The design of a living room with a bedroom (73 photos)

  • Combining the two areas into one is most often made for two reasons: the presence of a small area, the owners are pushing to change layout, or one-bedroom apartments, where you want to compact place all the vital space. Variants of such multi-functional space is not much, but the zoning techniques and design - a huge amount. We have gathered the most optimal solutions for the design of a living room with a bedroom, to prove - nothing is impossible.

    Bedroom-living: ways of zoning

    The first item on the design of the project will be the choice of the method of zoning. For this it is necessary to take into account many aspects - to the geometry of the layout window arrangement - and then proceed directly to the separation area.

    The easiest option - to hang curtains in the room. Thus, it is possible to divide it into two parts, or to hide the bed, drew the borders from several sides.

    The main advantage is the mobility of the textile partitions which when assembled forms a barrier, but if you want to safely hide from prying eyes or light.

    However, the effect depends on the material. For example, light tulle only visually divide the space by filling it with feeling of lightness. When choosing a massive canvas, note that in malogabaritki need to be careful with bright accents.

    More thoroughly with the zoning bedroom-living room handle sliding design that set the desired station. These partitions shield the bedroom, creating a kind of "room to room."

    For products you can use any aesthetic material, but the most popular are the glass "door", especially in modern interiors. They are often combined with curtains.

    If the apartment has high walls, it is necessary to use and divide the space into two levels. More impressive look floors overhanging the living room, which leads to compact stairs. Plus a bedroom on the second floor that low ceilings does not interfere with sound sleep.

    Even small elevations in the interior will help to identify several areas. Functional solution is the construction of runways, which are used for storage space.

    Correct placement of each item will help to solve the problem of zoning bedrooms, living room, without having to buy additional attributes. Excellent cope with this role bookshelves and cupboards, if not place them along the wall, and perpendicular.

    Less monumental look sofas, armchairs or chairs, the ensemble which visually highlights the living room area. In addition, the wall and can serve as a work space partition.

    No matter how strong was not a need to divide the room into two areas, it is necessary at the same time try to keep a sense of unity of design. Let's see how this will help the popular styles.

    A bedroom-living room in modern style

    This style is understands the challenges of complex interiors and tries to help in their decision, pushing the decor in the background. It focuses on the principle of rational use of space, so to arrange the living room, the bedroom, you can use any version of the zoning.

    The room must create a concise image, displaying the texture, texture, harmonious coloristic and maximum functionality.

    A bedroom-living room in classic style

    If you focus on the classical canons, living room will look like a small seating area, while almost all the attention focused on the beds, decorated canopy, cushions and luxurious textiles. To design a complete area for receiving guests are advised to refer to the modern interpretation of style, which, while preserving its majestic image, to create a bright, spacious room, not overloaded with details.

    That loft best "take" zones combined, thanks to its love of freedom, openness, original ideas. Here can be refined as a visual or more solid walls, maintaining integrity of style.

    It is characterized by a certain brutality, which is reflected in the bare brickwork walls, retired on the first ceiling beams plan, furniture with a "touch" of history, as well as the combination of the art facilities with industrial elements.

    A bedroom-living room-style minimalism

    Ideal for small spaces, which somehow need to place multiple functional areas, while maintaining order. Minimalism "welcomes" the use of furniture-transformers, limited color combinations, as well as closed facades. Pure geometry of shapes and lines will help to balance any room.

    Bedroom-living in Scandinavian style

    The style is reminiscent of minimalism, which breathed a bit of cold air and "wrapped" in a warm blanket. White color appears here as a neutral backdrop for good solid wood furniture, high-quality textiles or low-key decor items.

    Living room with a bedroom, will not look awkward in the interior, since it involves the use of the style of a variety of methods of zoning.

    Color options for the bedroom, living room

    Color - a powerful tool that generates a mood of the space. The sleeping area is slightly complicates the problem, because you need to consider an interesting design, thus creating favorable conditions for sleep.

    This combination of shades of the spectrum. Do not think that this decision looks boring or monotonous - one purple more than 50 variations. On the contrary, it gives the interior a feeling of volume and integrity if a zoning role perfectly cope partitions.

    Using the opposite, contrasting with each other colors visually breaks up the design, helping to select the necessary items (bed or sofa), and dividing the area. It is important that the shades do not conflict with each other, but attract attention.

    Colors like black, white, gray and beige are considered the best option for any space, as perfectly combined with each other and with other tones, muting or accentuating them. The bedroom-living room, these colors can be used for decoration, furniture, partitions.

    Some finishing materials can be used in the omni space or combined with each other a little. Due to the presence in the room bedroom area they must pass air and to be environmentally friendly. For the rest, the choice depends on the desired design, as well as repairs budget.

    The most optimal variant for the floor are parquet and linoleum more accessible. They can be used to simulate wood, not having to worry about the negative effects of moisture and high temperatures.

    However, in the living room with a bedroom dominated by good conditions, which are not put forward specific requirements to finish. According to this coating must be nice to walk barefoot, even, because of what is recommended in advance to insulate the floor.

    Wall covering has a wide variability of materials, which perfectly fit into the interior combined. Wallpaper or painting - a universal solution for the living room, combined with a bedroom or any other room. These finishes can be combined with each other as well as with panel blocks, decorative plaster, stone, cork surfaces.

    Use more than two types of very carefully covering their individual walls, otherwise there will be unsightly effect of a sharp transition.

    In the bedroom, the living room with low ceilings can leave plastered and painted a flat surface so as not to attract too much attention to this part. In the opposite case, we recommend the installation of suspended structures - tension or plasterboard. Different colors and layered products help in zoning by highlighting the desired area.

    Living room and bedroom themselves have an impressive array of subjects, and in the combined room sometimes difficulty arises - how it all place

    Bachelors in this plan is much simpler, as there is no need for a division into private and public areas. They can buy a sofa bed, which, apart from the direct use, easily converts into a bed. In general, model transformers greatly simplify life. These include cabinets, including workplace or hidden drawers.

    List of storage locations includes wall shelves and a chest of drawers for clothes. But in a multifunctional room can combine several pieces of furniture, for example, buying a wardrobe - its facades hide the mess inside, as well as serve as a basis for mirrors.

    To highlight the living area is made traditional furniture ensemble of a sofa, one or two chairs and a coffee table. But this choice guided by the size of the room.

    Whatever the geometry of the layout, the bedroom should be located as far as possible from the door to the other sounds and drafts do not interfere with sleep.

    In the combined interior of a bedroom-living room, only if it does not have the large size, it is better to bring the decor to a minimum.

    Curtains can completely transform a space and create coziness. Depending on the style you can stay on the plain blinds, curtains or go further, decorating fabric lambrequins.

    Potential decorative properties are pillows in the bedroom or living room. They can make a striking element of the interior by means of prints, and even contrasting color combinations will look quite impressive.

    Do not forget about the walls - they are decorated with photos, paintings, even hanging shelves with books. Looks very harmonious space where the image plot in different areas in common.

    Due to lighting will enhance the effect of zoning, making it more saturated in the living room. For the bedroom, where there is no need for bright light, put a floor lamp or a sconce set enough.

    If your ceiling is hidden behind tensile structures, pre-think over multilevel lighting system - on the perimeter, and center spot. This diversity, as well as complicate the interior.

    Small bedroom-living room: interior design

    Design of a living room with a bedroom, in itself a difficult task, which only complicates a small area. In this case, you have to be careful with every detail - even poorly matched shade can "steal" the precious square footage.

    For a start will have to abandon the classical style and loft, as they require large spaces. Minimalism will avoid piling up details modern style is perfect to implement different ideas zoning and characteristic for the Scandinavian style white color - visually expand the space.

    Monochrome and neutral palette with several bright accents preferably polychromatic. The presence of mirrors helps to "extend" the interior, but it is better not to put in narrow layout.

    Small sofa and queen-size bed, separated by a small rack, preferably solid massive walls. We must try to let as much light in the housing, to avoid the image of the pantry.

    The design of a living room with bedroom - photo

    We hope our stuff to help you with planning your bedroom-living room. More pictures of the actual projects, see the photo galleries. Inspiration and beautiful interiors!

    How to combine the living room and bedroom? Tips and photos

    Today, one of the most important issues in the repair of the apartment is the problem of combining different rooms. In this article you will learn how to combine the living room and bedroom, especially in crowded conditions. The main task of compounds bedrooms and the hall is to obtain a universal space, which would combine just two in one. This gives a practical and multifunctional common room.

    Here you will have:

    • zone for sleep and rest;
    • dressing;
    • mini-office;
    • living room - a place where you can receive visitors and communicate in a close family circle.

    The reality is that even in a small area has to arrange everything at once. And sometimes it turns out pretty good! For example, even if in your possession - a total of twelve squares, you can force your imagination and ingenuity to provide such a design project, which would help to maximize the benefit to use the allotted space. And to help you with this are some useful tips that will be lower.

    How to combine the living room and bedroom with the help of furniture?

    This method of combining best implemented by means of folding furniture. This is very easy and quick to assemble and disassemble, and the rearranged from place to place as needed. This will help in record time to get the interior of which you dreamed of since childhood.

    Incredibly easy to use and this furniture that you can move and move, using a variety of wheels built into the legs. In addition, recently especially popular and relevant light furniture made of durable material. For example, it is aluminum or rattan products. Chairs, tables and stools can be collected as the designers and the whole set can be hidden from prying eyes when needed. And a lot of places do not take, and if necessary, is always at hand, if you come visit.

    To combine the living room and bedroom furniture fit below. At the same time from the high rows of shelves and cabinets should get rid of, because even though they are visually clutter the room and gives the impression that you are literally chained to all these things. If you need a cabinet or rack, then put it on the window and try to hide behind curtains or doors.

    In a small room is better to buy not very tall cabinet, which would have closed the door. Here you can put a lot of useful and can be put on top of the equipment. The complete table goes well, maybe even two, if you live with someone who also need their personal workspace. Well, if the need for a table can be moved. Then you will have the opportunity to throw a noisy party with guests. Simply move the tables in the center of the room - and voila - the room turned into a living room. And when all go home, all you can return to your usual everyday look. This will make it very simple. And a seat back place ottomans and a coffee table. And the room is spacious and nice.

    Curtains are best to hang out is not a straight line, and at a slight slant. This will help to build the original pantry. It is useful for the storage of household appliances such as vacuum cleaner, or the ironing board. And if you are fond of sewing, it is quite possible there will hide the sewing machine.

    In a small room, you have to be very attentive to the choice of colors. No need to turn it into a palette of bright spots. This will create a sloppy impression. To prevent such an error does not, choose plain finishing materials and combine them correctly. Floors, walls and sofas to perform well in the neutral midtones. Suitable sand, milky-green, vanilla and rose. And to make sure that the interior played vivid colors, add a couple of bright colors. For example, buy wicker chairs, upholstered in burgundy cloth.

    Good to combine shades of ocher and lettuce. They are perfectly manifest themselves in cushion covers, small items, such as a vase or panels.

    In a small room is better to give up heavy curtains. Let the light in my apartment! This is best suited light curtains that would not block light and perceived more air and light. Additionally, you can hang roman shades, rising and falling. This is the case when you do not want to sit in the evening as in the aquarium. Another option - Venetian blinds. Today, they come in different designs, made of wooden slats, and other materials.

    On the walls do not need to hang too many pictures. It is better to take one, but that it goes well with the overall color scheme. In addition, buy lamps, decorative toys and utensils, pillows. Of course, it must comply with the chosen style of the room.

    Workspace in the combined rooms

    If you need two tables, it is best to take the same and put them against the wall of the mini-cabinet. They are very easy to raise, and if necessary, it is possible to combine and - get comfortable working surface. And yet, as mentioned above, they are ideal for events at the family and close circle of friends.

    Tables that can be moved at its own discretion, you can hide the back without any problems. And will the whole space in the center, which will turn into the hall. Put a few chairs and a coffee table. And when the time comes to go to bed, simply insert one chair to another, like nesting dolls, and spread out sofa.

    Different ways of connecting rooms and bedrooms

    If the apartment each have their own room, and even in the stock is common to all living, this is perfect. Everyone has their own space, and when some event or just tired of the loneliness, can come together in the common room. However, the harsh reality is sometimes down to earth, and not every family has the chic and spacious apartments. But in this situation, do not despair, because designers and other professionals of the construction industry is constantly coming up with functional and aesthetic solutions.

    The first method. Combined living room with bedroom

    Can be one of the headboards perform as a full partition or falshsteny. In this case the wall materials may be different, depending on the interior style. Then this element can also be applied for another purpose - namely, as a stand for the TV.

    This recreation area, though sometimes it is a common, but still not lose its separate status. At the same time we must not forget that even if you make this stand, the approach to the bed should not be complicated. And who said it would be easy ?!

    The second method. Bedroom combined with living room

    The partition can be placed when standing at the window bed. septum width should be sufficient to separate only the head. It turns out the so-called intimacy, which provides a suspended ceiling construction and local lighting over berth.

    Another option - to use as curtain walls. They will hide the bed from view. Then on the ceiling cornices will need to fix these curtains.

    Usually couchette can be handled with one hand, if it is a small cramped rooms. But we can all think in such a way as to fit with 2 or even 3 sides!

    Modern designers support the use of baffles. And offers a lot of interesting options for different interiors. For example, if you stick to the classics, it will look spectacular curtain.

    The third way. Design living room combined with bedroom

    This solution is suitable for the room with one window. You need to put a partition, but not to the ceiling, it is important that the room area was not shaded. In this case, too, would be a cozy bedroom. If you need more space for tables, but it is difficult to carve, consider niche device side or at the bedside. Where you can put your phone, and all that will be required before going to sleep and in the morning. Partitions on the design can be very different. In particular, in width. And then it can serve as a bar!

    As it can be worth to consider approaches to berths. This is especially true of families in which there are people with disabilities.

    When you draw a zone of the hall, located at the wall with a sofa chair - at that wall, which is adjacent to the sleeper. In this case, the TV will be in front, and it will be convenient to watch, no matter where you are located.

    A niche design do and how to finish, depending on the interior.

    The fourth way. Interior living room combined with bedroom

    The main difference between the new solution from the previous is that the partition between the seating areas and the reception is made from a rack. The design of the rack in this case will be absolutely anyone. Set of shelves you can use at their discretion. Sometimes they are even used as bedside tables. And the shelves, which are located above make through. Then the light from one area to another will penetrate, and into the room as a whole will be more spacious. One significant disadvantage - how to organize a convenient approach to sleeping facilities.

    It should be understood that each of the proposed solutions - a hint at how everyone can organize a combined space. You - all the cards on hand. You can choose furniture at its discretion. All also depends on to what style you choose to register space. If, instead of the metallic elements take the bamboo, you get a Japanese minimalism, so topical in recent years. Style and his choice - totally up to you. The main thing is that you should pay attention - this is space planning. It should be in a confined space to place all necessary and thus leave more space. Solve these problems - and even in a small apartment will feel at ease.

    Combined bedroom and living room. A photo

    Choosing a kitchen design, you should, first of all, take into account the preferences of the person.

    In any other room caring parents do not pick up the wallpaper so carefully and thoughtfully.

    Room a little girl - it is the world, almost fairy-tale where it should feel.

    Often parents forget that their child's room is the center of his world, that is.

    Create a magnificent living room of 18 square design. meters - a task not of the easiest.

    Kitchen 6 sq. m. are quite common nowadays. The owners initially despair.

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    If you make a closet with his hands, it can rightly be considered the most functional.

    Bungalow built with his own hands at the site before the construction of the house. Its main function.

    With the development of modern construction technology, a host of options ceiling.

    When a girl reaches adolescence, parents are thinking about a change in the interior.

    You have decided to build a house with his own hands and chose this foam block or gazoblok. Excellent! After all.

    More recently, the idea of ​​free electricity seemed fantastic. However, technology.

    By purchasing liquid wallpaper, which are essentially a type of plaster.

    Folding chair - perfect for fishing, outdoor recreation. This is indispensable.

    More recently, wallpapers to the door were considered outdated technique of decorating the room.

    Very often, for their household needs we acquire transparent adhesive called "Tsianopan".

    Design living room Bathroom: planning, zoning and choice of furniture design (40 photos)

    Not long ago, the living room combined with a bedroom due to the lack of living space. Now this method is used because of the fashion trends. When making a living-bedroom zoning method is used. This may build structures, podiums, partitions, or paint the walls a different color or change the finish of the flooring. Consider how to connect the living room to the bedroom, and that it needs to do.

    Frosted glass partition separates the living room from the bedroom

    No matter what style will be decorated space, there is one rule that can not be neglected. Bright colors in this room must be available in a limited number. For example, it may be a lampshade from the bedside lamp. Such elements must shade interior.

    Modern interior of living room with bedroom

    The role of furniture in the interior of a living room-bedroom

    Put all necessary furniture in the bedroom, living an art. When furnishing is important to achieve:

    Especially difficult to do so if the room is a small area.

    The bedroom is separated from the living room by a curtain of light

    In order to solve all the problems in the design room, combined with a bedroom, you must decide what kind of furniture you need, and from which you can easily unsubscribe.

    the bedroom area from the living room separated by a low wall

    How to carry out zoning the living room to the bedroom

    The house or apartment are not many rooms, where you can combine multiple functional areas. Several years ago, a living room with a bedroom shared by a large solid wall or cabinet. Also here there was the Soviet pull-out sofa. Since everything has changed.

    Interior living room with a bedroom and work area

    The room should be divided into two main zones:

    In addition to the living room additionally a mini-office may be located in this zone. Bedroom or a private area, usually located near the window. From the point of view of psychology - this is the best and convenient sharing. Almost everyone uncomfortable and unusual sleep without windows.

    In a large room can put a round bed and close her wall

    The sleeping area should not be crossed. It is important to divide the room so that when you are resting in the bedroom, in the living room can accommodate guests. In this case, try to place the rest area away from the entrance.

    The partition can be made of plasterboard with built-in shelves

    There are two popular options partitions in a living room to the bedroom:

    1. Weightless partition coupe. Such species are made of glass or translucent plastic. Partitions of this kind give the room a light and airy.
    2. Closed partition. These types are made of opaque plastic. If you want the chance to make a glass partition, then it is better to decorate the stained-glass window.

    Classical interior of a living room with bedroom

    If the room is a small area, it is better to abandon the construction of these types of walls. In this case, give preference to a bamboo or textile curtains. Originally it looks like a curtain of small beads or muslin. With this method sleeping area is closed, and the overall view of the interior is not spoiled.

    Separate the bedroom area from the living room you can use the curtains of beads

    If you want to make one zone melted into another, then give preference poluperegorodkam. Here suitable plastic or glass.

    Sleeper can be hidden behind sliding doors in the living room

    If you want a more intimate private area, it will create a transparent partition aquarium effect. If the partition is a glass, it can be tinted or think in advance about the stained glass window. If you do decide to make the textile partition, it is best to choose the same fabric as the windows.

    As a partition, you can use thick textiles, which decorates and windows in the living room

    Zoning is the most popular make in using a rack or cabinet. Here you will get at the same time two useful features:

    • separate from each other zone;
    • shelves on racks and cabinets can be used for storage.

    If you choose a rack, it has a lightweight design, so that it served as a high-quality wall it is necessary to fix. Now under the individual order is possible to buy a wardrobe-bed or stack-bed.

    Zonirovat room can be a competent arrangement of furniture

    Even if you do not see the sense to build bulky partitions, hold still need zoning. This can be combined finish surfaces, the construction of the podium or canopy establishment.

    As a partition, you can use light and compact shelving

    How to connect the living room to the bedroom in the apartment hruschevke

    If you have a one-room Khrushchev, you have to try hard to connect the living room to the bedroom. To save space in the room give up the massive couch, and you can choose:

    • small sofa;
    • functional folding chairs.

    It is important to take into account the width, length and height of the room. Be sure to place in the living room wall shelves and cabinets that will accommodate the necessary things.

    Sleeper may be positioned on the catwalk, wherein the drawers may be incorporated

    Save space in the living room to the bedroom will help the TV, which will hang on the wall. Besides, keep in mind that I want to watch it, and the bed and the couch, so it should be positioned so that it is viewed from any angle. For maximum functionality, use the swing arm.

    Popularly used furniture made from natural materials

    The bed should also be functional. Choose a model that is equipped with roomy drawers. They can store linens or clothes. bedside tables for space may not be enough in this case, choose a bed with a headboard, which has a shelf.

    Withdrawable sleeper from the catwalk, and on top is a work area

    You can see everything for the living room to the bedroom transformable furniture. It is convenient to use the bed withdrawable from the podium. On top of the catwalk can be positioned dining area or cabinet.

    The original partition of wood in the interior living room with bedroom

    Proper lighting in the living room to the bedroom

    There is an important caveat - the refuse of the total ceiling lighting in the ceiling. It will be uncomfortable and useless for any zone. The ideal embodiment are separate light sources. In the living room of their area should be more.

    Each zone uses a central ceiling light and spotlights

    Storage system of things in the living room to the bedroom

    In small apartments it is important to consider the system storage. To engage more effectively every free area should primarily focus on vertical surfaces. Harmoniously fit tall furniture that could be right up to the ceiling. On the highest shelves are usually folded things that do not use often, for example, is a seasonal outerwear or shoes.

    Zoning of the room is done by using different wallpaper

    Keep things will be convenient in the transforming furniture. For example, folding chairs or table.

    The original interior of a living room with bedroom

    Style living room with a bedroom in the interior

    Before you begin to repair the living room, decide the style. It was from him in the future selection of furniture and accessories will depend.

    Classic style in the design of

    This is the universal trend, which selects most of the designers. This style is perfect for combining functional areas bedrooms and a living room. Its features are:

    • practicality;
    • functionality;
    • the use of natural materials in the decoration;
    • Bright colors.

    Retractable wall in the living room to the bedroom

    Modern style in the design of

    This is the most popular destination that is used for the decoration of the living room to the bedroom. Here, you will save space and correctly arrange the furniture and accessories. Here, particular preference is given to furniture without unnecessary adornments, but it must be functional and elegant. As for its color, it is better to choose natural colors:

    • beige;
    • brown;
    • blue;
    • white.

    Modern interior of living room with bedroom

    In recent years, this trend is becoming more popular due to the fact that helps make the atmosphere comfortable and cozy. For the living room to the bedroom furniture to choose natural, preferably light-colored and aged.

    Living-bedroom done in earthy natural colors

    This is the right direction, where the harmoniously combined living room to the bedroom. Here completely lacks all superfluous elements, so that the room is not cluttered.

    The original partition of plasterboard and gentle tulle

    Photo Gallery: design ideas and combining the living room with bedroom

    The following is a selection of the best interiors, where the living room is combined with the bedroom.

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