The choice of the modern wall-slides for the living room or hall

Wall-slides for the hall can now be found in almost every apartment, they have come to replace the old Soviet cupboard, look modern and quite roomy.

The main feature of this furniture - versatility: you can combine the various options for components for maximum appeal and large capacity storage.

Title slides wall-received by the modular structure, which is installed in an increasing height combination. They consist of the following elements:

  • wardrobes and sliding wardrobes;
  • tables;
  • glass display cases and dressers;
  • shelving for books;
  • retractable drawers;
  • cabinets for televisions, music players and music centers;
  • rack.

The photo below shows a variety of slides furniture for living room:

When choosing a color wall-slide, primarily oriented to the interior room, new furniture to perfectly fit into the living room. Another important factor - of course, the personal preferences of the owner.

And also take into account the psychological impact of color on humans.

  • Universal version - white. Suitable for any room, regardless of the design, but will quickly Mara.
  • Rather universal standard furniture wood color: alder, walnut, beech, oak, wenge and others. But by using darker shades have the risk of getting gloomy room, so it is important to balance the expense of other light elements.
  • Blue shades help to focus, suitable for children's rooms.
  • Black - add rigor and relevance, the best solution for office or office.
  • Delicate pastel shades and are well suited for the room of creative people, they will not distract attention during operation.
  • Light gray and warm shades enhance brain activity.

Wall-slide for the living room is a different shape:

The assembly of the wall can be tracked in the video:

We should also talk about the mini-wall slides. As a rule, they have a complete set of several cabinets and shelves in between. These options are great for small rooms because they do not take up much space. Most varieties have a low price and a minimalist design, designed for economy class.

Still, in such cases it is impossible to put a lot of things. For example, to save space, rather than the standard used for hangers rod perpendicular retractable rod. On it will not be able to hang more than four hangers.

When choosing furniture it is also important to pay attention to the used finishing edges, eg, low-quality melamine edge will reduce the lifetime of the furniture. Read more about this in our article on the edging of chipboard.

With some coatings will be difficult to take care of (this, for example, frosted glass or sand blasting). With such a problem faced by one of our readers, we have answered the question of washing sandblasting drawing.

Materials for making slides

Case furniture and, in particular, the slides for the living room, made of chipboard and wood. To decorate furniture and structural reinforcement manufacturers use additional materials: MDF, glass, metal and plastic. Consider the advantages and disadvantages of these materials for furniture slides.

    Furniture Slides from chipboard
  • Furniture Slides of chipboard - the most popular type of furniture for the room. Laminated chipboard much cheaper than wood, so out of it produced furniture has an affordable price. However, the quality and duration of use, chipboard loses its main competitor - the tree. Therefore, the furniture of chipboard is considered a budget option for the living room. Furniture Slides from a tree
  • Furniture Slides from a tree - a much more prestigious option. With proper care it can be preserved for centuries without losing the beauty of. But wood furniture has one big disadvantage - price. Wood furniture is worth many times more expensive than their counterparts of chipboard, so let it currently can few. Furniture Slides in high-tech style
  • There is a third type of furniture slides, which are combined in equal parts of wood, metal, plastic, MDF and glass. Such slides are usually carried out in high-tech style and are popular mainly among young people.

Buying furniture for the hall of the hill, you need to decide which vendor to give your preference.

    Gorka domestic production
  • Gorka Russian production - is often a reasonable price, but bednovato design and average quality. In general, Russian and Belarusian manufacturers produce good furniture at reasonable prices. And if the broad financial capabilities you do not have, the option with the domestic slide fits perfectly. The only important thing to take into account that requires careful handling for long-term operation of domestic furniture. Hill Italian production
  • Gorka foreign production - a stylish design, good quality, but a very high price. Import furniture of good quality produce in Europe. You should not buy furniture Chinese, Pakistani or Turkish origin, sometimes it yields as even Russian peers. Therefore, if there is free money for the purchase of a roller coaster, it is best not to skimp and get Italian or Spanish furniture. Hill to order
  • Slide-to-order - a unique design, the right size, but a cottage industry. Possibility to order a hill to your liking, always happy. But here's the problem: the high-end craftsmen working in small private shops, very little. Ordering furniture from artisans, you risk getting is not what we expected. Therefore, referring to private owners, try to deal with the longer-established firms.

So, we suggest to choose from a variety of options for the walls. The price for them is very different: the minimum slat on the model of chipboard - from 7000 rubles, and better kinds of solid wood stand at 50 thousand rubles... and more.

What frames to choose: materials, pros and cons views. Wood, carved, plastic or aluminum. How to make trims at home. Fixing casings on the windows with their hands.

RemBoo »Furniture» Choosing contemporary wall-slides for the living room or hall

Beauty and comfort: the role of the slides in the design of the living room walls

Since the living room is considered to be the place where they will spend most of their time your friends and acquaintances, it is important to choose the right furniture for the placement and storage of all necessary items and accessories.

And when choosing furniture that can hide the unnecessary from view and focus on the important things, you need to rely on the practicality of such an option. In that case, if you are a supporter of practical and multifunctional furniture, wall-slides for the living room will be the best choice.

Due to its stylish appearance, a large number of niches, drawers and shelves for storage such walls have already gained popularity in the market, and today they can be seen in almost any home.

A classic example of a small wall-slides for the living room

For such furniture to serve you for a long time, and its exterior design blends harmoniously with the interior style, you need to know some important information that we acquaint you now.

Let's see what options-hills of the walls, we can offer specialized shops. If the size of your room allows, you can choose to lounge angular hill. In smaller rooms, use of such a wall would be inappropriate, since due to the fact that the cabinet takes just two walls, the space will seem even smaller.

Picture of a beautiful corner slides for a living

In addition to the corner wall, isolated as direct and U-shaped. Selecting one of these options will depend on the area of ​​free space in your room. special little narrow walls of rooms are suitable for small size (or mini-slides) for the living room, consisting of only a few departments. Due to its compact size, they fit perfectly into any interior.

Photos stylish slides into the living room

The main feature that characterizes such slides is minimalism. The most appropriate and practical option mini-roller coaster will be a wall with the department under the TV and small shelves for books and small accessories. This option will cost quite inexpensive, but emphasize the style of the interior and ensure profitable use of space.

Photo small slides for a living: compact, nothing more

More practical for living are considered Modular wall-slides. For they provide to the special design opportunity to swap some niches and shelves, which means that you can always transform your wardrobe or make it more convenient to use.

See a selection of beautiful photos of fireplaces in the interior of the living room and choose your option decorative fireplace in your home: cozy, warm, creative.

About existing types and usage patterns wardrobe corner, hallway, read this article: maximum functionality, quality materials and original design will help in creating a stylish interior.

Typically, these elements are used in modular walls, slides, for storing clothes dresser, shelf, performs the function of the bar, a large niche for the TV, shelf for storing utensils, as well as corners and open shelves for books and accessories.

The photo - White modular cabinet in the living room: collect, as a designer

Speaking about the varieties of wall-slides, it is important to note that there a large number of styles.

The photo - a model of a modern roller coaster for the living room

Depending on your wishes, you can pick-pile wall, decorated in such styles:

  • modern (You can find most of these walls, they are characterized by their simplicity and unusual smooth lines in the design);
  • high tech (Compactness and capacity unusual combination of several colors and materials);
  • Provence (Old form bends and patterns on the surface of natural materials or materials imitating wood);
  • East style (Bends, a large number of elements, gold shades, patterns on a wall surface);
  • classic (Strict style, natural colors and materials, and the angularity of the massiveness of all departments).

Another modern version of a roller coaster in the living room

Of course, the quality and durability of the selected wall will depend on the material that has been used during its manufacture. As such materials can be selected MDF, particle board, plastic, wood or glass. Each of these will vary in strength, durability, resistance to moisture and light, so we offer you to get acquainted with the important properties of certain materials.

If you decide to pick up a pile of wood, look for breed: for instance, pine is characterized by its softness, and such species, such as oak, cherry or walnut are more durable and resistant to damage. Some slides are made of materials disguised as natural, but having other elements in its core. For example, they include a wall made of veneer (chipboard and wood).

You can choose a wall-hill of the joint venture (pine and plywood). This will save some funds, and serve such a roller coaster at least 5 years.

To provide the outer layer-protection wall slides against various damages, some manufacturers have coated it with lacquer or laminate. This helps to protect the wall from stains, cracks, dye fading, the negative effects of moisture, heat, or chemical means.

The classic version of the wall-slide for the hall or living room

metal is used to make some parts of the wall-slides. Since it has superior strength, manufacturers are using it to create profiles and fittings. As additional materials for the composite wall elements, slides are also used glass, plastic and mirrors.

In the process of acquisition of the wall-slide you probably think about it, for what purposes will target each of its departments. Plan this issue is very important, because what kind of things you're going to fit in a wall, will depend on its appearance. And, therefore only sound planning use of space such slides will help you make a positive impression on your guests.

In the photo - corner cabinet, made in the contrast of black and white

Let's see what kind of things and objects intended for storage in a wall of the departments depending on their destination. Many wall-slides have in the central part of most large niche. It is designed for TV or music center. Please note that some walls have additional small niches for storage of other types of equipment and, as a rule, they are located close to the central part.

In the photo - a compact mini-slide in a modern style

Open shelves on each side wall, slides or on its upper level are intended for storage of clothes and accessories such as books, clocks, figurines and vases, as well as many other souvenirs.

If your wall has shelves with glass doors, they can be placed dishes, crystal, vases of fruit or ornamental ceramic articles. The closed sections can store absolutely any thing: it can be clothes, appliances, unwanted books or documents.

In the photo - a small hill with multifunctional features

Due to the fact that the wall-slide must perform a decorative function, there are a variety of ways to decorate it. For example, for this purpose can be use mirrors, putting them on the back of the hill as a wall or attach to some of the doors. To decorate the door is perfect glass: Firstly, this method will give more clearance lightness and elegance, and secondly, such a surface can be decorated with patterns and unusual patterns.

Read about what may be a combination of gray color in the interior: interesting compositions dilute bright spot accessories, textiles, furniture and curtains.

A detailed article on the dining tables transformers for living here: a variety of convertible tables - your chance to choose their own good and functional option.

As another way to decorate your walls You can use the backlight. Mount the lights in the open or glazed shelf or use longer illumination along the entire cabinet. Depending on how the whole room is decorated in any color, select the most suitable shade for illumination.

In the photo - white Hill for the living room, decorated highlighted glass shelves

Choosing-pile wall to the living room, Use colors that will blend in with the interior. For example, if your room is framed in dark tones, such interior can be diluted via walls bright or light colors. For light rooms, select slides that color, which would be combined with the rest of the furniture and in harmony with the wallpaper.

A small wall-slide with a glossy facade

As you have noticed, the wall-slides have a large number of positive properties. The main advantages of their use by consumers include the following:

  • compactness and capacity;
  • able to move freely;
  • sleek appearance;
  • ability to pick up options for absolutely any style of interior design;
  • a large number of shapes, sizes, materials and other characteristics.

This design slides into the living room make the entire interior of the lighter

In order to choose a wall-slide, as much as possible to your personal taste and the ability to complement the interior ideas, do not rush to buy the first option you like. Shopping trip, look at the options offered in the catalogs, read the specifications - and only then proceed to purchase the most suitable for your wall.

If the suitable options you will not find - you always have the opportunity to pile on the order. But in this case, will have to wait and pay a large sum than the finished version.

In any case, the wall-slide will be a useful acquisition, because it combines the two properties at the same time: the practicality and style. By selecting you will be able to create a cozy atmosphere in your home. And remember that emphasize the exclusive style with the help of such details in your room is really very simple.

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Design facades wardrobes: photo options, materials, decor

Transforming tables for the living room: the selection criteria

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Original slide into the hall: 7 Tips for Choosing Furniture

Stylish slide decorate your living room and make it unique Today in fashion minimalism. Many tend to draw the living room in the apartment, so that loose items do not interfere with a pleasant pastime. Slide into the hall solves this problem quickly and easily. Multifunctional storage system can hide unnecessary things and to focus on the desired interior. This type of living room furniture has won wide popularity due to its practicality and stylish appearance. Today on the market there are many companies that offer the latest models of roller coasters.

Slide under the TV in the room: decoration

Usually standard furniture slides have large compartment, which is intended for mounting the TV. Typically, a television in the central part and the sides have additional equipment and accessories.

Many slides under the TV are a standard form, especially when it comes to low-cost options. However, you can decorate the wall with his hands.

Decorate the hill can be a variety of ways. Decorating the wall, it is important not to abuse décor. They should be stylish and concise.

An excellent option for the living room will slide with a compartment for your TV

Materials for additional decor:

Color-wall slides must match or contrast with the common interior. The main rule of the choice of wall - adaption to the decoration and furniture. If the interior is rich dark shades, wall, you can choose bright. In the light of the room, you can choose furniture to darker tone. Originally looks white slide.

Built-slides into the hall: a photo and type of outlets

Choosing a sliding hill for the living room, the first thing is to determine the quantity and quality of items for storage in it. Each wall of the department can devote to the things of some kind. Thus, planning assembly slides should be designed in advance.

Every niche and shelf, from which it is a wall, has its purpose. Of course, owners can determine the purpose of using it yourself. However, there are guidelines that can help with the choice and correct emphasis.

It is important to note that the small shelves are not intended for the storage of large items. Such storage can result in confusion that will make living uncomfortable.

If you need to hide a lot of things, then you'd better buy a universal hill with cupboard

  • A great niche. Designed for TV or music center.
  • Small niches. Located near the center. They can be stored consoles and accessories for machinery.
  • Open, side shelves. They can store books, clocks, decorative items.
  • Glazed shelves. They usually keep tea sets, pottery, ceramics.
  • Closing departments. Designed for storage of clothing, equipment, books and documents.

If you think the wall of the filling in advance, you can place things so that they will be stored discreetly. It is important to comply with the order and after use, be sure to put each thing in its place. Thus, the living room is bright, clean and comfortable.

Furniture for the room: the walls, slides and varieties

Room - a room where you can relax, spend time with family, friends and acquaintances. Each owner cares about the comfort and cleanliness of your living space. Therefore, the design of the living room can not do without a comfortable and practical furniture.

A good option for registration is considered the living room of any size closet-slide. This type of cabinet, which is characterized by a variety of sizes and shapes.

In most cases, the wall-hill selected based on the size of the room area. It is important to successfully install the cabinet, since the failure location can be visually reduce the space. On the number of shelves and niches need to think in advance, to make sure that the shelves will not be empty or, on the contrary, will not be overcrowded.

Choosing a hill you need based on the size and room size

The main feature of slides - the practicality and minimalism. Due to its compact size, it does not take up much space and maximizes the available space in the room. However, it should take into account that the mini-roller coaster will not be able to fit a lot of things. They can only store a small amount of books and decoration items.

The classic roller coaster - a special kind of furniture that is characterized by clarity, rigor and conciseness. Elements in the form of slides arranged in sequence from the highest to the lowest. This arrangement makes the classic slides easily recognizable and distinct from other types of furniture.

Classical slide is always carried out from the highest quality materials. This is one of its distinguishing features.

Wall-slides can be recognized by many outstanding features. Before buying a wall it is important to know exactly what it will fit into the interior. It should also be made in strict classical style.

Thanks to its quality and stylish design, the classic roller coaster and remain popular today

Distinctive features of the classic roller coasters:

  • Open facade;
  • A simple and concise configuration;
  • Classical polishing and lacquering;
  • The presence of inlaid elements;
  • Artificial aging.

Beautiful classic roller coaster-wall are made of expensive and high-quality materials. Usually it is solid wood that look heavy, but at the same time elegant. Common materials of which produce this type of furniture - oak, birch, rosewood, maple, pine.

The original design of the slides for the hall

Today, different furniture factories in Russia and Ukraine offer modern variations of the walls, which are characterized by multi-functionality and stylish design. Choose the design should be based on the general design living room. Do not look contrasting options - it would upset the harmony of space.

The wall of the original form will make your guest room a unique and unrepeatable

slides design can be ordered on an individual sketch. It can perform on their own or seek help from a professional designer.

When choosing a particular model roller coaster it is important to get acquainted with the options wall installation. It can be a floor. Or individual modules can be bolted to the wall. It is also important to pay attention to the style of slides.

  • Modern;
  • High tech;
  • Provence;
  • East style;
  • Classic.

Each style has its own peculiarities and characteristics. For example, Art Nouveau is characterized by smooth lines and design, high-tech - a compact and roomy, Provence - natural materials, oriental style - decor, classic - rigor and massiveness.

To create a modern living room is best to choose a beautiful hill in a modern style

Types slides into the hall on materials

View slides depends not only on the size and location of the way. An important step is the choice of selecting the wall material of which are made furniture. From the choice of material depends on the durability and practicality wall.

In choosing the material it is important to pay attention to its practical features. In order to slide last a long time, with the material must be carefully and properly looked after.

Each material has its own characteristics and features. Before buying a wall need to study each material and choose the most suitable one. Over, due to its environmental friendliness among the most popular material is wood.

Picking up the wall to the living room, consider the quality of the materials from which it is made

When choosing a wooden rollercoaster it is important to pay attention to the type of wood. For example, pine slides differ in their soft texture. But cherry, oak and walnut are durable and resistant.

What is now fashionable and slides into the hall

At present, the most fashionable views of the hills are considered modular systems. They represent a system for storage, which is characterized by ergonomic design and high functionality. The modular system consists of individual modules that each customer can pick up, given the peculiarity of the interior of their living room.

Modular - quite economical form of furniture, as there is a possibility to buy only some of the necessary elements.

The modular cabinet has the advantage over other types of cabinets. It allows you to perform a permutation furniture at any time and in any order. Modular cabinets can be set independently.

The most popular are modular slides, which are characterized by functionality and compactness

Advantages of modular cabinets-slides:

Modular roller coaster - a convenient option that can be installed in the living room of any size. For a small living room fit a minimum set of modules. A large area can accommodate additional modules for storage.

Making modern living room is difficult to imagine without a wall-slide. This multi-functional and practical piece of furniture. At the same time, modern designers offer a lot of variations, which are distinguished elegance, originality, conciseness and stylish appearance. Choose a wall-slide is necessary, given the peculiarities of the room size and its design.