How to choose a hygrometer for the house: types and basic characteristics

Human health depends on a number of factors, which include accommodation. Among them is distinguished not only by the ambient temperature and the level of pollution, but also the content of moisture.

Room air should be filled with a certain amount of water - in this case a negative effect on the body can have both positive and negative deviation from standard in 45-55%. And if an adult can be a long time in unfavorable conditions due to its endurance, it can give rise to very serious illness for the child abnormal humidity fluctuations.

Therefore, in any modern home should have room hygrometer, which allows you to control the moisture content in the atmosphere. Thus it is necessary to select the most reliable, convenient and functional device that allows you to create the ideal conditions for all family members.

psychrometric device

Depending on the operating principle, the hygrometer can have a different appearance. In particular, the most common previously psychrometric device that consisted of two thermometers - one open and one isolated from the external environment.

Due to evaporation of moisture contained in the atmosphere, they showed different levels of the temperature - to determine on the basis of the difference of indexes a particular value of relative humidity table used, which is usually brought on hygrometer housing. Such a device can be seen in the following photo - it is probably familiar to anyone who remembers high-school physics.

A more advanced embodiment is the electronic apparatus based on the principle of resistance measurement surrounding environment. In a special surface, a thin layer of electrolyte, often represented by lithium chloride - passed through by a small voltage to the lamp.

When the room air gets more moisture, hygrometer responds quickly to fluctuations in the change of electrical characteristics. As a result, the electronic device displays a deviation from a set level, which corresponds to the measured parameter.

The device shown in the photo, has a higher price and the possibility of admitting some errors, but it is most convenient to use.

A somewhat more detailed version is a condensation hygrometer, which can be bought in any store appliances. The principle of its action is in the direction of a narrow beam of light on the cooled mirror in which is mounted an electronic thermometer. Upon reaching a certain temperature at the surface begins to precipitate crystals appear the dew or ice - similar level indicator corresponding to a specific relative humidity.

Such an electronic device should be selected to give an absolutely precise characteristics of the atmosphere. Its only drawback - the larger size than that of counterparts, using a different method of environmental studies.

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The basic principles of equipment selection

When the wrong choice, you can quickly bring the device unusable, or stably produce erroneous figures, which do not allow to create the desired level of comfort in the dwelling.

In addition, it is necessary to use a hygrometer to ensure an adequate level of comfort - its ergonomics should also be taken into account. Therefore, before the implementation of the order or going to the store you want to view an electronic catalog and select a specific model.

measurement range

Experts recommend carefully consider which room unit will be installed - sometimes it does not make sense to buy too expensive device that has the ability to obtain the boundary values.

In addition, choosing a model for a bath or other rooms with hot water, make sure that the thermometer has been calculated, at least about 80 degrees - this prevents premature breakage of the measuring means.

Sauna should choose hygrometer capable of transferring heat to 120 degrees or more.

Equally important is the limit allowable error, which determines the level of accuracy of data obtained.

Psychrometric product is designed for small deviation limit, so that it continues to use many official institutions, hospitals, and manufacturing plants.

Electronic same device operating on the principle of measuring resistivity of moist air, may allow error of about 5-10%. If such an error is critical - for example, at increased risk of colds in children, should choose a different modification.

The optimal combination of characteristics has hygrometer uses measurement of dew deposition temperature.

In some cases, it is of great importance measurement time - if the thermometer usually shows very timely data, with the hygrometer such approval can not be done haphazardly.

Currently on the market a huge number of models of unknown manufacturers who use frankly outdated electronics and inefficient methods of measurement.

As a result, the period of obtaining data, which has such a hygrometer, may reach 30-60 seconds. This will mean that you see before you the information on how figure was some time ago - when the child's room comfort provision is unacceptable.

The development of modern technology has led to the fact that even a simple electronic hygrometer has become outdated and unpopular in a domestic environment.

They were replaced by compact weather stations, which are also mounted in the thermometer showing the necessary information about the air condition. In the photo you can see a similar device, which refers to the average price class - it is equipped with a large LCD display, making figures maximum visibility.

As the thermometer and itself device for measuring the humidity, can display not only the current values, but also fixed, minimum and maximum of a series of studies.

Intermediate room thermometer and hygrometer in one housing may have a built-in storage unit that stores several tens of recent values ​​indicating the time of receipt.

Very handy when the device contains an integrated clock - it can be installed on the bedside table or kitchen table in order to have a notion of the current time of day. Some also use the alarm clock, which is also significantly expands the functionality of the device.

Hygrometer can be completed and the function of baby monitors - such a device is best suited for installation in a kid's room, which was not yet two years old. Such devices can be expensive enough, but they are indispensable for the parents who want their child is in control.

In addition, the thermometer in such a model can be supplemented with wire thermocouple, which is connected to the bed by measuring its temperature, and allows you to instantly receive performance bottle heat food.

What to buy a room hygrometer: the variety of devices and functions

Taking care of their own health, we try to create in-house the most comfortable living conditions. And one of the most important components - the climate control and humidity in the room. For this problem, the best solution is to buy a room hygrometer. Consider what kinds of this device are, and what to be guided in the selection.

Hygrometer shows the relative humidity in the room

Why should you buy a room hygrometer, and how it can be

Indoor hygrometer - a device that measures and displays the relative humidity in the room. Thanks to him, you can receive the data on the climate condition in the house and, accordingly, to make adjustments. Depending on the mechanism of action, all hygrometers are divided into several types:

  • hair hygrometer - his work is based on the natural properties of a human hair to change its length under the influence of moisture;
  • condensing hygrometer - it receives information from a special mechanism which is a mirror in which the condensation due to exposure to light;

Device for measuring the humidity in the apparatus is required nursery

  • weight hygrometer which gives readings by measuring the amount of water vapor;
  • Psychometric - operates by the two thermometers, determining the difference provided by their testimony. When it comes to measuring humidity readings in the room, use this option.

Why is it necessary to buy a room air humidity meter

Condition of health depends on many factors, one of which - the purity of the air and the presence in it required amount of moisture. If the indoor humidity is too low, the mucous membranes of the human respiratory tract will dry up, which may cause the occurrence of a favorable environment for the life of pathogenic bacteria.

To maintain a favorable microclimate in the room and use a hygrometer. The principle of operation of the device, which measures the air humidity in the room, the following: two thermometers, one of which is normal, and the second humidified continuously measured ambient air temperature. Humidification of the second thermometer comes with an ordinary distilled water, but this is what allows you to get different figures and, on the basis of this difference, make necessary calculations.

Mechanical thermometer with hygrometer

The most primitive hygrometer for home involve the use of a special table by finding in which the respective temperature indicators, it is possible to draw conclusions about the current humidity in the room. More modern models are equipped with the chipset, which independently produces all the calculations and displays a finished result.

Today, in addition to traditional hygrometers on sale you can find many devices equipped with additional functions. For example, in addition to data on atmospheric humidity, the device may display:

  • the current date and time;
  • Atmosphere pressure;
  • the room temperature.

Note! Some devices are informed of their owners Abuse room climate using special color indicators. This allows time to notice and fix the problem.

Multifunctional instrument showing the temperature, humidity and time

For those who are worried about their own health, and tries to maintain in the house all the indicators at the optimum level, the manufacturer offers to buy a hygrometer-thermometer-barometer. When combined, these devices allow you to completely control the microclimate. However, should such a device is quite expensive.

How to choose and where to buy a hygrometer

In order to select the optimal device for yourself, it is first necessary to understand exactly what its functions you need. On how many additional features it will include in itself, is directly dependent on its value. It makes no sense to buy a barometer, hygrometer-thermometer in one, if you want to know only the relative humidity.

Note! The normal indication of the moisture content in the air is considered to be the level of 40-60%. Of course, a short stay in a room where there is a deviation from this standard may not cause significant harm, but permanent residence can affect health, especially children.

Another important selection criterion - the range of the instrument performance and accuracy with which he works. Ideally, the operating range of hygrometer should be from 0 to 100%, although allowed to use equipment and the scale of 20-80% in the living room. At the same error of the instrument should be minimal. Although it is recognized that the error in conventional electronic hygrometer may be from 5 to 10% depending on the model.

It plays a significant role and the time expended device to receive data. Cheapest and most common on today's models produce all the necessary measurements and calculations in the interval of between 30 and 60 seconds. It is long enough and it is better to look for a more modern model, the running time is reduced to 1-5 seconds.

Interestingly, the modern appliances that use in their work professionals able to get the most accurate data for just one tenth of a second.

On the question of where to buy a hygrometer to the apartment, there are two possible answers. On the one hand, you can give it the time and visit a specialty store, which looked and examine each proposed model, choose the most suitable. On the other hand, you can make a choice based on the reviews posted on websites and forums, and to order the device via the Internet.

Helpful advice! In addition to traditional models of the device you can buy a hygrometer room where the clock with thermometer and hygrometer placed on the same basis, representing a single complex.

Electronic hygrometer showing the humidity inside and outside

Overview hygrometer VIT-2: how to use the basic characteristics of the device

In today's market you can find a huge number of different devices, different from each other, as a function, and design. Consider one of the simplest and most popular to date appliance models, which is great for everyday use - Hygrometer VIT-2, which can be bought almost anywhere.

The first feature of this particular device - it requires the use of certain temperature conditions. Thus, in the cold season the air temperature should not fall below the level of -15 ° C and in summer exceed 40 ° C. Given that we are talking about measuring humidity in the rooms, comply with this requirement is not difficult, however, to know about it is still necessary.

Depending on the ambient temperature changes and the measuring range of relative humidity:

Price division of the hygrometer is 0,2 ° C, which makes it possible to obtain sufficiently precise indicators. And as the thermometric liquid in this device uses toluene, which, unlike mercury safe.

Important! Buying psychrometric hygrometer need to know that its transportation also has special requirements. You need to transport the unit in the upright position. this applies particularly cold time of the year.

The operating principle of psychrometric hygrometer

In order to understand how to use Psychrometric hygrometer VIT-2, you must have an idea of ​​its appearance, as well as the principle of work. Visually, it is a plastic base 290 mm high, 120 mm wide and 50 mm thick. On this basis, two thermometers attached and marked temperature scale and the psychrometric chart. Furthermore, there is fixed and the glass feeder necessary for humidification of a thermometer.

Potted hygrometers VIT-VIT-1 and 2

As already mentioned, one of the thermometer receives the data, remaining dry and the other is constantly susceptible to moisture. This is due to the fact that the capillary of the thermometer is in a special fabric material that perfectly absorbs water and thereby constantly maintains the humidity level. By this cooling, the second reading of the thermometer is different, which makes it possible to compare data.

In order to make the necessary calculations, it suffices to use the table. Parameters obtained by finding the "dry" and "wet" thermometer, at the intersection of these values, the relative humidity will be shown.

Another important condition for accurate operation of the device - the speed of the air flow in the room should not exceed 1 m / s. Otherwise, the difference between the readings of thermometers will be larger than it actually is, and you end up with incredibly understated humidity.

Apparatus psychrometric hygrometer

Other embodiments of devices for measuring air humidity in the room

Of course, not everyone will want to constantly tinker with the computer table, and in this case, buy a psychrometric hygrometer - not the best option. Very popular today are electrical devices that combine multiple functions such as clock, thermometer, barometer, hygrometer.

Another popular combination - a humidifier with a hygrometer. To buy such a device is not difficult, however, its use also has some of the subtleties. The main problem is that the humidity measurement is made in the vicinity of a source of moisture, and hence assume that data valid quite difficult.

Of course, that life takes place and the use of improvised devices. So, room thermometer-hygrometer with their own hands to do just enough. But it is necessary to take into account that the error with which you will have to face in the course of its use, no doubt, will be greater than in the case of electronic or mechanical hygrometer.

Hygrometer in modern design will decorate the interior

How to make your own hands psychrometric hygrometer

Of course, buy ready-made device for measuring the moisture content much easier. The more so because its cost is quite accessible to everyone. However, some want to make such a device yourself. Briefly discuss how you can do it.

First of all you need the following components:

  • piece of cotton fabric;
  • thread;
  • plywood or board;
  • distilled water;
  • Two standard mercury thermometers, which measure the indoor air temperature.

The first step is to install and fix on the board, which will be housing, two thermometers. Fix them you need to close parallel to each other. Then, under a thermometer, secure container in which is water. For this purpose, perfect little bulb or bubble out of anything. The tip of the thermometer, in which the bulk of mercury, wrapped with a cloth, and then tightly wound thread, to prevent it slipping. The water-filled container falls fabric edge.

Steps independent production of hygrometer

Use this device follows the same principle as a classic psychrometric hygrometer. A special table that will help you in the calculations, you will find specialized sites on the Internet easily.

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Indoor hygrometer: the price of the most modern and popular models

Before you buy a humidity meter, it is useful to look at the prices for different types of devices. Thus, you will be the easiest way to decide by how much money you are willing to pay for those or other additions to the device, and whether they really need.

Buy a mechanical hygrometer high enough quality, but without any additional features can be for 500-600 rubles. At the same time to buy an electronic hygrometer for the money it is unlikely, because the cost of this type of devices starts from 1-2 thousand. Rubles, and can be increased by half.

Mechanical room table hygrometer

Home weather station: wall barometer, thermometer, hygrometer

The most interesting, and at the same time expensive option, which can be found - the home weather station, which is a wall clock with a barometer, hygrometer and thermometer. Prices for these kits start at 5 thousand. Rubles, and at times may increase because of the design of the original design, as well as rare and expensive materials performance.

Able to simultaneously control such parameters as temperature and humidity, and barometric pressure - undoubted advantage of systems such as domestic weather station. Although buy a hygrometer, barometer and thermometer - fun is not too cheap, it is certainly justified.

Depending on the design, such a temperature and humidity meters can cost more than a thousand rubles, but at the same time they can become a worthy ornament of your interior as well as a gift.

Electronic home mini weather station

Among other things, on the market today, you can find the most unusual combination of instruments with a hygrometer. So more and more popular with the baby monitor receives humidity measurement function in the children's room. There are also models that connect to the Internet and further demonstrate the on-screen weather forecast.

Indoor humidity meter - a very useful device that allows you to adjust the indoor climate. And no matter what type of device do you prefer, to understand how to use a hygrometer everyone can.

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Device for measuring the air humidity and particularly its application

Choosing thermometers and hygrometers

Hello dear readers. As the saying goes in the popular song - most important of all the weather in the house. And those words no matter how any other fully reflect the essence of today's topic - the temperature and humidity in our homes. And since you're reading this, it means that you are interested in the question - how to choose the right thermometer and hygrometer that will last for years to come. The modern market in 2016 offers a huge number of such devices. Thermometers designed for measuring the ambient temperature. They may have the most diverse working principle and functional. Due hygrometers can measure the humidity of the air in a particular room. In recent years, two of these useful devices, even combined in one unit. On the major issues of choice of these devices, their design and function will be discussed in this article.

Let us first deal with the basic types of good thermometers, which offers a modern market.

The easiest and most common variant, which faced each, besides the cheapest. There readings carried out by a special scale, which is placed in a thermometer. In most cases, the working fluid is an alcohol or mercury. In the case of mercury is necessary to be careful, as this substance is extremely dangerous for the human body.

Digital devices are different in that they give out information in a form readable by the human eye. In most cases they have a liquid crystal display which is up to a few fractions of a degree provides information on the ambient temperature. Modern automation and electronic means has stepped far forward, so the best digital thermometer types can be connected without any problems to a personal computer. They contain relevant for this interface.

Hygrometer - a device for measuring the air humidity. Let's understand first of all, what you need to know the level of humidity in the apartment. The thing that is too high and too low humidity in your home lead to deterioration of health. Norm is the moisture level of 40% - 60%. If the humidity is higher, in the house of factories of various mites and fungi. Everywhere there is mold, day after day, their poisoning spore our bodies. There is an unpleasant smell in the clothes, which are difficult to eliminate. In case of low humidity in the room residents irritate the eyes and upper respiratory tract, causing rhinitis and wheezing in children. Furthermore rassyhaetsya furniture, wooden surfaces cracks. Both stories are pretty unpleasant. And to keep the humidity controlled, then adjust it to the available methods, and there are various air humidity measuring device.

Psychrometric hygrometer traces its history, as they say - "from time immemorial". This highly reliable and accurate measuring device with a measuring error of 1%, is composed of 2 alcohol thermometers, one of which, so-called - "dry" is completely isolated from the environment, and alcohol flask second wrapped cambric tape, which at its end regard with water in a special vessel. Accordingly, in one open reading thermometer and closed - quite different due to the evaporation of moisture from its surface. Next to take off is a special table calculations of the difference of their testimony, with which you can calculate the level of air humidity. Calculations of course take some time, but a great advantage of this device is the high accuracy readings and reliability at a relatively low price of the device.

Hair, or mechanical hygrometer

The operating principle of the hair hygrometer is based on the ability of non-fat human or synthetic hair to change its length with changes in humidity. Thus when changing the humidity of the hair length spanned by the special frame is changed by turning a pulley of a mechanical device, which in turn biases the arrow on the dial to the left or right. This type of humidity measurement devices enables relatively accurate humidity indicators, but is sensitive to shock and change of position in space.

Electronic hygrometer calculates the humidity, measuring its electrical resistance. It is passed through a special electrolyte voltage and depending on concentration of the moisture it changes its resistance to current. The result is displayed in the form of numbers humidity. Devices are very convenient and easy to operate, and their disadvantages are low measurement accuracy to within 10%. The price of these devices is naturally higher than that of the psychrometric devices.

The operating principle of condensing hygrometer is to remove data Electrical thermometer with a small, specially cooled mirror, which is formed with a dew or frost. It is guided light beam and, depending on the condensation temperature and the mirror, the instrument is calculated moisture level. This device is an electronic precision. Its error from 1 to 5 percent.

Interesting video about the humidity in the room:

Whichever device you choose, be sure to focus on the accuracy of its readings. In most cases, this parameter is determined by the accuracy of the device. It may be the proportion of the scale interval. The maximum error of good thermometers and hygrometers indicated directly on the device. If you are not interested in a particular precision, it is not necessary to overpay for quality thermometers and hygrometers. In that case, if you are working in harsh environments, where even a fraction of a degree in the account, it is necessary to pay attention to devices with minimum error in the readings.

Measurement limit determines the maximum value of humidity or temperature, which can be measured with this device. Selecting in this case depends on the conditions in which to use expensive or budget thermometer and hygrometer. If you need to measure these indicators within the street, then to his private home use, purchase the device with a temperature measuring range from -50 to +50 degrees Celsius. Sometimes a person acquires such equipment to be used in extreme conditions. Here it is worth considering the expansion of the measurement range.

This parameter indicates how many units of shares accounted for one division of the scale. This is a very important indicator. If you need extreme accuracy, try to choose a device with a minimum scale interval. Some digital devices, for example, have a figure equal to the hundredths of a degree. To measure the temperature and humidity readings medium sometimes enough division value in tenths of the measured value.

Operating conditions come to the fore, if you plan to use inexpensive thermometers and hygrometers in some extreme conditions. This can be a high humidity or high temperature performance. Here, the build quality comes to the fore. It is important, if the devices are operated in a humid environment, be sure that they are adapted to this. Some of these models have a protective water repellent coating or a sealed enclosure.

In 2016, the consumer electronics market there are a number of different high-quality thermometer and hygrometer. If we talk about the choice of a particular instance, it is best to give preference to European producers of such equipment. Today, the market can often find and Chinese instruments. They do not differ in build quality and accuracy of readings, but they are quite suitable for private home use. However, we would advise to pay attention to the following brands:

Universal device that combines thermometer and hygrometer - is the best solution for everyone. The benefit of today and those in a wide range on the market.

Worth to see an interesting video on how to choose a thermometer.

So, dear readers, you and I have figured out how to choose a good thermometer and hygrometer for home, what are the kinds of devices and what they need. In the coming 2016 there are lots of offers to buy thermometers and hygrometers wide variety of designs and price ranges. But we are confident that each of you can without any problems to go to a specialty store and buy only the device you need.