can be heated in different ways. Better trained on rough pieces.

Further, the pattern parts are glued to each other:

  1. At the tip of the wire is screwed 1st part of the core. She pasted over around. It is applied on the 2nd and 3rd.
  2. The last part is formed in 2 turns - it sepals.
  3. Further, around the small petals sepals placed in 2 rows. 1st bit higher, and 2nd - below.
  4. Then there are the large petals, in 2 rows.

When pasting need to carefully add the glue - the surplus will climb to the fringe and zamazhut it. The adhesive should be applied thinly.

Instead toothpicks as a base can be used from a wire clasp or clip. It all depends on the further application of decoration made his hands.

Gerber from foamirana: Master class from the best artists

In the proposed embodiment, it considered only the creation of flower. The wire was used as a sort of stem. It is also necessary to decorate, to receive a full flower that will delight guests at home. This is the master class.

To look original composition, in the manufacture of gerbera recommended foamiran different shades

  • foamirana green sheet;
  • a cocktail stick.
  1. The wire tube dresses green. It must be secured with glue.
  2. You need to cut a narrow, about 3 mm. foamirana part, as long as possible, and wrap it all stems. On the stem to make breaks.
  3. A pattern cut out the blank leaf. They can be downloaded on the Internet and be scaled to the desired size. The mass of options.
  4. Visa flower, between the cup and the stem glued additional sepals.

The process does not differ from the bud formation. In the manufacture of the stem can give free rein to their imagination, the benefit of the skills already exist.

Beautiful gerbera from foamirana: Master Class (VIDEO)

Gerber from foamirana not so complex decoration, to make it their own hands. At the same time, independent manufacturing can add a lot of features. For a girl it will be an attractive ornament on the hair. It can be used even for the evening along. And as home decoration gerbera from foamirana emphasize thrift inhabitants of the house. The main thing - the right to form the basis of, not to burn the material on the iron and do not overdo the adhesive.