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Anyone who decides to buy interior doors, faced with the same problem - today there are many manufacturers engaged in production of doors. How to choose the necessary element of the room, so he went in terms of quality and appearance, cost much and served for many years. The right choice will help our company "Optim".

In our work we have set ourselves the main task - to meet the needs of people belonging to different social groups. So before you to offer our customers products of a particular manufacturer, we are carefully studying each product. If it meets the customers' requests, we add this product to the range of online store doors "Optim".

Such an approach makes our company a reliable and profitable cooperation. We have made every effort to maintain customer purchased from the authority and reputation of the professionals in their field, constantly expanding range of products, which offers our shop doors. So if you'll need a beautiful and high-quality door, then come to us, here you are sure to find what you need.

That "Optim" offers its customers?

Great choice of interior doors from different manufacturers. You can choose the doors on several criteria: the material from which it is made, finish, size, price. We offer door Moscow from inexpensive to luxury.

High quality of any model, regardless of its value, bought in our shop. Guarantee of quality we sold door to the use in the production of our suppliers of modern equipment and the newest, positively proven wood processing technologies.

Experts "Optim" help customers choose the model that fits perfectly in both size and appearance to the interior of the premises.

We also work with wholesale buyers. Among our clients - small and large construction firms and a number of owners of office buildings that are regularly bought our interior doors in bulk. Strong long-term cooperation and networking with our partners allow us to hold a high position in the market. After years of work and fruitful cooperation we have managed to create a convenient and high-quality service on wholesale sales of interior doors of different classes and types. Turning to our company for the doors, you can be confident in the quality of the goods, and in the integrity of our employees, which will help you to choose the most advantageous option for your business.

Not a very large party of interior doors in bulk may also be of interest to owners of private shops and small cafes. Refer to our representatives and they will help you not only to choose the most appropriate in function and price doors, but also advise you on the design.

Our staff regularly follow the latest novelties in the market of interior doors, as well as trends in interior design. We'll help you find the right door that will attract customers to your restaurant and will be one of the highlights of the interior. In addition, our experts are always ready to give advice on the design of the doors, will help you choose the right size based on features of the room and check the quality of goods.

There will also be interested to know that in our store you can buy wholesale doors of economy class from a variety of materials. Economy doors are an excellent solution for those companies who are not willing to pay large sums for the exquisite design, but do not want to lose quality. These doors have high strength, which is essential for rooms such as offices or cafes, besides we provide high-quality accessories that will not fail from repeated use.

Owners of office buildings and premises

Owners of offices and other premises, which stores important documents or money will be of interest to metal doors, the strength of which have long appreciated all over the world. In any case, we try to find for each customer an individual approach and do not rush into buying. If you are business owner or a representative of a construction company, you can ask for detailed advice to our expert who will tell you not only about the presentation of goods, but also on the possibilities of cooperation, different conditions and bonuses. We strive to constantly expand our partner base - wholesalers.

In addition, we collected all the useful information concerning the manufacture of interior doors. Our customers can slowly get acquainted with data on what material the door better and more enduring, a more environmentally friendly and more reliable coating, which supplies better. If there are any questions, our specialist consultants are always ready to provide customers with all the necessary information on the selected model.

Acquired in "Optim" interior doors will be a long time to please you, creating comfort in your home and decorate it.

door portal

Door portal - a design that will create the perfect indoor climate without space constraints. Such openings are no worse than traditional door, plus they give the interior a special charm. Unusual kind of portals can be beneficial to emphasize the style of the room. Moreover, such a structure can be made independently.

Door portals widely used in different architectural directions. Design decorated in accordance with the style of all facilities: the case for traditional classics is considered decorating carvings and moldings.

It is believed that the arches and portal frame is used only for the entrance of a house or Internal passage. However, it can often meet unusual use of this design in the interior, for example, as trim fireplace.

To date, the portals are classified according to the place of installation:

  • construct under the doorway;
  • frame for the window opening;
  • product into the opening at the front door;
  • decorations for the fireplace or hearth (example pictured).

For the manufacture of such arcs are used the whole range of existing materials, from the polymers to natural stone. The most popular portals for wood and plastic, lately frequent construction of wood-base materials. Among the more common wood arches products from pine and other conifers: they are resistant to moisture and are cheaper than other materials.

The most popular format for the portal - a rectangle. Decorative elements can be used to decorate this design. The modern interiors of the opening form can be almost any. Adherents of the traditional style of the soul have a classic arch.

It makes the room visually higher. If you do not know what the portal will be appropriate in your house or apartment, consider the following tips:

  • For rooms with low ceilings, it is recommended to use a rounded arch with the radius of the corner is half the width of the opening. Such a value makes a gentle arch bending. Such a form is not limited by the ceiling, and visually it raises.

  • In rooms with high ceilings used classical arch shape with a radius equal to half the width of the opening.
  • In addition to the arch, there are non-traditional door portals in the form of an ellipse, irregular polygons, and another. Their design suggests a bias in one direction.
  • The easiest way to get the archway - buy a ready-made set of racks and panels.

    With proper design of the structure of the portal can visually expand or narrow space in height and width. In addition, the arches visually make the room more freely due to the absence of unnecessary interior designs.

    Portal functionality define the materials from which the product will be collected. You must be able not only to choose the raw materials, but also to prepare it.

    When choosing a timber for the portal, use the following tips:

    • Very advantageous in the interior design look of hornbeam, oak and mahogany. Tree of these species has a very noble tone and texture. But the cost for such materials is extremely high.

  • The cheapest option for interior arches - pine. Wood is durable and easy to handle, can not be said about the materials described above.
  • The most democratic option in terms of cost - the design of the base materials. Elements of the portal can be to paste a special film with imitation wood or paint with any paint.

  • Another preferred embodiment of the low opening is considered chipboard laminated coating. It does not need trimming.
  • Before you install the arch is necessary to prepare the wall openings. The optimal material for a cosmetic finish - plaster. to mount the perforated corners for novice builders. They make it easier to align the level of opening.

    Particular attention is paid in the preparation of the installation of the first corner. It is necessary to align perfectly in all axes. Otherwise, the entire portal is skewed after the installation.

    The distance between the corners are filled by special structures. Some builders for such works apply putty with subsequent painting. However, if you install the portal in this place, it is best to use special formulations.

    For portal installation should be attached to the opening side of the transoms and retreat of 10 cm from the top face. At that point make a through hole. On a concrete wall using dowel-nail for plasterboard and wood - screw.

    The first thing on the wall, attach the upper and lower transoms screws screw for additional fixation. Then proceed to the central fasteners fasteners. Step between the screws should be 10-60 cm. The fixation on the other side do the same algorithm.

    Important! The door can be assembled from wooden portals are not in the doorway, and separately. The finished structure is mounted in the correct opening. However, this method is characterized by high complexity. The slightest flaws in the assembly have a negative impact on the plant design in the doorway.

    To give the portal a finished look, it mounted a decorative casing. As an attachment use the same tools as for the opening. For tight fit piece is cut at an angle of 4 degrees.

    Portals between the rooms or at the entrance to the house will allow you to create an interesting interior. In addition to the indoor space, they can arrange passage to the extension: the veranda and terrace.

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    portal Doors

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